Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I woke up the next morning in my own bed.

As I rolled over, I realised that underneath my covers I was wearing nothing but the shirt that Gray had leant me.

What the fuck?....... We didn't.... Did we?

No, I would remember if we had fucked.......


I took his shirt off and threw it into the washing basket, where my wet jeans and underwear had been thrown. I found a fresh pair of jocks and threw on my comfy grey track pants, before going to see if Grayson was awake yet.

I knocked on his bedroom door, but there was no response. I quietly pushed it open to see him starfished face down on his bed. He had managed to tangled his blanket around one leg, up across his back, and then around under his head like a pillow. His clothes from last night lay scattered around his room, and he was in nothing but his underwear, which clung tightly to his perfectly toned ass.

I can't stop staring at his butt... Is it weird to think another guy's butt is cute?

I slowly crept closer to him and rested my chin on my hands in front of his face. I couldn't stop myself from staring at his lips, heat growing in my cheeks as I remembered how good they felt pressed against mine.

After a few more minutes of admiring his gorgeous face, I reached out and booped his nose, his eyes fluttering open at my touch, and locking with mine.

"Morning, sleepyhead." I chimed, a little more affectionately than I was intending.

A sleepy smile spread across his lips "Mmm.... Morning Winnie."

God, his groggy sleepy voice was so damn sexy.

"So, care to explain why I woke up in nothing but your shirt?" I questioned nervously, "We didn't uh..... Y'know..... Right?"

His eyes widened and he sat upright when he realised what I was asking. "No! It was just....... Your pants were still wet from your little dip in the pool, and I didn't want you to get sick from sleeping in them...... I didn't look or anything..."

Why am I kind of disappointed?

There was a knock on his bedroom door.

We both fumbled around quickly to make it look like we were fighting again. I quickly bowled him over onto his bed, and pinned him down. I pulled his hand up to my neck and made it look like he was choking me, and I chucked a pillow over his face. We both began yelling and thrashing around, pretending we hadn't heard the knocking.

The door flung open, revealing us to be seemingly trying to kill each other.

"OH MY GOD! WINSTON! GET OFF OF HIM!" My mum screeched from the doorway, as Grayson's father stormed into the room.

He wrenched me off of Grayson, who then ripped the pillow off his face, and dramatically gasped for air.

"When will you two stop trying to kill each other!?" Alexander bellowed angrily.

Whenever our parents had seen us in the same room together, we had staged a fight.

I thrashed around in his father's arms a bit for dramatic effect, before settling down and angrily shaking his arms off of mine.

"I think we need to do it now, honey..." He directed at my mum.

She nodded her head, a look of disappointment on her face. "Yeah, this is getting ridiculous."

"Do what, dad?" Grayson questioned worriedly.

Alexander returned to my mum's side and put his arm around her waist, "We have decided that we need to do more as a family, in hopes that the two of you will get to know each other better, and maybe start to get along like brothers."

I didn't like the tone he had used. It made me feel like a kid being told they were going to Disneyland, but ending up at the dentist.


"Family bonding camping trip!" Mum exclaimed, a little too enthusiastically.

"Tonight!" Alexander added sternly. "Hurry up and pack!"

Grayson and I groaned in unison, and he pulled the pillow back over his face as he flopped back down onto his bed.

We washed up, had breakfast, and began packing our things. Our parents were busy loading the car with the camping equipment, so I snuck into Gray's room while they were occupied.

"Oi! What the hell do I pack? I've never been camping before.."

He looked a little shocked, "Really? I usually take a comfy set of clothes and an extra set in case, a jacket, boots, and toiletries... Pack a towel too."

"Okay, do I need to take a blanket or something?"

He chuckled lightly "Dad's packing sleeping bags."

"Ah, okay... So, what does one do while camping? Is it like in the movies?" I asked awkwardly. Camping in the movies always looked really fun, except for the scary ones with crazy psycho killers of course...

"Ahhh... Kinda, I guess? I usually just go off on my own to explore... Or get absolutely wasted by the campfire."

I was starting to get excited about it. "I could get on board with that."

"BOYS! TIME TO GO!" Mum yelled from beside the car.

"UGHH!" Grayson and I groaned together, followed by a little giggle at each other's reaction.

We drove for a good hour and a half, before we passed a large wooden sign that read HAPPY VALLEY TEAM BUILDING CAMP.

My stomach sank a little "Mum, Happy Valley Team Building Camp? Why do I get the feeling this isn't normal camping?"

Grayson looked up from his phone, where he had done a quick google search "Happy Valley Team Building Camp specializes in team building activities to promote togetherness, trust, and teamwork in the workplace, home, or social circle."

"What the fuck, mum!?" I was pissed. I was right about the dentist shit.

"Winston, language!" She scolded. "We thought that maybe if you two had to work together, you might be able to bond as brothers, and this place specializes in that."

I knew where this was going. "Let me guess, you two won't be doing the activities with us?"

"No. We will be in an executive cabin while you boys stay in the camp site." Alexander stated guiltily.

Grayson scoffed, crossing his arms in annoyance. "So really, it's a 'Let's dump the kids with a counsellor for the weekend, while we have a relaxing stay in a luxurious cabin' family bonding trip."

"Real fucking nice." He added.

"I fucking knew it." I grumbled under my breath. As if my mum would actually spend the weekend with me.

I had been really excited for my first camping trip, but I was especially looking forward to spending some time with my mum. She hadn't spent more than and hour with me since she divorced my dad four years ago.

I thought maybe this trip was a surprise for me, but after that, I could guarantee she completely forgot that it was my 18th birthday.

She's forgotten every other year, I guess I'm just fucking stupid for hoping that she would miraculously remember this time.

I sat leaning my head against the car window, brooding grumpily as we drove up the long winding dirt road towards hell.

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