Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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We finally arrived at the campsite after what seemed like forever.

There was a large wooden cabin right next to the car park, which looked like it must've been the main office. It overlooked a slightly forested area, with small clearings made for tents, each with its own little fire pit in the centre. Up on the hill behind the main office, were luxurious looking cabins that would have had a beautiful view of the campsite, forest, and nearby lake.

I guess that's where dad and Bethany will be.

An overly bubbly, plump lady, dressed in an ill-fitting khaki rangers outfit, with a fluorescent safety vest over the top, walked over to us as we got out of the car.

"Welcome to Happy Valley, campers!" She chirped cheerfully, "My name is Counsellor Mary! May I have the name for the reservation please?"

"It's under Kingsley." Win's mum gushed happily.

I felt kind of bad for Winnie. His mum had changed her last name when she married my dad, but he was still a Summers.

It felt like we had just kind of claimed her without even telling him.

Counsellor Mary scrolled through her tablet, tapping away when she located the name. "Okay, so we have a last minute booking for a luxurious couples cabin, and two for the team building workshop?"

"Yes, that's correct." My dad replied sternly.

"Winston and Grayson? You two are in lot 27. You can take your gear over and set up your tent now, while I show your parents to their cabin."

Win and I both glared at the three of them as they walked away. I knew we were both thoroughly annoyed at how the situation had unfolded, but Winnie seemed to have an extra depressing aura since the drive.

"You okay Winnie?"

He looked at me for a few seconds, before turning to face away from me. "Yeah...... It's Nothing..."

"Liar." I grumbled under my breath.

We both began unloading our gear and took it over too our appointed campsite. Thankfully there were a few trees around it, giving us a little bit of privacy from the other groups.

"So.... I guess we are sharing a tent, seeing as there's only one." Win pointed out dryly.

I couldn't help but chuckle a little. "Damn, what if we really did hate each other? As far as they know, we keep trying to kill each other.... Did they think we would just suddenly behave in a tent together?"

"They probably don't give a fuck, honestly. This whole thing is just an excuse to get away from the annoying kids that won't get along, so they can have a relaxing weekend alone while someone else fixes us." He sighed glumly.

It made me really start to worry that he was upset about having to share a tent with me.

"...... If it upsets you that much, I can ask if they have another tent...?"

He looked a little taken aback at my comment "What? No, I'm fine sharing a tent with you, idiot."

"Oh...." I rubbed the back of my neck, slightly embarrassed that I misread him. "Okay seriously, what's wrong? Did something happen on the way here? I get that this isn't what we were expecting, but I get the feeling there's something I'm missing.."

He sighed heavily, "It's-"

Before he could tell me, Counsellor Mary's peppy voice cut him off. "-Okay boys! We will be helping to bring you two closer together through a series of team building exercises over the weekend! We serve dinner at 6PM in the mess hall, next to the main office. You may use the camp fire in your site if you have brought your own food if you prefer. I'll give you boys an hour to finish setting up camp before we begin the first activity!"

"Yay." Win grumbled, as he stared at his feet and kicked the ground.

"Oh! Here is a map of the grounds, in case you get lost. I'll be back in an hour!" She added, before walking back to the main office with so much bounce in her step that she looked like she might hit herself in the face with her own breasts.

We stared at each other, then at the camping equipment that still needed to be set up.

My mum usually did all the grunt work when we had gone camping, while my dad went fishing or spoke on the phone with his business partner.

"Uhh, I don't suppose you know how to set this up Winnie?"

"..... Never been camping before, remember?" He replied with a cocked eyebrow.

Ugh, Duhh! "Fuck."

I emptied the contents of the tent bag on the ground, finding a small instruction booklet. Win helped me put the tent up, managing to get it done just before Counsellor Mary returned.

"Okay! First up we will be doing 'Blind Faith', which is a blindfolded obstacle course. We will be tagging along with one of the bigger groups on this one because there's only two of you." She announced.

Win and I shared a devious look.

If we are going to be stuck here, may as well have some fun...

She led us to a large obstacle course in the forest, where a group of six other people and their instructor waited.

"These are the brothers that will be joining in on this one, Kent." Mary told the other instructor.

We put on our best "don't associate him with me" looks, as we played up our faux hate act again.

Kent seemed to be just as peppy as Mary. He was a beanpole of a man, with thick square rimmed glasses, and shaggy, dull brown hair.

"Great! Come over this way guys, I was just about to explain the activity to everyone." He beamed, clearly oblivious to our attitudes.

Poor Guy.

We begrudgingly walked over to join the group, Win purposely knocking me off balance with his shoulder on the way. We both had to fight the urge to giggle as I stumbled over a stick dramatically.

Kent continued to talk loudly, shooting us a slightly concerned look. "So, we will be using ONLY the ground based obstacles for this activity! One person will be blindfolded, while the other guides them through the obstacles both physically and verbally!"

Oh fuck yes, this is going to be fun!

"One person from each team, come and grab a blindfold." Kent added, holding up a handful of long blacks strips of material.

I walked up and grabbed one before returning to Win, and quickly tying it over his eyes before he could protest.

"Oh, yay... Me first, I guess?" He said, very unenthusiastically.

"Ready Winnie?"

He chuckled slightly before quickly recovering his composure, "You better make this interesting... I expect to be covered in mud, if not completely lost in the woods by the end of this."

I began guiding him through the course horribly, making him trip over tyres, walk into poles, and get completely tangled in a net. I couldn't help but to laugh uncontrollably, especially seeing him try to hold in his own laughter and try to keep up the angry façade.

Win finally finished the course a good 10 minutes after everyone else, and it was now my turn.

"Walk... Straight?"

"Why did that sound like a question? You're the one that can see, asshole!" I yelled at him in mock anger and panic.

That was when Kent decided to chime in. "Boys! I know there's a lot of tension between you two, but we need to try and put that aside and work together! Poor Winston took a bit of a beating before, because you aren't working together!"

As Kent was busy yelling at us, Win led me straight into a pole face first, causing him to explode with laughter, drowning out anything Kent was saying.


Me calling him by his full name made him laugh even harder, before he shoved my arm really hard. I lost my balance and fell into the mud pit beneath the rope swing.

I tore my blindfold off as I stood, covered in thick mud. I trudged over and dragged Winnie into the mud with me, where we began play fighting to freak the counsellor out.

My heart was hammering in my chest as he fell on top of me while we wrestled. I took the opportunity to bring my body as close to his as possible while we "fought", pressing my semi hard-on against him, and discreetly copping a feel whenever I got the chance.

"OH MY GOD! BOYS! PLEASE, STOP! SOMEONE HELP ME GET THEM OUT!?" Counsellor Kent screamed from the edge of the mud pit like a girl.

A couple of guys from the group jumped in and helped to haul our thrashing bodies out of the mud. They kept a tight grip on us as they directed us back to the camp grounds, where Counsellor Mary was waiting for us.

Fuck, that was close! I got myself so worked up... I was so close to kissing him in front of everyone...

"Oh my LORD! What on earth happened!?" Mary exclaimed when she saw us battered and bruised, and covered in mud.

"These two are too much for me to handle! They wouldn't even TRY to co-operate, and ended up fighting in the mud pit!" Kent whined dramatically.

Mary crossed her arms over her chest, a stern look on her face. "This behaviour is unacceptable. You are here to bond, not to fight."

"Were you under the impression that we are here by choice?" Win questioned with excessive sass.

"Whether you are or not, you are here. Go wash up in the shower block and remain in your camp site until dinner." She huffed angrily. "NO MORE FIGHTING!"

We went back and grabbed our clean clothes, before heading in the opposite direction towards the lake.

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