Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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We reached the lake after walking for a few minutes through some sparse forest.

Grayson stopped to admire the enormous, pristine lake before us. The sun bounced off of the water like thousands of tiny diamonds as small waves rippled over it's surface.

I walked straight past him and into the lake fully clothed, submerging myself completely under the cool water to try to get some of the thick mud off of me.

Grayson followed suit and waded in with his clothes on too, both of us rubbing at our clothes to clean them. After the mud had washed away, we took off everything but our underwear, and lay our clothes on a rock to dry in the warm evening sun.

"Man, this is nice" Grayson hummed, "You didn't get hurt earlier, right?"

I closed my eyes as I floated across the water on my back. "A couple of bumps, but that was the aim... You okay? You hit that pole with your face pretty hard.."

"I may have a bruised forehead tomorrow, but it's all good." He chuckled lightly.

He had swum over next to me as he spoke, so I quickly pulled myself upright and dunked his head under the water playfully. He returned the favour tenfold until the sun began to sink behind the surrounding hills, so we decided to return to the shore before the water got too cold.

"Hey Gray, wanna skip dinner and stay here?" I asked, as I held up the two bottles of whiskey I had hidden in my bundle of clean clothes.

"Fuck yeah, Winnie! You're a genius!"

We threw our clean clothes on and sat on a large old log that was further up the shore, near the tree line. I cracked open a bottle and took a long swig. It was a smooth old whiskey, but it still felt like fire as it made it's way down my throat. We passed the bottle between us as the sky became dark, and we started a small campfire in front of our log.

"I wonder if anyone has noticed that we left yet.." Grayson said into the neck of the bottle, before taking another long drink.

"Doubt it." I swiped the bottle from his mouth mid drink, and had another sip myself "We aren't very far from camp... If anyone bothered to look they would've found us easily."

The alcohol was starting to make my head feel a little light and fluffy. I looked over at Grayson as he took another drink, the light from the fire dancing across his face, somehow making him look even more handsome than usual.

"Thankyou for today."

He looked confused at my sudden gratitude, "Hm? Why are you thanking me? I got you tangled in a net and dragged you into the mud..."

"Yeah, but it was fun.." I chuckled lightly thinking about how funny I must've looked. "Best birthday I've had in years."

He choked on his drink, some of it spilling from his mouth onto his pants.

"B-Birthday?!" He wiped his mouth and turned to me with a serious look. "Winnie, please tell me you're fucking with me!"

"Why? What's so bad about it being my birthday?"

"FUCK! Why didn't you tell me earlier? I could've made you a cake! I would've cooked you a whole damn feast of your favourite food-"

I leant over and pressed my lips against his quickly, cutting him of mid rant, before pulling back and shoving the bottle back to my mouth and taking another, excessively long sip. I turned my face as I drank to try to cover up my drunken embarrassment as my cheeks burned a deep red.

"........ Win....."

"...... Sorry..... That was weird, right?..." I chuckled sheepishly, "Hah, I must be really drunk.."

I scooted away from him on the log, refusing to meet his eyes. In my peripherals I could see his pained expression, which made me feel even stupider.

Way to be fucking awkward.... Why did you kiss him, idiot!? I mentally facepalmed myself over and over.

He slid closer to me, making our legs touch.

"Not as weird as you may think..." He said in a low whisper, his gaze on our touching thighs.

His eyes flicked up to mine as a sweet smile slowly spread across his gorgeous lips. He threw his arm over my shoulders and pulled me against his side, making my entire face burn and my heart begin to race uncontrollably.

"You are fucking adorable. I know your mum doesn't seem to pay attention to you, and I know it's no consolation, but you have ALL of my attention.... Happy birthday, my Winnie." He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead and held me tight against him.

The next morning, I groggily opened my eyes to the sound of an excruciatingly loud trumpet. I was so warm and cosy, I didn't want to get up. I reached over to bury myself into my sleeping bag, only to find Grayson's arm instead.

I realised that I was curled up into his chest, as he wrapped himself around me protectively, and was not in my sleeping bag.

I had never been comfortable around other people, let alone snuggling. To be completely honest, I only had sex because it was what was expected of me.

This felt so different.

I wanted to snuggle in as close as humanly possible, and stay there forever.

Fuck... This isn't right..... I may not have had a brother before, but I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to feel like this towards each other...

I reluctantly removed myself from his embrace as the obnoxious sound of the trumpet came closer. I gently shook him to wake him, because the trumpet seemed to have no effect on him. Without opening his eyes, he slung his arm around me and pulled me back into him sleepily.


His eyes shot open at my awkward half startled screech, and he quickly let me go.

He rubbed the back of his neck and looked away sheepishly, "S-Sorry... I uh... I didn't mean to do that..."

I blushed awkwardly, unable to meet his eyes.

"RISE AND SHINE CAMPERS!" Counsellor Mary's voice bellowed from right outside our tent. "It's 6AM! We have another day full of activities after breakfast!"

"Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Whhhhyyyyyyyyyy!!!???" I groaned into my hands, as I rubbed them over my face.

"Can we actually kill each other? Please? It's too early to be alive..." Grayson questioned, mirroring my enthusiasm.

We reluctantly got dressed, and sluggishly made our way to the mess hall.

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