Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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Win was driving me absolutely crazy.

I don't think I will be able to control myself if he kisses me again...

We grabbed some breakfast from the self service buffet that had been set up, and found an empty table in the mess hall. It took all of two minutes before a couple of random girls had made themselves comfortable at the table with us.

"Are these seats taken?" The tall, blonde girl asked perkily.

Her shorter, brunette friend loudly cut in, "Ohmygawwd, you guys are so hot! What company are you guys with?"

The brunette girl was sporting a face full of over the top makeup, her hair was perfectly styled, and her boobs looked like they would fall out of her tiny cropped singlet at any moment.

"Uhh... We're not with a company..." Win awkwardly answered between mouthfuls of his cereal.

The blonde girl looked a little more than embarrassed by her friends forwardness, but continued regardless of our obvious disinterest. "Oh yeah, I forgot this place isn't just for companies.... So what's your deal?"

"Yeah, are you like, single?" The brunette added quickly.

"Cass!" Blondie exclaimed. "... But... Are you?"

I could tell Winnie was losing his patience with the girls. "We're b-"

"-Boyfriends. We have been arguing a lot lately, especially with who does more around the house. So we decided to just take some time out and reconnect." I quickly interjected, knowing Win's next words wouldn't have been very nice.

Both of the girls eyes went wide when I mentioned our "relationship".

"Oh! Y-you two are.... Awww, that's so cute!"

Brown haired girl's cheeks were a faint pink, barely visible under her layers of foundation. "Ohmygawd! I'm so embarrassed... I'm so sorry for like, hitting on you guys like that! I had no idea!"

"It's okay, it happens all the time actually... I take it as a compliment." I beamed my most charming, easy going smile at them.

Win had basically buried his face in his food as soon as I mentioned boyfriend, his face burning from embarrassment. It was the most effective way to get rid of unwanted attention from females, and I may have been doing it for my own selfish reason of wanting to call Winnie mine.

After we had finished eating, Counsellor Mary stood at the front of the hall to address everyone.

"We hope you have all enjoyed your breakfast! Now, because it's the last day, we are going to hold the 'HAPPY VALLEY GAMES'! There will be a series of events today, each requiring 1 or more members from each team to compete. The team that accumulates the most points by the end of the day will be awarded gold medals, and a large gift basket!" She announced happily.

"What cruddy prizes.." I scoffed.

Win smirked at my comment, "Could be fun though.."

God he looked so fucking gorgeous when he smiled like that. He was like a small, soft, sexy fucking devil.

"Let's do hot and cold." He added deviously.


"Go between 'I hate you' and 'I love you." He replied.

"Ooooh I like it!" Fuck yes, let me smother you with love!

Win was apparently very competitive, "Hopefully, we can cause a big enough distraction in the process to win... The prizes are shit, but I wouldn't mind kicking these loser's asses."

"Alright, I'm in."

We fist bumped before heading out to the field, where numerous different activities had been set up for the day.

"First event will be archery! Please nominate one person from each team to compete!" Mary yelled to the teams.

I wanted to look cool in front of Win, but had no idea how to do archery, and would probably look like an idiot if I tried. "Winnie? You know how? I've shot a gun before, but not a bow..."

"Yeah, I got this." He went over to the archery range with the other competitors and took up position, bow and quiver in hand.


His hand shot up in front of his face, flipping me the bird before he turned to take the first of his 3 shots.

I watched from the designated safe zone as he took his stance. As he lifted his bow to take aim, I couldn't help but to take in his glorious, majestic body. His shirt clung tightly to his body as he pulled his arm back, showing his perfectly toned chest. The way his muscles rippled as he drew the bow, and relaxed again as it released was completely mesmerising.

He looked like a fucking God.

Damnit, stop drooling for a second and pay attention!

All three of his arrows slammed gracefully into the very centre of the target. My mouth hung open as he flashed me a brilliant, toothy grin.

Now THAT is how you impress someone. That was fucking hot.

"Where the fuck did you learn to shoot like that!?"

He chuckled as he wiped the sweat that had begun to run down his forehead. "I was a huge Robin Hood fan as a kid, so I begged mum to get me lessons when I was like 10."

"You have to do the next one, even if it's crap... You better fucking win too." He added, that devilish smirk pulling up the corner of his perfect lips once again.

We were apparently in hate mode, so he shoved me roughly with his shoulder as he walked past, and I had to fight to hold in my smirk.

"Highest score goes to Winston, earning his team 2 points!" Mary cheered from the large score board. "Next is the obstacle course!"

Ah, fuck.

We made our way to the obstacle course we had used for the blindfold activity. This time we were using the entire course.

Win nodded his head in the direction of the course while the instructors explained the rules. "This should be easy for you at least, right?"

"Honestly? I've never been all that great at these things... But I'll give it a shot." I knew I was probably going to embarrass myself.

If the course required more body strength, I would've breezed through, no problem. This one was more focused on agility, which hindered me a bit. I was fast, sure, but with my height and muscle mass, ducking and weaving around objects was not easy for me to do quickly. I went as fast as I could so I could impress my Winnie, thankfully managing to scrape in second place.

"Hey, don't look so glum.. Second place still gets us a point!" He reached his hand up ad stroked my cheek gently, as he winked. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him into an intimate hug.

A couple of nearby people gave us weird looks, and I could hear a few talking about us.

"Oh wow, aren't they a bit too young to be gay?"

"Oh my god, they're so cute!"

"Ugh, gross... Fucking faggots."

I was used to crap like that. I was only really in the closet in front of my dad, but in public I had always been true to myself. Win however, wasn't used to it. I could see how angry he was already becoming at the derogatory comments.

Thankfully, the angry little fluff ball managed to ignore them, and pulled my arm over his shoulders as we walked to the next activity.

"THREE LEGGED RACE TIME! Two competitors from each team please!" Mary sang loudly.

This lady's endless positivity was really starting to grate my nerves, and I was the more tolerant one.

Our legs were tied together, and we waited at the starting line. I could tell by the look on Win's face that it was time for a fight.

The starting gun sounded and everyone launched forward, struggling to keep their steps in time with their partners. We were in the lead, a few teams had fallen down, and others were going slow.

Then Win suddenly stopped without a word.

I tripped, and fell face first into the dirt, dragging him down with me.

"Ah! Fuck! WINSTON! What the hell!? Why are you so fucking useless!" I growled angrily, "All you had to do is fucking run!"

He elbowed me in the ribs as he retorted, "You're the one that fell over, fuckwit! How is this my fault!?"

I shoved him roughly, and he shoved me back. Next thing I know I was on top of him, his hands around my neck as I pushed the side of his face to the ground.

It was so hard not to laugh, especially seeing as he kept trying to lick the side of my hand like an idiot.

Because our legs were still tied together, I had to half lay on top of him, meaning our junk was rubbing against each other's. I had to fight hard to control myself.

I wanted him, and so did my -now hardening- dick.

A whistle blew furiously as I was wrenched backwards off of Win, resulting in him being dragged across the ground thanks to our tied legs.

Thankfully, one of the guys realised and untied us before Win was dragged too far. I wanted to push the guys off of me and rush down to make sure Win was okay, but he shook his head at me when he saw the panic on my face.

Mary stood with her hands on her hips while she addressed the men holding both of us, which reminded me of a kindergarten teacher you would see in a movie. "Thankyou for your help gentlemen, could you please escort them back to their camp site?" She turned her glare to Win and I, "I want you two to pack your things and leave. I thought you were making progress when I saw you at the obstacle course today, but I guess I was wrong... I will notify your parents immediately."

As soon as we were left alone to pack our things, I quickly pushed Win into the tent. I shoved him flat on his stomach and sat on his ass, lifting his shirt to inspect his back. His skin was red raw, with a few shallow cuts where he must've grazed over some stones.

"Oh god, Winnie! I'm so sorry!"

"It wasn't your fault that they dragged you away while we were tied together..." He grumbled quietly.

There was a moment of silence before I realised what position we were in.

My hands were resting on his lower back, and my dick was pressed against his perky little ass. My junk twitched as my mind filled with dirty thoughts.

I quickly hopped off of him and awkwardly busied myself with packing our things. "Ahem..... So... What are we planning to do about our parents?.... Pretty sure we are dead.."

He sat up and began shoving his sleeping bag into is cover, avoiding looking at me. "Yeah, probably... But what's the worst they can do? My mum is a fan of groundings, but she never pays enough attention to actually enforce it."

"My dad....... Well.... He can be a little.... Intense... Sometimes..."

We both stopped as we heard our parents arguing as they approached. We grabbed our bags, took a deep breath, and headed out to face the music.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU TWO DO!?" My dad growled aggressively in my face.

Win's mum looked nervous. She obviously hadn't seen this side of my father before. "Calm down honey, everyone is staring.."

"How on earth did you manage to get kicked out of a camp that specialises in bringing people together!?" He seethed through clenched teeth, in an effort to keep his voice down.

"I would like to know how they can claim to be experts in conflict resolution, if they cant even handle a little conflict!" I mocked.

Dumb move.

My dad raised his hand before bringing it down hard across the side of my head.

Through my slightly blurry vision, I could see Win cringe, and his mum stared in shock at my father hitting me.

"Alex..." Bethany whispered shakily, her eyes becoming wet with impending tears.

Like there was a sudden realisation, dad instantly turned back into the soft, mushy man he was around Bethany. "Oh God! Honey! I'm so sorry.... I-I promise that won't happen again..."

He turned to Win and I, the hatred in his eyes practically burning into my soul. "You two, pack this stuff up and get it in the car... NOW!"

They walked off, my father trying to calm Win's mum down. I turned to Win, who was staring silently at the ground, somehow managing to look even smaller than normal, his usual cold confidence gone.

"Winnie, you okay?"

"................... Yeah......... You?" He replied, a little too quietly.

I could tell he was uncomfortable, so I didn't want to push it.

"Yeah, nothing new... Let's finish packing?"


We silently packed the tent up and shoved everything into the car, before climbing into the back seat and heading off. The entire way back, no one spoke a word.

The only sound was my dad's lame gospel music coming through staticky over the radio.

I got the feeling I was missing something big, but I knew now probably wasn't a good time to be asking questions.

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