Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I still couldn't believe what had happened last night with Win.

He kissed me.

While he was sober...

I felt like I could fly, I was so fucking happy.

I slung my arm over his shoulder as we walked to school, gaining a grumble in return as he leant into me.

"Don't expect me to suddenly become all cutesy or lovey dovey with you.... I don't do that sort of shit.."

"I think your usual grumpy smol bean thing is way cuter anyway." I smirked down at him cheekily, as a deep blush crept across his adorable cheeks.

He playfully shoved against my ribs and pulled away from me. I couldn't help but let out a hearty chuckle at his cuteness as he tried to hide the smile that was threatening to light up his face.

We finally made it to school, and reluctantly parted ways for our first classes. I was a bit nervous knowing that Win had to be around Sofia without me. I knew we weren't an official couple or anything, but even just the thought of my Winnie being hit on by someone else was enough to make my blood boil.

I walked into Industrial tech, where Zach and Mason had already started working on their woodwork projects again.

Zach stared intently at his work, ignoring Mason as he piled sawdust and wood shavings in a lopsided crown on top of his dark mop of hair.

I shook my head as I made my way to the store room to fetch my own project, and brought it over to our work station. I had noticed that Winnie liked to draw a lot, but had to hunch over his desk, so I decided to make him a proper easel.

"Mase...... Am I supposed to know what you're making? The only thing I can imagine it being is some kind of medieval torture device..." I asked, eyeing his creation sceptically.

"Or something weirdly kinky." Zach added with an eyeroll.

Mase scoffed and feigned offense to our remarks, but he was clearly quite proud of his handy work. "It's obviously a seat, guys! Connor broke one the other day at the station, so I thought I would make a cool new one!"

Bits of wood stuck out on weird angles, and there were a few screws and nails poking out in random places.

Definitely not going to risk sitting on that. "......BDSM really does jump to mind the more I look at it... Zach's looks more like a chair.."

"That's a relief, because it is. I saw Mase's..... Thing.... And thought I should probably make something that can actually be sat on."

They never failed to make me laugh, and I sincerely loved them for it. Mere minutes before, my anxiety had been through the roof about Win and his ex, but these two idiots had managed to take my mind off it without even knowing.

"Zach... You ah... Got a little something in your hair.." I pointed out as a shaving rolled down in front of his face.

He shook his head like a wet dog, fluffing it with his hands in an attempt to rid himself of the mess. "Yeah, I noticed... But it's better then where he usually tries to put it..."

"Awwwww Zachy, don't be so salty! I was only trying to help you fill out your pants..."

Zach extended his arm sideways, and pushed Mason off of his stool without looking up from his work.

"Shut it, fuckface. I have no problem filling out my pants."

The two continued to bicker throughout the rest of the class, and before I knew it, the bell had rung for first break.

We gathered our things and headed to the cafeteria after returning our tools and projects to the storage room. I had to physically hold myself back, because I was so excited to see my Winnie that I was practically throwing shit around to get out faster.

We grabbed some food and took it to our spot, but there was no sign of Win.

"Why isn't Winnie here yet? His class is closer than ours was." I had to hide the worry in my voice, because I was starting to internally panic.

"Hopefully he didn't run into trouble again... He's a bit of a magnet for that." Zach shrugged, as if it was completely normal.

As if on cue, Win grumpily trudged around the corner, Sofia hot on his heels. She kept trying to grab his arm and pull him back towards the cafeteria, but he kept shaking her off. They reached our table, where she received glares from the three of us, while I stood up and threw my arm over Win's shoulder protectively.

"What do you want, Sofia?" I seethed through gritted teeth.

She stuck her bottom lip out in a pout as she crossed her arms under her breasts, pushing them up to make them look bigger. "I just want to talk to Win, but he won't listen."

"I wouldn.t listen either if I was him." Mason interjected, sounding far too serious for him.

Sofia turned to me, and put on the victim act. "Look, Grayson... It's understandable that you're attracted to me, but what you did at my party was totally inappropriate. I love Win, and you can't just go around kissing your friends girlfriend!"

"Me? Interested in you? Oh sweetie, trust me when I say that you are very very VERY far from my type." Fuck, that was a little too sassy to NOT be gay...

Win almost choked trying to stifle his laugh.

She stared at me wide eyed, seeming confused, "I'm everyone's type."

"Just fuck off, Sofia." Win grimaced in annoyance.

She turned around and stormed off, throwing her arms around Derek as he walked nearby.

We took a seat at the table and began digging into our food.

"So, you guys are taking this brother thing seriously?" Zach nodded towards my arm that was still slung over Win's shoulder.

I could feel my face starting to flush a little, but managed to keep my cool. "Of course, it's cool having a big brother, especially such a small one!"

"Asshole. My height is thankfully the only small thing about me...." Win drove his elbow sharply into my stomach, the hint of a smirk pulling up the corner of his beautiful lips. "This is the main reason I hate school parties. Shit happens, then you have to deal with the aftermath continuously at school."

"I feel for you man. Also helps to not date school chicks... Older ladies are where it's at!" Mason stated, before taking a sip from the can of soft drink he had bought.

I noticed Zach's face drop slightly at Mase's statement, but he quickly recover with his usual stoic expression.

I could tell that Win noticed it too, but he continued the conversation as if he hadn't. "I never pictured you as a cub, Mase."

Mason hummed thoughtfully to himself, his tongue sliding across his bottom lip before he spoke, "Yeah man, I like them with a bit of experience."

"When you say it like that, it makes me think of nana's...." I grimaced, over exaggerating my disgust as the others laughed.

"Ughh, not that old, man! Now my dreams are going to be even worse..."

There was a beat of awkward silence as Mase side eyed Zach, before Win attempted to change the subject.

"Is everyone going to the station tonight as usual?"

Zach nodded silently, still looking at Mase with confusion, who was now avoiding looking at Zach altogether.

"Why Monday nights?" I questioned. I had nothing against getting sloshed, but Monday's were hard enough as it was.

Zach finally tore his eyes off of Mason, and sighed heavily. "It's usually every night, if not, every second night. Last week was just a bit of a weird one."

"Shit, you guys drink like that every night?!"

"Definitely not. We may be a bunch of alcoholic degenerates, but we would probably die if we did. It's normally just a couple of drinks... We got a little carried away last week." Mason answered, still trying his best to look anywhere other than at Zach.

Zach ran a hand through his hair, gracing us with a rare glimpse of his slender eyes before his hair returned to it's normal position, as he grumbled something under his breath, "I wouldn't mind being black out drunk right now..."

"What was that, Zachy?" Mason asked in a baby voice, as he tickled under Zach's chin playfully, in an attempt to seem less weird. He still wouldn't look him in the eyes though.

Zach swatted his hand away grumpily, before standing up with his things and shoving them in his backpack roughly. "I've got shit to do. Catch you guys later."

We stared after him in confusion before turning to Mason for an explanation, who simply shrugged at us and mirrored our expressions.

"What did you do this time, Mase? You looked awfully guilty before.." Win huffed as he kicked at Mason's shin under the table.

"I.... I didn't do anything... You saw just now... What's up his butt?"

He was blushing slightly.


Win nodded in agreeance as he glared at Mason, "Mmmmm."

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