Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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After our "family" dinner, I excused myself and went up to my room. I hated that my dad had suddenly moved us to another country without even consulting me. Now he wanted me to get along with my "brother"..

I felt kind of bad for him though, he seemed like an okay guy. I was just choosing to hate him on principle.

I heard someone come up the stairs, so I peeked my head out of my bedroom door. It was him. I waited until he opened his bedroom door, which was right next to mine, and pushed him inside, closing the door behind us.

He landed on his bed, and quickly turned to face me as I stood imposingly in front of him, my arms crossed over my chest.

His slender, deep caramel coloured eyes glared at me from under his soft looking black mop of hair, that came down just below his eyebrows. His full pouty lips turned up in a scowl, crinkling his cute little button nose.

"What the fuck man?!" He exclaimed angrily.

I glared back at him, making my voice sound as intimidating as I could while still keeping my voice low, so our parents wouldn't hear me.

"We need to get some things straight. In front of our parents, I will play nice. At school, I am NOT your brother. I am NOT your friend. Do NOT talk to me. Clear?"

"Thank fuck for that!" He scoffed. "My turn. Stay out of my room. Don't touch my stuff. Don't fuck with me in general. I'm not afraid to kick your ass, got it?"

I quirked an eyebrow at his confidence.

He was a good 20cm shorter than me, and looked a lot slimmer. He was actually rather adorable, with very pretty features, but just enough masculinity to be attractive to girls. Very much a "flower boy". I could probably snap him in two if I tried.

"I would like to see you try Winnie."

Fuck.. Did I really just call him that?...

He shot up from his bed with impressive speed and aimed a punch at my face, which I barely managed to dodge. As I sidestepped, he flung his bedroom door open, grabbed my wrist and twisted me around, before literally kicking my ass out of his door and slamming it behind me.

He was much faster, and surprisingly stronger than he looked.

I headed back into my room slightly shook, but impressed nonetheless.

We played nice and tried to avoid each other for the rest of the weekend, while our parents were busy with their over the top displays of cutesy love and affection.

Monday rolled around, and it was time for my first day at school. We had to walk, but I made sure to keep a good distance behind him.

There were your average cliques at school. Jocks, popular girls, nerds, skaters, thugs etc. I had made friends with two guys in my Industrial Technologies class that morning. They were referred to as "thugs" by the other students, because apparently they used to run with some gang that broke up when their leader got arrested.

They were tough looking, intimidating guys. Zach was the smaller of the two, and wore a stone cold expression 99% of the time. He was half Chinese, with round, delicate features, and dressed like a cliché emo boy, pairing his white school uniform shirt with black skinny jeans, black converse and a grungy black hoodie.

Mason was not much shorter than me, and was noticeably built, even under his school uniform. His messy, mid length, golden brown hair was held back off his face with a red bandana, making his strong square jaw and facial features stand out even more against his slightly tanned skin.

We walked to the cafeteria at first break, and took a seat at their usual table.

"So, have you made any friends other than us yet?" Zach asked, as he delicately nibbled a potato chip.

"Nah, I only moved here a few days ago..... Hey, what can you tell me about Winston Summers?"

"Winston?.... You mean Win? His name is Winston!? That's hilarious! What a name!" Mason laughed, the handful of chips he had just shoved in his mouth falling back out onto the table.

Zach groaned, obviously embarrassed by Masons terrible table manners.

"How did you know that though? I don't even think his girlfriend knows that.." Mason added.

Fuck... Of course he wouldn't use that name at school... He rolls his eyes every time his mum says it... I'm not supposed to know him damnit!

"Uhhh I live near him... I heard his mum call him that.. I didn't know he went by Win at school.."


"Ah okay, makes sense. Win may hang out with the popular crowd, but he's actually pretty cool. He only hangs around them because he is dating Sofia, the Queen Bee here."

When Mason spoke about Win, I could tell there was a huge amount of respect there.

"Yeah, he's nothing like them though... Other than his girlfriend, we are the only ones from school he has hung out with, and it's usually coincidental." Zack added.

"You guys are friends with him?"

Mason nodded goofily, while Zach seemed a little more reserved.

"I like to think we are friends, but I'm not sure if Win does or not. We know a lot of the same people, hang out at the same places... He's a good guy though. I would have his back in a fight any day. He's had ours a few times already."

"Fights?" I asked, curiosity getting the better of me.

"He may be small and cute, but the guy is a fucking beast. Like... A feral bunny!" Mason seemed pleased with his comparison, his face lighting up at the thought.

Zach chuckled slightly. "We met through gang shit before we even realized we went to the same school."

"Huh... Interesting.."

Very interesting.

The more I heard about him, the more I wanted to know. I definitely hadn't expected such a small, cute little thing to be knee deep in gang shit.

An unfamiliar girl made her way over to us as Zach and Mase continued eating, and I stared at my food, lost in thought.

"Excuse me? Grayson Kingsley?" She asked in a small, polite voice.

"Yes? That's me, how can I help you?"

She extended her hand to me, which I gently shook.

"Hi, I'm Alice, It's nice to meet you. I'm a prefect, and the principal asked me to let you know that your textbooks and sports uniform are ready for collection at the administration building. If you're free now, I would be more than happy to show you the way?"

"Oh, yeah sure. Thankyou. Guys, I'll be back in a minute."

Zach gave a half nod, refusing to speak with food in his mouth, as Mason spoke around his food again.

"All good man, later Alice."

Alice showed me to a small shop like room in the administration building that sold uniforms, textbooks, and an assortment of the schools branded stationary.

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