Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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We arrived at the station after school to find Aeryn, Louisa and Zach already sitting around drinking. We hadn't seen Zach since he ditched us at first break, so I had assumed he had left school early.

Aeryn was a few years older than us, and Louisa was "home schooled", so they spent most of their time at the station. They lived by themselves, so Loui pretty much did whatever she wanted because Aeryn spoiled her rotten. Connor and Ariel went to the same college, but Ariel worked most nights as a waitress to pay off her student loans, whereas Connor lived off of his rich parents.

Gray had apparently decided that he was no longer able to walk without having his arm slung over my shoulders.

Not that I minded....

I pretended it was annoying, but I secretly loved it.

"Hey guys! Zach, where's Mase? I thought he would have come with you, seeing as he ditched us...." Grayson shouted as we walked towards them.

"Fucked if I know." He grumbled in response, crushing his empty can and dropping it on the ground with the other cans he had already finished and scattered around his seat on the couch.

He was definitely still in a bad mood, and the number of empty cans combined with the slur in his speech, suggested he had been drinking for hours already.

The secret knock echoed through the building as Gray and I made ourselves comfy on the ground with a drink each. Mason's familiar booming voice followed, paired with the clicking of high heels on the hard concrete flooring.

Mason sauntered over with a barely dressed, bimbo looking blonde woman, clinging to his arm.

This was going to be interesting.

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