Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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The click of her stripper heels echoed louder than the music playing through Loui's speakers.

I turned around to see Mason strutting over with yet another college slut hanging off of him. She fit his recent obsession. Blonde, huge tits, thin waist, too much makeup, barely any clothes. They were all basically the same these days.

He had always been a bit of a player, but recently he had been sleeping around with older women almost non stop. We lived in adjacent apartments, but I hardly saw him outside of school anymore. We had been inseparable since we were 6 years old, but all of a sudden he seemed to want nothing to do with me outside of school and the station.

"Sup guys!?" Mason greeted happily, "This is Amy. Amy, these are the friends I told you about. The scary looking dude is Aeryn, the cute little blondie is his sister, Louisa. Win's the pretty boy and Grayson is his attachment, they're brothers."

He brought his date over to the couch and pushed a couple of empty cans out of the way, before grabbing them both some drinks. "And then there's the black shadow on the couch, Zach!"

Fucking asswipe.

I gave a half hearted wave without looking at them, before Mase sat beside me with her on the other side, and threw his arms over both of our shoulders. I tried my best to seem nonchalant as I shrugged him off, but inside I was fucking fuming.

If we weren't in front of our friends, he would be ignoring me.

I hated seeing him with other people. Especially the dumb skanks he had been nailing lately.

I was so confused.

Even though he was the stupidest person I had ever met, I sincerely loved him with all my heart. I had tried to stop, but it was no use. I had been in love with him since I could remember, but I was careful to never let it slip. He was my best friend and I couldn't ruin that by confessing my feelings.

Apparently I didn't need to confess to lose him though.

"But really though, Zach here is the closest thing I have ever had to a brother." Mason continued.

Ughh... Bro-zoned..

When Amy finally spoke up, her voice was an annoying, high pitched whine that offended my ears. "OMG, it's soooooo nice to finally meet you all! I've heard so much about you guys!"

Everyone shared a confused, slightly amused look.

"Yeah... Likewise.... How long have you guys been together?" Win questioned, trying to hold back laughter.

We all knew she thought she was in a serious relationship with Mase, but she was only one of many.

Amy gushed, leaning into Mason's side. "We've only been together for a week, but we've known each other for like, ever."

"I'm just happy I'm not the only girl tonight! Ariel has to work, so I was going to be stuck with all these smelly things!" Loui scrunched her face up as she gestured to the rest of us.

She walked over and sat herself on the arm of the couch next to Amy, gaining her a warning from Aeryn.

"Be nice Loui."

She feigned offense to his words, gasping as she placed her hand over her chest dramatically. "Moi? I'm always nice, Faery!"

"LOUISA!" He growled in response, his cheeks flushing.

Everyone simultaneously stifled a giggle as Aeryn glared at his little sister, who was making cutesy innocent faces at him.

"Oooooh I like that!" Grayson chuckled.

Aeryn turned his glare to them, "Call me that and I'll kill you."

There was an awkward silence as we finally stopped snickering, until of course, Amy decided to chime in.

"So.... What do you guys do here?"

Win held up his bottle, "Drink."

"Chill." Gray added.

"Fight." Aeryn shrugged, still glaring at Gray.

"Then drink some more.." Loui sang.

Amy looked less than impressed, and super awkward. "Oh... Fun?"

Everyone took a sip as another awkward silence settled over the room. I gathered things had been working well for Grayson, seeing as he was sitting on the ground with his legs on either side of Win, who was leaning back against him.

"How about we play a drinking game?" Amy piped up again.

We all collectively groaned, knowing this would probably be a boring one, and would end badly.

Forever the shit stirrer, Louisa egged her on. "Great idea, Amy! What should we play?"

"Ooh, how about, Never Have I Ever!"


"Sounds good, babe. Everyone in?" Mase asked the group, who all nodded begrudgingly.

Amy raised her hand, "I'll start!.... Never have I ever... Been arrested!"

Everyone but Amy drank.

"Oh wow, All of you? Even Louisa?" She questioned, looking completely shocked.

Loui grinned deviously and winked at her. "Especially Louisa."

Amy tried to subtly hold her purse closer to her as she sat a little straighter, looking increasingly uncomfortable.

"Me next!" Loui yelled, "Never have I ever... Had a crush on someone in this group!"

Everyone drank except for Louisa.

We all shared sheepish looks as it came to Win's turn. The more we drank, the more everyone else loosened up.

Except me.

Mason was busy with his tongue down Amy's throat, right next to me on the couch. Loui was dancing to the blasting music, while Gray and Aeryn continuously arm wrestled, with Win playing ref.

I shifted my weight to get off the couch, when Mason's hand suddenly landed on my leg. He was still busy dry humping Amy, so I pushed his hand off and started to stand up.

I couldn't sit next to that.

To my surprise, his hand snapped straight back and pulled me down onto the couch before sliding up and resting dangerously close to my crotch.

I looked over in confusion, and he was still making out with Amy.


He broke the kiss with her and turned to face me, his breaths coming fast and his cheeks flushed an adorable shade of pink.

He looks so damn sexy like that.

Before I knew it, he was on top of me, his lips hungrily devouring mine.

I was frozen in shock, my eyes wide as Amy screeched from behind him.

"OMG Mason! What the fuck!?"

He ignored her and slid his hand under my shirt, gently caressing my chest.

It felt so fucking good, I couldn't help but to close my eyes and kiss him back. His tongue tangled furiously with mine as he positioned himself between my legs and began to grind his bulge against mine.

"MASON!" Amy Screeched so loud, that it was audible over Loui's heavy bass, making everyone stop and stare.

"Oh SHIIIIT!" Aeryn gawked in shock.

Grayson chuckled, giving Win a high five. "Knew it!"

"Daaaaamn... Why is that so hot?" Loui smirked.

Amy grabbed her purse and let out a devilish banshee screech as she stomped off, out of the station.

I pushed Mason back and broke our kiss, both of us panting hard.

"M-Mase,... What the fuck are you doing?"

He buried his face in my chest and spoke into it, making his voice too muffled for the others to hear. "I'm sorry I've been such an ass to you Zachy.... I..... I kind of had a wet dream about you, and realised that I'm totally gay for you... So I panicked... I thought you would freak out if I told you I like you...."

His head shot up and he looked me in the eyes, his filled with panic. "Please don't freak!"

"Fucking idiot." I chuckled lightly, as I wrapped my arms around him and kissed the top of his stupid head.

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