Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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We got home from the station just past 1AM, still pretty wasted. We tried to be as quiet as possible while stumbling up the stairs, and struggled to hold in our laughter. I finally made it up to my room, when Win pushed past me and flopped himself face first onto my bed

"Winnie, that's my bed!"

He rolled over onto his back and kicked his feet wildly until his shoes came off, one flying dangerously close to my face.

"Fuck off, it's mine... Get out of my room, Gray!"

Cute little shit... "You did that on purpose! I'll get you for that, Winnie!"

I quickly stumbled over and climbed on top of him, tickling his sides mercilessly. He writhed underneath me, laughing so hard that he began to snort.

"No more!" He giggled breathlessly between snorts, "I surrender!"

I stopped the tickle torture, and looked down into his beautiful, deep brown eyes. I had never really been a fan of brown eyes, but his had an indescribable depth that made me feel as if I could drown in them.

Sensing movement, my gaze was drawn down to his full lips. His tongue slowly slid across his bottom lip, before he sensually bit down on it.

Oh fucking fuckity fuck! I want to eat him up!

I slowly inched my face closer to his, giving him plenty of time to push me away. My heart was hammering in my chest, and my breathing came faster as our lips came closer.

I was so fucking nervous that my arms were starting to tremble.

"Oh come on already!" Win chuckled impatiently, as his hand flew up and grabbed the back of my neck, pulling my head down to his, our lips crashing hungrily together.

He playfully nibbled on my bottom lip, drawing a light, breathless moan from me. He took the opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth, expertly tangling it with mine.

Holy fuck. It's so hot how he is taking the lead!

I supported my weight with one arm, while the other busied itself with teasing his perky, erect nipples beneath his shirt. One of his hands firmly gripped my grinding hips, while the other ran roughly through the hair in the back of my head.

"You... Taste... So... Good..." I growled huskily between kisses.

I could feel the smile that had spread across his mouth as he pulled hard on my hips, bringing our solid bulges hard up against each other. The pressure in my crotch was building to an almost unbearable point, as waves of heat coursed through my body.

I tugged his shirt over his head, before gently nibbling my way down his neck and chest, sensually sucking, and flicking my tongue over his tender nipples. He gasped, and let out a low moan as he arched his body up towards me with pleasure.

I made my way down his abs, tracing the lines of his perfectly toned muscles with my tongue, before stopping at his waistband. I quickly undid his pants and shimmied them down just enough to reveal his large, throbbing cock.

Damn, he wasn't kidding. For such a small guy, he's pretty well hung...

I gripped his shaft firmly, and placed a gentle kiss on his tip, before swirling my tongue around the head. I gently sucked as I took him in my mouth, deeper and deeper with every stroke, until I had taken his entirety. My tongue caressed his shaft as I moved up and down, varying the pressure as I slowly picked up speed.

"Hnng! Fuck... Gray... I'm gonna... Cum.." Win moaned through his fingers as he tried to muffle the sound.

His fist balled in my hair and his thighs began to quake beneath me as he came closer to climax. I moved faster and tightened my grip ever so slightly, before I felt his warm release fill my mouth. I swallowed it all, cleaning any remnants off of him with my tongue.

I crawled back up to lay beside him as he pulled his pants back up, both of us breathing hard. I rolled over and slung an arm and leg across his body, and nuzzled my face into the side of his.

"Holy... Fucking... Shit ... You....... WOW!.." Win moved his hand up to gently stroke my cheek, still trying hard to catch his breath. "Did... You want me to...."

He tentatively reached his hand down and gripped my solid dick through my pants.

I grabbed his hand and laced our fingers together. "It's okay, just you tonight, Winnie.... You can repay me another time."

I kissed his cheek a few times and snuggled in close, both of us drifting off into an alcohol induced sleep.

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