Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I woke up to Grayson snoring peacefully in my ear, his heavy body wrapped around mine warmly.

I could smell the alcohol seeping from my pores, so I eased myself out from his embrace, and grabbed some fresh clothes for a shower.

God the water feels so fucking good after a long night of drinking...... And....... That....

I bit my lip as I recalled what Gray had done for me. I felt a hot flush burn my cheeks as I remembered how fucking good his tongue felt.

My dick twitched, and began to harden as I ran my hand over my chest to clean myself, completely lost in my dirty thoughts.

I still wasn't used to having to share what used to be my bathroom, and had completely forgotten to lock the door. I was too busy with my head under the water to hear the door open, close, and lock.

I jumped as a pair of strong, gentle hands began rubbing soap onto my back.

I turned around to see Gray smiling at me sleepily, completely naked, in the shower with me.

"Good morning, Winnie. Why didn't you wake me?"

I was shook, and suddenly hyper aware of just how close his bare junk was to my ass. "I... Uh... You looked cute sleeping....?"

.... Cute?

My face was on fire. The only things I had ever called cute were animals and stuffed toys. Admitting that I thought he was cute was severely embarrassing.

He really did remind me of a giant puppy though. One of those really beautiful, yet intimidating ones, that looked like they could rip your throat out at any second, but are really just big balls of fluff that want all of your love.

A smile took over his face, and his eyes shone brightly at my compliment. "I think that's the first time you have actually complimented me, Winnie."

I looked away, knowing he was probably right.

He grabbed my chin and gently turned me around to face him.

"Looks like you're ready to return the favour, Winnie..." He smirked, as his eyes travelled down to my fully erect cock, then back up to my face.

He leant down and brought our lips together, pulling my body against his as our tongues hungrily entwined.

I reached my hand down between us to stroke his massive, throbbing penis. He let out a deep, guttural groan at my touch, as his hips rocked against my hand.

This was the first time I had ever touched another guys bare cock, and it was making my own twitch uncontrollably.

"Fuck.. That feels.. Good... Haah..." He moaned, as he roughly gripped my ass, before spinning me around and pressing me up against the shower wall.

I let out a little squeak as my skin hit the cold tiles, but it quickly turned into moan as he sensually bit and sucked on my neck, while he rubbed his throbbing cock between my cheeks.

He was being much rougher than he had been last night, and it was really fucking turning me on.

I moaned again as he slid his hand down between us, and inserted a single finger into my tight hole.

I have never been so damn horny in my entire fucking life.

After a few minutes, he slid in another finger, making me wince slightly before the pleasure took over again.

My body moved on it's own, arching forward to press my backside harder against him. "Unnng.... Just... Put it..... In.... Already.... Haah... Fuck...."

"Anything.. For you... Winnie.." He chuckled breathlessly.

He gently pressed his tip against my entrance, slowly pushing himself in deeper.

I let out an awkward squeak at the pain as my body tensed automatically, when Gray's finger suddenly appeared in front of my mouth.


I obeyed, and bit down hard on his finger as he pushed the remainder of his massive penis inside me. He growled as the pleasure took over him, and he began thrusting himself in and out, faster and rougher with every movement.

I never knew pain could feel so fucking good.

The rougher he was, the more I wanted him.

He bit down on my shoulder, and my hand snaked around to grab a fistful of the hair on the back of his head. His hand stroked my solid cock in time with his thrusts, making my head feel like it was going to explode, along with my dick.

The bathroom door handle suddenly rattled, and we both froze mid thrust.

"Winston, sweetie? You in there?!" My mum yelled, barely audible over the running water.


My voice awkwardly cracked and croaked as I tried to speak. "Uh.. Y-yeah mum... What's up?"

"Have you seen Grayson by any chance? Alexander wants to speak with him before we head to work!" She called out, completely oblivious.

Grayson stifled a laugh as I tried to think clearly and respond in proper English, while he cheekily wiggled his hips, his dick still halfway in my ass.

"I.. Uh.. H-he left e-early... D-dunno where..."

He playfully nibbled my earlobe as I spoke. I weakly tried to swat him away, but he just grabbed my hand and pinned it against the wall while he continued.

Not that I actually wanted him to stop anyway.

"Okay, never mind then!" She yelled out again, her footsteps receding.

Grayson chuckled deviously in my ear, before roughly ramming the remainder of his dick inside me. I groaned loudly at the sudden burst of pain and pleasure, before quickly covering my mouth, and glaring back at him.

Mum must've heard, because she rattled the handle again. "Winston! Are you okay? What was that noise?!"

Fuck... I am going to kill Gray for this! "Yeah.. Just hit my.. Uh... Elbow?... Ouch?"

"Be careful sweetie!" She laughed from the other side of the door, "We are leaving now, make sure you aren't late to school!"

"Yup. Bye!"

Gray smiled devilishly as he continued to stroke me, and thrust himself roughly.

"Fuck.. You... Asshole..." I muttered between needy sounding moans.

He chuckled gruffly in my ear, "No.. Fuck... Your.. Asshole, Winnie.."

I could tell he was close, as he gripped both of my hips and pulled me harder against him, his thrusts becoming shorter and deeper.

"Fuck.. I'm cumming.... Fuck!.." I let out a breathless groan as my body quaked, and warm cum released onto myself and the shower wall.

I felt Gray's grip tighten as he pushed himself in as deep as he could, his hips and his pulsating cock twitching as he filled me with his hot semen.

He leant his forehead on the back of my head, breathing heavily as he spoke, "F u c k."

He kissed the back of my head softly, before removing himself from me. I stood bracing myself against the shower wall, unable to move at all. My legs had thoroughly turned to jelly, and my ass had begun to sting as the water trickled over it.

"Ah! Fuck.." I hissed, as I attempted to shift my weight.

Gray noticed that I wasn't moving, so he began to gently wash me off. I winced slightly as he lightly brushed over my now throbbing hole.

"I'm sorry, Winnie..... I was maybe a little too rough... I just couldn't stop myself...." He mumbled guiltily.

"Ah... No, i-it's okay... I uh..." I trailed off, realising that what I was going to say was really embarrassing. "Never mind..."

"You what?"

I blushed furiously, and couldn't meet his eyes. I cursed myself for opening my mouth in the firs place.

I should have just stayed quiet and made him grovel.

Of course a cheeky shit like him would make me say it... "I........... I............. I liked it..." I grumbled under my breath.

Ughh.. Fucking cringe..

He chuckled heartily, and nuzzled his face on my cheek. I hated how annoyingly cute he was.

I hate it so much, that I love it.

He helped me out of the shower and into some comfy clothes. There was no way I could go to school in my condition, so we curled up on my bed watching movies and playing video games for the remainder of the day.

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