Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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A loud knock from Win's bedroom door woke me from my nap.

Win was snuggled up against me, still snoring peacefully. He looked so soft and small when he slept, his face free of his usual unimpressed glower.

"Winston!? Are you in there?! Is your brother with you?!" My father yelled sternly from the other side of the locked door.


I got up and quietly unlocked the door, before slowly opening it. I held a finger to my lips as I faced my dad, and gestured towards Win asleep in his bed.

He nodded silently, changing his voice to an angry whisper. "Why weren't you at school today? Bethany and I both received calls about your unexplained absence." He paused for a moment, nodding his head towards my Winnie, "Is Winston okay?"

"He uh....." Fuck... Think think think... "Slid... Getting out of the shower! I was running an errand real quick this morning, and when I came back, I found him on the bathroom floor..."

Please don't think too hard about it......

"Oh! Why didn't you tell us!?" He seemed genuinely worried, which was something I hadn't really seen from my father before.

"I didn't want to worry you guys. It's nothing serious, just a bit of bruising. I thought it would be best to stay home and look after him so he didn't hurt himself again... He's surprisingly clumsy.." Please believe it, please please please please!

My father stared thoughtfully at me for a second. "I..... I'm proud of you, son. You two are really starting to act like brothers. I'm so glad you are becoming close."

Well shit. He actually bought that?

You wouldn't be so proud if you knew just how close we are...

I fought to hide the devilish smile that was threatening to explode as recalled how "close" Win and I had been that morning.

"Yeah, well... He's kind of hard to hate when you get to know him, really.."

"That's what I was trying to tell you all along!" He exclaimed with a mixture of frustration and relief.

Win's groggy voice drew our attention to his bed. "Oh, Alexander... Is everything okay?"

He winced slightly as he sat up in bed, my father giving him a sympathetic look, obviously believing my story even more seeing him in pain.

"Everything's fine, Winston. I just came to ask why neither of you went to school, but Grayson filled me in on what happened to you in the shower this morning."

Winnie's face dropped instantly, taking on a look of pure horror, as I tried to keep myself composed. I couldn't help but to flash him a cheeky smirk though, fuelling his terror even more.

My father turned around and headed for the stairs, stopping at the top to speak to us over his shoulder. "Dinner should be ready in about 20 minutes. Will you be able to come down and join us, Winston?"

He awkwardly nodded, trying hard not to show his confusion as to why my dad seemed so calm.

Dad headed downstairs, and I bounded onto the bed next to Win, pulling him into me as I laughed.

"I said you slipped and hurt yourself, dumbass!" I laughed, "What did you think I would say? 'Oh yeah, we didn't go to school because I fucked my step-brother so hard that he couldn't walk.'.... Yeah, that would go down real well."

He breathed a sigh of relief, before pushing against my chest. His cute little grumpy pout made me involuntarily bite my lip. He blushed, and pushed me away even harder, resulting in me falling backwards off of his bed.


"Shit! Gray, are you okay? I'm sorr-" He leapt up so quickly that he caught his foot in a blanket, and tumbled down on top of me.

His head hit my chest with a thud, before he quickly pushed himself up to check if I was hurt. His hands flew up to my face and cupped my cheeks, as his eyes frantically searched for any sign of injury.

God, he's so fucking cute when he's worried...

I wonder how long it will take for him to realise he's sitting on my dick..

Fuck, thinking about it's making me hard..

I smirked at him and I grabbed his hips, and pulled him down onto me as I rocked my own against him.

He froze, and blushed a deep, deep red.

"Oh.... Owch... Heh...."

An adorable little smile spread across his face. He leant down, his breath coming faster as our lips came closer together.

"DINNER BOYS!" His mum called from down in the kitchen.


Win sprung up like a startled cat, and scrambled to his feet. "C-Coming mum!"

He held his out to help me up. I took it, purposely pulling him harder than needed as I got to my feet, making him stumble into me. I quickly wrapped my arms around him and kissed his forehead, smooshing him into my chest.

"Ughh, why are you sooo fucking cute, Winnie?"

He stood still as he grumbled into me, his voice muffled by my pecs. "Let go, asshole."

I released the blushing cranky pants, and held his hand until we got to the top of the stairs, where we collected ourselves before heading down to dinner with our parents.

The next morning, I woke up alone in my bed.

I didn't like it at all.

Our parent's had the day off to attend some meeting later in the afternoon, so I couldn't snuggle with my Winnie. It was a rough sleep, if you could even call 'tossing and turning for 7 hours' sleeping.

I just hoped that Win had better luck sleeping alone than I had.

I stepped out of my room at the same time that he came out of his. The look on his face told me that he had hardly slept too.

I was both happy and sad about it. Happy that he too needed my presence to sleep comfortably, but upset that we were unable to do that freely.

We groggily got ready and headed to school, careful not to get too touchy-feely in front of our parents.

It was really hard. Much harder than it had been before.

Even worse, our parents were home a lot during the rest of the week, making it basically impossible to satisfy my craving to be close to Win. We had managed to sneak a few quick kisses, but that was all, and not nearly enough. We hadn't even been able to escape to the station, because our parents wanted to 'spend time' with us, which was really just being forced to watch horrible movies while they made out on the couch every night.

If it weren't for his mum's annoying habit of waking him up early in the mornings she didn't have to work, we could've at least snuggled at night.

My body was aching for him.

For the meantime, I had to settle for pleasuring myself.

I sat on my bed, which I had pushed to the other side of my room, so it was against the same wall as Win's bed. I leant back against the thin wall that separated us, and closed my eyes.

I imagined my cute little bunny aggressively taking the lead, crawling on top of me as he bit my bottom lip hungrily. My hand slid beneath the waistband of my pants, and took hold of my already throbbing cock.

I began to firmly stroke my myself as I pictured his perfect little bubble butt bouncing up and down on my stiff dick. I bit down on my bottom lip as I tried to hold in the deep moan that escaped my mouth.

Intense heat burned through my body as I ran my free hand over my hardened nipples, causing my dick to twitch and release a bit of precum.

Even just the though of fucking him is enough to drive me absolutely crazy!

I stroked myself harder and faster, rocking my hips against my hand. I bit down hard on my lip again and groaned as the pressure finally overflowed, my steaming hot seed shooting out all over my bare chest.

"Fuuuck!.... Haaah..."

A metallic taste began to flood my mouth and my lip began to throb. I tentatively touched the spot that had started to sting, to find that I had managed to bite through my lip when I came.

Holy fucking shit..... Never done that before...

Fuck, I need my Winnie soon before I accidentally rip my own dick off!

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