Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I sat at the kitchen counter while my mum "baked" a cake.

By that, I mean she was making an absolute mess, while she threw random amounts of ingredients into a bowl, babbling on and on about something. As much as I wanted to spend time with my mum, every single word that came out of her mouth recently was "Alexander this" or "Alexander that".

I didn't like the guy enough to warrant listening. I had tuned her out about an hour beforehand, and was actually mid daydream.

A sudden loud groan came from upstairs, snapping my brain back to reality. Mum paused her cake destroying to look towards the stairs, before turning to me with a worried expression.

"Was that Grayson just now?" She asked, already knowing the answer, but still asking nonetheless. "Honey, go see if your brother is okay... It sounded like he hurt himself."

I cringed at her use of the word brother. It flew so easily from her mouth, as if it hadn't only been a couple of weeks since they invaded the house.

I didn't mind Grayson, of course, but his father..... I really fucking hated Alexander.

But he made my mum happy.

"Yeah sure, mum."

I hopped down off of the barstool I had been sitting on at the kitchen bench, and made my way up to check on Gray.

What's a bet he just blew a massive load? Sounds like something he would do.

Before I knocked, I pressed my ear to his bedroom door. I could hear a string of grumbled profanities, accompanied by frantic shuffling. Instead of letting him know it was me outside his door by speaking, I simply knocked without a word.

A panicked response sounded from the other side, "H-Hold on! Just a sec!"

The door swung open after a few more minutes, to a slightly flustered Grayson, holding fresh clothes and a towel in front of him.

"Winnie." He breathed with a sigh of relief.

I knew I had been right, so I couldn't help but smirk at him. "You okay? We heard you from downstairs. Mum thinks you hurt yourself...."

His face turned as red as a tomato, as he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.

Then I noticed his split lip. I automatically reached up to tenderly touch his wound, making him wince as I did.

"Shit, did you actually hurt yourself?" I asked, feeling rather guilty. "I thought you were jerking off...."

He chuckled lightly at my concern and guilt. "If your mum asks, I accidentally punched myself in the lip trying to take my socks off."

"Does that even happen? How the fuck does someone manage that? They must take their socks off in a weird ass way..."

"Hey! It's actually a lot more common than you would think... Especially if you are wearing long socks.." He grumbled.

I took a step closer to him suggestively. ".... You were thinking about me, weren't you?....."

The thought of him getting off just thinking about me made me ridiculously hot. I glanced around, making sure no one was watching, before sensually rubbing my hands up his chest. I bit my lip and brought my face closer, tilting it up to his. He ducked his head down, brushing his lips against mine as he let out a soft, semi-frustrated moan.

He brought his lips to my ear, whispering into it gruffly. "Ughhhh... I want you so fucking bad Winnie..."

"You just wait until I get you alone..." I whispered back.

The sudden sound of footsteps on the stairs made me panic, and push an unexpecting Grayson hard enough in the chest to send him stumbling backwards into his room.

Mum appeared at the top of the staircase as I put on a -hopefully convincing- hysterical laugh.

"What's so funny, Winston? Is your brother okay? You've been up here for ages, I thought something might be wrong.."

"This idiot managed to punch himself in the face taking his socks off!" I cackled between gasps.

Grayson walked back to his doorway, and looked at mum with faux embarrassment. "It's not actually that funny..."

"Oh my! You got yourself pretty good too!" Mum chuckled slightly, trying to keep her composure.

Both mine and Grayson's phones went off simultaneously.

It was the group chat we had going with the station crew.


CONNOR: Shit yes!

AERYN: Win, you in? We haven't seen you in ages!

ZACH: Wow... Subtle Faery... You haven't seen me since Monday either...

LOUISA: Y am i stuck with such and embarrassingly thirsty bro?!

ARIEL: NOOOO!! I took an extra shift tonight! =(


ARIEL: Loui, what was that supposed to be?

LOUISA: A crying face obvi!

WIN: We'll see you losers there.


Gray and I looked at each other and had to stifle a laugh at our idiotic friends.

"Hey mum, Zach just invited us over for a movie night at his place. May we please go?"

"Of course you can, sweetie!" She sang happily. "Just remember the rules. If there is alcohol, you must be responsible. No girls, and no drugs. Those apply to you now too, Grayson."

I can at least follow ONE of those rules for once...

"As always, mum. It's just a movie night anyway." I smiled sweetly to her.

Gray held up his towel and clothes, gesturing towards the bathroom. "I guess I'll go shower and get ready, then."

He basically skipped to the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. I was pretty excited too, mainly because I would be able to be close to him again without having to worry as much. At least in front of our friends we could be cuddly around each other, and they wouldn't say anything.

I was definitely in need of a large amount of alcohol after being stuck at home all week with mum and Alexander.

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