Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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We had to catch a bus to get to the party, because Win's mum saw us off from the front steps.

Not that either of us were planning to being sober enough to ride the bike back later anyway.

I had my arm slung over Wins shoulder the entire bus ride, holding him close to my side. He wore his usual grumpy expression, but I could tell by the way he was leaning into me that he was enjoying it. We got weird looks from the other people on the bus, but I really didn't give a fuck.

I had missed being able to just hold my Winnie.

"Hey... Why's it called the Fish Shed? It's in the industrial district, right? I didn't think there were any docks nearby.."

He giggled slightly at my confusion. "Nah, it used to be some kind of storage warehouse, but then it became HQ for the Piranhas. That's our friend Gene's gang, by the way. You'll meet him tonight. Don't be fooled by his looks. He may not look like much, but the Piranhas and their leader are one of the most feared gangs in the area. They control most of the town."

"Oh damn... Not going to lie, I'm a little nervous now... We had a few 'gangs' back home, but they were mostly just delinquent teenagers that beat people up in an effort to impress... Well, anyone really.." I admitted sheepishly. "Don't get me wrong, there were actual gangs, you just didn't get invited to their parties... Or ever actually meet them..."

"Ah, yeah..." He mused, "I guess that's the same for normal people here, though.. You just fell in with the right crowd."

He beamed a wide, mischievous grin at me, making my heart skip a few beats.

If there weren't so many other people on the bus, my tongue would already be down his throat.

"This is our stop. We have to walk for a bit now." Win said, as he slid out of the seat and hopped off the bus.

We walked for about 15 minutes before coming up to a row of warehouses. I could hear the booming bass from the party, even though I couldn't see it. We walked up past a few of the buildings, the sound growing louder and clearer with every one that we passed. We came to a stop out the front of one that was set back from the road, with a car park out the front, absolutely swarming with partygoers.

I spotted Zach and Mason sitting beneath a badass looking mural of a Piranha that had been painted on the side of the building.

"Zach, Mase!" I waved, grabbing their attention as we wove through the masses. "That fish is fucking awesome!"

Zach smirked in amusement, "Of course it is, It's Win's."

"You did that, Winnie? That's amazing!"

He blushed and looked at his feet, so I smooshed him into a snuggle, making his cheeks burn even brighter.

"AHEM! Shall we head inside? I wanna party!" Mason interrupted loudly.

The inside of the warehouse looked more like a nightclub. There were laser lights zooming across the sea of dancing people, smoke machines filling the room with an otherworldly haze, and bubbles floating everywhere. And eclectic collection of couches and chairs were arranged in groups around the edges of the massive space, and an enormous screen was projected high onto one of the walls, playing music videos in time with the DJ below it.

"HO.... LY..... SHIT!" I yelled in pure amazement.

"Welcome to Piranha HQ, Gray." Zach shouted over the music with his arms crossed over his chest.

A slim, lanky Asian boy bolted over, wrapping my Winnie in a tackle hug. "WIIIIIIIIIIIINNNN!!!!!"

"AH! GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENE!" He yelled in response, as a massive smile lit up his face.

I was already super jealous of the guy.

I didn't like him one single bit.

"We missed you at the last party, Win! I haven't seen you in forever!" The guy exclaimed as they finally broke the hug.

"Yeah, shit's been real... Interesting.." Win agreed, before grabbing my arm and dragging me into their conversation. "Gene, this is my b-.... Brother! Grayson!... Gray, this is Eugene Chen, leader of the Piranhas."

Oh, shit. I get what he means by him not looking like much...

Gene was not much shorter than me, but super lean, with a clean looking, eyebrow length, black undercut. Paired with his thick rimmed glasses, he looked like your average gaming nerd, rather than the leader of a notorious gang.

I extended my hand to him for a handshake. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Eugene."

I was instead met with an enormous hug.

"Brother? I've never heard Win refer to anyone as brother before! You must be super awesome! It's great to meet you, but please, just Gene!" He beamed enthusiastically.

I was a little bit shaken by his friendliness. "Well, shit... That's one hell of a compliment! But we are actually literally brothers. Step-brothers to be precise..."

"Oh! I get why things have been interesting at home now.... Anyway, I need to greet some other guests, so I'll let you guys get comfortable." Gene said, before heading back into the crowd of people as the rest of our friends made their way over to us.

"WIN!" An already tipsy Aeryn skipped over, wrapping my Winnie in a hug that was far too intimate for my liking.

I could see that Win was trying to awkwardly shrug him off, so I was going to leave it. Until of course, Aeryn's hands slid down to grope his ass.

MY ass. That belongs to me!

I quickly grabbed one of his arms, wrenching him off of Win, and into me. I wrapped him in an equally intimate hug, making sure to cop a decent feel of his ass as well.

"Oh, Faery! I missed you sooooooo much! A week without you was just far too long!"

Our friends burst into laughter as he angrily pushed me off of him.

Loui joined us a few minutes after everyone else, carrying a plastic milk crate filled with alcohol. "Oi, some drunk assholes won't get out of our spot.... Gentlemen, care to assist?"

"You have a spot?"

Win pointed to the raised concrete loading bay that had V.I.P painted on the side, with a couple of groups of fancy looking couches, each around a coffee table. "You see those tables and up there? The one with the leather Chesterfield couch is ours. Each one of those groups is reserved for high ranking members, and a select few of Gene's closest friends."

Louisa led us over to where the three guys sat around drinking and laughing, until they saw us approach. They all visibly tensed, trying to flex their muscles and show their dominance.

Beside me, Win grumbled under his breath, "Damnit, don't really feel like fighting before we have even started drinking..."

"This area is reserved guys, I'm going to have to ask you to please move." Zach stated coldly.

"Fuck off, we got here first!" Said the guy with a red mohawk, and a face full of piercings.

Aeryn crossed his arms over his chest, the same intimidating way he had when we first met. "I don't think you understand. You're in our spot. MOVE. Or you will me made to move."

A muscular, buzzcut blonde guy scoffed, gesturing toward me and Mason "I would like to see you try. Aside from tatt boy here, the only ones that look like they could stand a chance against the three of us, are the tall pretty boy, and maybe the boof head.

I was fuming, but the rest of my group chuckled.

Not going to lie, I was a bit confused.

Zach put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me back, as the rest of our group moved out of the way as well.

Except for Win, who moved up front and centre, his arms crossed over his chest, a stone cold glare taking over his face.

It was pretty hot.

"What's this? You think you can take us on, Princess?" The third guy asked as he stood from his seat, flicking his dark brown bangs out of his face and squaring his shoulders to Win.

Mason guffawed, "Oooh, this guy's got balls! I bet he wouldn't be so brave if he knew who he was disrespecting."

Wait, what? "Zach, what did Mase mean by that?" I whispered in confusion.

Zach whispered back, "I forget you're new.. Remember how I told you that Win was never officially part of our gang? That's because he was already busy leading the Piranhas. Gene was his second before Win retired."

No fucking way.

"I'll take care of this little guy..." Buzzcut guy chuckled, as he sauntered up to Win.

He towered over Win, smirking down at him.

It was hard to refrain from knocking the guy out myself.

In one swift movement, Win shifted one leg back, and brought it up and around into the guys face, executing a flawless roundhouse kick. The other two guys flinched as their friend hit the floor, before springing up to avenge him. Win used the couch as a step, launching himself into the air, ad bringing his fist down into mohawk guy's face.

"Jesus fucking Christ! You're a damn psycho!" The brown haired guy shouted as he held up both hands in surrender.

Win simply jerked his head to the side in a silent "Get the fuck out of my sight."

We settled onto our seats as the three guys scattered, Win and I making ourselves comfortable on the Chesterfield.

I pulled Win into a tight hug in my excitement. "Winnie, that was fucking insane!"

I brought my lips to his ear and whispered, "Insanely hot..."

I could feel the heat radiating from his cheeks as he blushed. He quickly pushed me off and grabbed a drink, taking a long sip.

"That's much better!" He breathed heavily, after sculling nearly the entire bottle.

As the night went on, we got drunker and drunker. I suddenly had an unbearable urge to dance, so I grabbed Win by the hand and dragged him into the middle of the sea of people.

"What the hell!?" Win tried to yell over the loud music.

"WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" I screamed, as I moved my body in time with the music.

"I SAID WHAT TH-" He threw his arms up in defeat and rolled his eyes at me, a small smile playing on his lips. "WHATEVER!"

He slowly began to move along with the music, getting more and more into it. I reached out and pulled him against me by his hips.

I couldn't hold back how much I wanted him anymore. Finding out he had been some badass gang leader and then seeing him in action, had turned me on so damn much.

I had been really good at controlling myself all night, but the alcohol had well and truly hit me, and I couldn't hold back anymore.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me down to meet his hungry lips. I could tell by the way his tongue tangled furiously with mine, that we would need to find somewhere private soon.

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