Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I stared at Grayson for a few minutes as he -quite visibly- panicked.

He had just told me that he loved me, and I could see him frantically trying to think of a way to smooth over the situation.

I wanted to see him squirm a little longer, so I raised an eyebrow at him before finally speaking. "I know you do..."

He looked so worried, I thought he might start crying.

"I love you too, dickhead." I chuckled, as he let out a massive sigh of relief.

"Fuck you, Winnie." He laughed lightly, regaining his composure. "That was mean.."

"When did I ever say I was nice?"

"Good point." He mused. "So, where does that leave us?"

Damnit, I didn't want to be the one to say it... "Well.... Together, I guess?"

His face lit up, as a cheeky grin spread across his cheeks. "Soooooooo, you're saying you'll be my boyfriend?"

I blushed furiously as he snuggled into me. The word boyfriend didn't really feel appropriate in our situation, but it was definitely better than brother.

I guess it doesn't matter what label is put on our relationship, I just want him to be mine.

"Yeah... But.... I'm not going to use that word... It doesn't really suit us, and I know for a fact that I'm dumb enough to accidentally say that instead of brother..."

He nodded, snickering at my embarrassment. "That's okay, I get it... It is a little weird going from brother to boyfriend...What shall we go with then?"

"You are mine, I am yours."

He bit his lip, before kissing me tenderly. "I like that. It feels so much deeper than just a boyfriend."

I scoffed, blushing again. "Pfft.... Whatever, loser."

I tried to hide my smile as I slid out of his embrace, and headed for the office door.

"Come on. I'm sure someone noticed we are missing by now... Let's head back out."

He grabbed hold of my hand and I lead him through the crowd, back up to our seats. Zach and Mase walked up at the same time that we did, Mason shirtless and beaming a massive smile, Zach's exposed face as red as a tomato as he held the missing shirt.

Zach quickly fluffed his fringe back over his eyes and cleared his throat, as he awkwardly threw Mason's shirt back to him. We both eyed each other knowingly, trying to hold in our cheeky smirks.

"So, where did you two run off to? Find something to do?" Zach questioned, waggling his eyebrows.

Fuck! How the fuck does he know?

Thankfully my powers of observation were still intact, even though I was thoroughly wasted.

Mason's belt was undone.

I unfortunately knew for a fact that he never bothered to undo that when going to the toilet.

Mason piped up suddenly, "Oh yeah, Gray! Who were you banging in Win's old office?"

Zach facepalmed, obviously meaning to go for a much more subtle approach. Gray tensed, and his eyes went wide with shock and panic.

I gave Zach a sly, devious smirk, which he met with confusion.

He wants to play it like that?

"And why were you two near my office? By the way, you look good with your hair off your face, Zach... Mase..... Belt..."

They looked at each other, before blushing, and looking away again.

"Oops, my bad... Hahahahaha!" Mase giggled, as he fumbled with his belt.

Grayson finally figured out what we were talking about and felt the need to blurt it out. "Oh! You guys just fucked, right?!"

"... Heh... Guilty.."

"MASE!" Zach scolded, smacking him on the back of the head. "Well, you guys did too!"

Should've seen that coming..

We all looked at each other awkwardly as it finally clicked in Mason's head. "Oh damn! You two?"

"Seriously, Mase. Tell anyone and I will kill you myself." I warned, my face suddenly deadly serious.

"YES BOSS!" He saluted like and idiot.

We all awkwardly sat down in our seats, no one knowing what to say next. A good 10 minutes of silent drinking passed before the rest of our group re-joined us. I was thankful for the break in tension as Aeryn and Loui bragged about how much money they had managed to collectively scam off of people.

Everyone relaxed again, and we ended up joking around and having fun again until we all passed out.

I woke up to the sound of someone tripping on a bunch of glass bottles.

The bright sun offended my hungover, dry eyes, as I tried to open them. Gray was still asleep, spooning me from behind. Zach and Mason were in a similar position on the couch across from us, while Louisa and Aeryn both snored peacefully from separate arm chairs.

Connor was the noisy motherfucker tripping over everything as he made his way out of the building.

"Connor! Pick up your damn feet, asshole!" I yelled groggily.

"Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir! Catch you later, Sir!" He laughed as he stumbled out, still seeming pretty off his face.

"Fucking idiot..."

"Mmmmmmm...... Morning my Winnie.." Gray mumbled sleepily into my ear as he snuggled in closer, kissing me on the cheek.

"Are there any straight boys in our group?"

We both froze for a second before looking in the direction of the voice.

Loui sat upright in her seat, leaning her elbow on her knees, as she stared at us questioningly.

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