Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I had spent my morning finishing off assignments in class. Just because I was a rebellious thug, didn't mean I was willing to let my grades slip.

I had already told my girlfriend Sofia that I wasn't going to be sitting with her at lunch today, because one of the guys she hangs out with had pissed me off in English class that morning, and I would surely rip his head off if I had to deal with him at lunch too. I had no idea what his problem was, but he took every opportunity he could to annoy me.

I walked over to the only people I felt remotely comfortable being around at school.

"Mind if I sit with you guys? If I go back over there, I'm guaranteed to rip Derek to fucking shreds." I gave them an annoyed look as I gestured my head in the direction of my girlfriend and her group.

Mason beamed a warm, welcoming smile at me. "Win my man! Of course you can!"

"That's so weird, we were literally just talking about you." Zach added thoughtfully.

I sat down at the table across from them, my back facing toward my usual table. I set my bag down and opened the zip to pull out some food.

"Oh yeah? What abou-"

I suddenly felt a cold, wet thud on by back, cutting me off mid sentence. My eyes snapped up from my food to look at Zach and Mason, who were staring wide eyed behind me. I pulled my lips up into a scowl, my voice coming out a lot rougher and angrier than I was hoping.


They nodded in unison, both of their mouths pursed into thin lines. The small pot of yoghurt that had stuck to my back fell off as I stood abruptly, struggling to control the burning rage that was causing my body to tremble.

"What a perfect picture! Our pretty little flower boy, covered in creamy white stuff!" Derek bellowed from behind me, his dumb jock friends laughing along with him.

The noises around me became muffled as the tension built inside my head, but I could just make out Sofia scolding Derek past the sound of my own hammering pulse.

I snapped.

I turned and launched myself across the three tables that separated Derek and I. He stood and prepared to block a punch to the face, so I went in with a knee to his gut.

He fell down winded, his boys on me in mere seconds. Zach and Mason had jumped into the fray too, quite obviously enjoying themselves.

Honestly, I was too.

Nothing like a good brawl to get the blood flowing... Preferably out of someone else though.

Derek had gathered himself, and fought his way to me in the middle of the fight. He caught me off guard, sharply bringing his elbow into my shoulder. Just as I went to retaliate, a strong hand yanked me backwards by the shoulder, sending me stumbling backwards into Zach, who thankfully managed to catch me.

A tall figure moved past me swiftly, before delivering a solid right hook to the side of Derek's face.

"What the fuck?" I mumbled in confusion, still unaware of who had stepped in to help me.

It wasn't until Mason let out an amped yell from a few feet away, that I realised what had happened.

"YEAH GRAY, MY MAAAANNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Grayson stood intimidatingly over a cowering Derek.

He suddenly turned around, and stalked over to me before grabbing my arm and dragging me out of the brawl, with Zach and Mason following close behind. No one had seemed to notice that we had left as the fight grew bigger, and teachers swooped it to break it up.

After walking up to the far end of the school where it was a lot quieter, Grayson threw me down onto a bench seat as he mumbled something angrily under his breath. He quickly knelt down in front of me and gently grabbed my chin, turning my face from side to side inspecting my split lip and bleeding eyebrow.

Zach and Mason watched us with a mixture of confusion and curiosity. I noticed their gazes after a few minutes and quickly swatted his hands away, my face growing red with embarrassment.

"What are you, my mum? Fuck off, I'm fine." I muttered angrily.

A brief flush of embarrassment crossed his face, which was quickly replaced by anger.

"When these two said you were a beast, I kind of thought they were exaggerating.." He gestured half heartedly towards Zach and Mason.

I looked at them questioningly, "A beast?"

"I believed Mason decided on feral bunny in the end." Zach shrugged.

"So you guys are all buddy buddy then I take it?"

Mason gave his usual goofy ass smile before adding, "I like that! Buddy buddy sounds way cooler than friends!"

"It really doesn't though", Grayson groaned. "Yeah we are friends, why?"

I ran a hand through my hair in annoyance.

It was his damn Idea to stay away from each other at school.

"Of course you choose the only two fucking friends I have in this stupid school."

"Wasn't that asshole you were fighting back there supposed to be one of your friends?" Grayson asked, cocking an eyebrow at me.

"Obviously not. They're my girlfriends friends. I can't fucking stand them."

Zach chimed in, before biting into an apple he had pulled from his bag. "So you do think of us a friends Win!"

"You thought I didn't?" I was slightly taken aback by his comment. It had never occurred to me that they may not have thought of us as friends.

"No offense Win, but you aren't exactly a very open person..." Mason commented, shrugging slightly.

"Ah.... Fair point I guess", I said truthfully. "You guys are the only people I actually like in this place."

There was a slight pause before Zach added ".... Aside from your girlfriend..."

"Yeah," I looked away sheepishly. "Obviously."

Grayson paced in front of me a few times in frustration, running a hand through his thick, dark hair.

"Well... Fuck... I'm not going to say you can't be friends with them.... Just.. Know that I'm only putting up with you, okay? This changes nothing." He huffed.

I scoffed at him and rolled my eyes, folding my arms over my chest defiantly. "Fine by me. Not like I would listen to you anyway, you just chose the easy way."

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