Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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Louisa stared intently, waiting for a reply, a small smirk on her tired face.

"Um.... Correct me if I'm wrong... But I'm pretty sure Connor is straight?" I croaked awkwardly, trying to act normal.

She looked over to her brother, who was still fast asleep in his chair. "Aeryn is going to be soooooo pissed." She giggled happily.

"Please keep it to yourself, Loui?" Win asked quietly, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"Of course, Win. No one in our group will judge you guys, you know that, right?"

We sat up on the couch, Win sighing heavily as he rubbed his hands over his face, and through his hair. "I know... It's just.... I dunno.."

Louisa stood up and stretched, before straightening out her clothes and tying her long hair into a messy bun. Win stood too, scouring our area for anything we may have left lying around.

"It's okay, I get it. The whole step-brother-turned-lovers thing may be too much for some people. I don't really understand why anyone thinks it's any of their business who someone else loves though." She paused, slipping her foot into the shoe that she had apparently left on a nearby pool table. "I think you guys are super annoyingly adorable, though."

"Thanks, Loui... I think? Was that a compliment, or an insult?" I questioned, genuinely unsure.

"Yes." She giggled again, winking at us before heading to the other end of the warehouse to search for her other shoe.

"Ughh.. We should probably head home, Gray."

I didn't want to have to go back to being "brothers" at home. Winnie was finally mine, and all I wanted to do was snuggle him, and smoosh his cute little face.... And his butt...

"Yay.. Can't we just stay here and snuggle all day, Winnie?" I whinged, pouting like a child as I wrapped my arms around him from behind.

He leant his head back against my chest and gently stroked my arms that were crossed over his belly. "I wish we could too... I'm not looking forward to any more "family time", or trying the "cake" that mum was baking yesterday.."

"Sounds so.... Fun... Good luck with that..." Louisa cringed as she came back over to our spot.

"Tell the others we said goodbye?" Win asked, as we headed for the door.

We groggily mad our way to the bus stop, my arm slung around my Winnie as usual. I took the opportunity to snuggle him as much as possible on the bus ride home as well, not caring what anyone thought this time.

"I'm so glad our parents will be back at work this week. I couldn't sleep properly without my snuggle buddy." I mumbled happily, before kissing the top of his head, that was leaning against my shoulder.

He scoffed, "Ugh, that sounds so stupid. You're such a big fluff ball."

"Only for you, Winnie."

We finally got home and slipped back into the horrid "family time" that we had both been dreading.

It was fucking horrible.

I had to smile and pretend to enjoy eating that god damned atrocity of a cake. Win's mum was officially the worst cook I had ever come across.

How can it be burnt, gooey, salty, and..... Cheesy?

I lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling. I had been tossing and turning since I had gone to bed, two hours beforehand.

I rolled over and looked at the clock on my bedside table.


Fuuuuck... Why can't I just fall asleep already!?

I thrashed around in a little tantrum, my bed making a lot more noise than I had expected it to.

The dull thud of a door closing froze me in place.

Fuck.. Did I just wake dad up? He will lose his shit!

I lay there trying to control my breathing as if I were asleep as my door groaned slightly from being opened slowly.

I heard light footsteps creep towards my bed, so I cracked one eye open to see who it was.

My adorable little dork wore flannel pyjamas with tiny rockets all over them, as he lifted my blankets and curled himself up against me. I chuckled lightly, before placing a gentle kiss on his forehead.

"I thought you were asleep.." He whispered, as his cheeks flushed red.

I giggled girlishly at his surprise, nuzzling into his hair. "I couldn't sleep without you... What the hell have you done to me, Winnie?"

"I couldn't either... Shut up and sleep now.." He grumbled back sheepishly.

"Nice jammies, baby boy."

He uncurled himself and sat up on the bed. "I'll just go back to my room then."

I quickly shot up and pulled him back down, wrapping my arms around him securely so he couldn't leave. I littered little kisses all over his head, as I snuggled him tightly, while he tried to push me away and stifle his laughter at the same time.

"Nonononononono! You stay put, Winnie." I whispered between kisses.

Win sounded like a toddler, his giggle getting squeakier the more he tried to hold it in. "Stop, Gray!... No... More!"

We finally calmed down after a few minutes, and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning, we woke up to an empty house for the first time in a week. We got up and ready for school, not having to worry about how close and cuddly we were being. Every time Win walked past me, I couldn't help but to pinch is butt.

It felt like we were just a normal couple, in a house of our own.

I can't wait until we can do this for real.

We got to school right as the bell rang for first class, and reluctantly parted ways. As I walked into Industrial Tech, I saw Zach bent over the chair he was working on, as he sanded one of the legs. Mason crept up behind him and quickly grabbed him by the hips, before thrusting himself hard against Zach's ass.

In front of the whole class.

Zach whirled around and chased after Mase, who had already darted for the door, a cheeky grin taking over his entire face.

The other guys in the class gawked at them, before sharing awkward looks and muttering amongst themselves.

"Oi, what's a bet they're fags?"

"Wait, the thugs are gay? They seem so manly though.. Never would've guessed they like to suck cock."

Zach dragged Mason back into the room in a chokehold.

"Ooh! choke me harder, baby! You know I like it rough!" Mase jeered from under Zach's arm.

Zach tightened his grip, a scowl on his face as Mase coughed out a laugh. "Oh my god, I'm actually going to fucking kill you, Mason!"


The three of us froze, before slowly turning to where the yelling came from.

The entire class had followed suit, wondering who had the balls to say that out loud. As much as they all whispered, no one wanted to fuck with the "thugs" outright.

Derek stood on the other side of the room, his arms crossed over his chest and a smug look on his face.

Rage boiled inside me just looking at the fucker.

I couldn't shake the memory of what he had tried to do to my Winnie out of my head, and now he was trying to fuck with my friends.

I had given Zach and Mase the gist of what had happened between Derek and Win, but spared the details.

Apparently he hadn't noticed that I was in the room, because his face dropped when we made eye contact. His arms dropped to his side as his eyes went wide with panic, and he began to slowly back up.

I stormed across the classroom, flanked by Zach and Mase, who struggled to hold me back from slaughtering Derek.

"Not here, Gray. I know he's an absolute fuckwit that deserves it, but you can't." Zach seethed through gritted teeth.

Mason pulled against my bicep, slowly trying to drag me back across the room. "Calm down man, it's not worth it."

I gritted my teeth so hard that I thought they might crack under the pressure, and forced myself to breathe through the intense urge to kill him.

The teacher suddenly entered the classroom, and everyone frantically tried to busy themselves, pretending that nothing had happened.

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