Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I sat in art class, across the room from my old spot next to Sofia.

She kept glancing up at me throughout the class, but I refused to meet her gaze, keeping my head down to work on my project. I didn't want to deal with any more of her shit, really.

Since her party, she had been throwing herself all over Derek. I kind of got the feeling that they were both trying to make me jealous using each other, which was really fucking weird.

I had decided to do a mixture of paintings, sketches, and photography for my project, and was planning to go exploring to take some photos on the weekend. The deadline for the assignment was next week and I had only gotten one of my 5 pieces sorted so far.

Saturday rolled around pretty quickly, and we headed off to meet Zach, Mase and Loui in town.

I hadn't hung out with any of my friends during the day in what seemed like forever. Usually it was just drinks at the station or parties.

"I swear to god I will kill you all if you treat me like some lame 3rd..... Wait... 5th wheel?" Louisa whined sarcastically.

"Wouldn't dream of it Loui." Mason smirked, as he slung his free arm over Louisa's shoulder, the other hand permanently laced with Zach's.

Gray's arms were wrapped around my waist as he rested his chin on my shoulder. "Where to first, Winnie?"

I placed a quick kiss on his cheek before pushing him off of me, and pulling my camera out.

"Get off dickhead... I can't take photos with you attached to me like that.... Just start walking. I plan on just walking around until I find something that.... Uh... Speaks to me..."

They began walking ahead of me, so I took the opportunity to snap a picture of them while they weren't looking.

It was still early, so the sun was still pretty low in the sky, making the most beautiful silhouettes of my friends.

The town we lived in wasn't all that big. On one side was the industrial district, and the other side was farms, fields, and mountains.

We headed towards the farms first, because Loui wanted to run through the flower fields.

It still took about an hour to get there on foot, but I managed to snap a heap of photos along the way. Everyone seemed to be having a great time joking and chatting together as we walked, making the time fly by. Watching Grayson get along with everyone so easily made me both happy, and slightly jealous.

I had never been very good with people, especially when it came to making friends.

The only reason I had managed to become friends with this group of idiots was because they approached me and made the effort, which I was extremely grateful for.

The flower fields were absolutely breathtaking. As the wind gently blew, the flowers danced like waves in a vast ocean of vibrant pinks, purples, yellows, and blues.

My friends all took off, running into the flowers like little children.

"Hide and seek! Winnie's it!" Grayson beamed cheekily, as he dashed off.


I turned and closed my eyes, counting to 10. When I turned around again, there was no sign of any of them.

"Damn they're quick..."

I ran into the field after them, tripping over Mason after only a few minutes.

I rolled over, unable to hold back my laughter. "Did you really just lay down as soon as I turned around, Mase?"

"..........Maybe........." He chuckled in embarrassment. "You know I can't run as fast as the others.."

"I should've expected that from you, I guess.."

We split up in search of the others, Mase finding Loui in a tree on the edge of the field.

I heard rustling, and ducked down into stealth mode, slowly creeping towards the noise.

Zach sat nearby amongst the flowers, not trying very hard to hide at all. He was the only person I had ever met that could make sitting in a field of beautiful flowers seem so fucking depressing.

Oddly, he actually looked quite beautiful as well. Kind of pure, with the pastel pink flowers engulfing him, and bright glimmers of sun dancing across his face as the wind blew.

"You do know how to smile, right Zach?" I smirked cheekily, after snapping a photo.

"Go fuck yourself Win."

"ZACHYYY MY LOVE!!!" Mason bellowed, as he ran over and tackled him to the ground, making a small smile play across Zach's lips.

Huh... I guess he only smiles for Mason.. Ughh that's way too cute.

"GRAY! WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GO!?" I screamed impatiently.

I spotted movement in the sunflower field, and headed over. It made sense for a tall guy to hide in tall flowers.

I felt kind of stupid for not looking there first.

I entered the sunflowers cautiously, knowing that Grayson was the type of asshole to jump out and scare me.

The flowers towered over me, blocking out most of the sun and making it slightly difficult to see.

I could smell him before I felt his hands slide around my waist.

He wore some expensive brand name cologne that I could never remember the name of, but only the slightest amount. The subtle hint of sweet maple and vanilla, mixed with his natural scent was absolutely delicious.

"I found you Winnie..."

"Wasn't I supposed to find you? I was it...." I chuckled lightly as I leant back against him.

He brought his lips down next to my ear, lowering his voice to a husky growl. "I was never very good at hide and seek..."

He playfully nibbled on my neck, making tingles run down my spine and my knees go weak.

"Hnng... Gray..."

I didn't really want him to stop, but we were in a field... And I did really need to continue taking photos....

Stupid fucking assignment.

"Behave, boy." I moaned in annoyance.

He continued, snaking his hand down towards my crotch. "I don't want to behave Winnie....."

"We are not fucking in a field."

"Pshh... Party pooper." He laughed, before bringing his hand back up to my waist.

I stepped out of his embrace, instead grabbing his hand. "Come on, we should get a move on. We are going to catch a bus to the industrial district and hit up some clubs."

"Oooooh, I haven't been to any clubs here yet!"

I grinned at him and lead him out of the sunflowers, back up towards the road. The others were already waiting for us at the bus stop near the farms entrance.

We all jumped on the next bus, and arrived in the industrial district just as the sun sank below the horizon. The streets were lined with neon lights, food carts, and barely dressed club goers.

We walked to the front of the longest line, the people lined up protesting as we passed them.

A burly security guard stood with his arms crossed over his chest. "V.I.P's only through here kids. The line is that way."

The guy must have been new, because he obviously had no idea who we were. The gang scene was very big on this side of town, and this area was all Piranha turf.

Zach spoke up first, his voice cold and stern as he mimicked the bouncers stance. "You might want to watch your tone, and pull out your V.I.P list."

The guy grunted, and begrudgingly pulled out the small list with all the V.I.P's details. "Fine, I'll humour you. Names?"

"Winston Summers, Grayson Kingsley, Mason Ryan, Zach Monroe, and Louisa Wright." Mason stated confidently.

"I'm on there too?" Gray questioned, pointing to himself like an idiot.

"Of course you are, dumbass."

The security guard had obviously found our names at the very top of the list, his face looking confused before his eyes went wide with shock and fear. The list had photos of each person so they didn't need to present I.D, and also had their title next to their name.

Mine hadn't changed even though I had retired.

He stumbled over his words in embarrassment, "Oh! M-My apologies sir! Y-You're so young, I didn't expect-"

"-It's fine. Are you going to let us in, or not?" I sighed in annoyance.

"Y-Yes boss! This way please!"

I kept my face stone cold as we passed the bouncer, and burst into laughter as we came up to our private lounge.

We had to walk up a stair case in the back before we came to the familiar neon in the shape of a hand pulling the middle finger, that decorated the front door of our private lounge.

It was set up on a balcony that overlooked the rest of the club, sporting a long, navy blue velvet couch, that wrapped around a glass table in the middle, and was fitted with an intercom so we could call for more drinks.

We sat around and drank for a bit before Loui had to head home. Aeryn had given her a curfew because the last time she went out without him, she was brought home by the cops. Zach and Mason finally decided that they should go home after almost an hour of some seriously steamy making out.

Not going to lie, it was pretty hot.... And I was totally flustered.

I dragged Grayson down to the dance floor to try to shake off some of my... Excess... Energy...

We had been dancing for all of 5 minutes before some drunk slut started trying to rub up against Grayson. He tried to gently nudge her away, but she didn't seem to take the hint.

I was getting angrier and angrier the more she tried. I hadn't even realized that I had stopped dancing.

Seriously?! Just shove the damn skank into someone else already Gray!

The dancefloor was so packed that we were squashed in like sardines.

Gray finally noticed my angry expression as the chicks hands began sliding all over his body. He looked absolutely horrified at both my face and the drunk girl.

I shoved her aside hard enough that she disappeared into the crowd, and angrily gripped Grayson's wrist before wrenching him off the dancefloor. He stumbled after me as I dragged him up the stairs to the lounge, where I roughly shoved him in before locking the door.

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