Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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Win's grip on my wrist was so tight, that I could feel my hand begin to pulse from the restricted blood flow.

I struggled to keep up with his fast little legs, as he dragged me back up towards the private lounge, where he flung me inside before slamming the door, and locking it behind him.

I'm going to die.....

Oof.. Angry Winnie is so fucking hot....

Great. I'm going to die with a raging boner.

I sat on the velvet lounge, where I had fallen after Win had thrown me in the door. His eyes were blazing as he turned to face me, before he stalked over and viciously mounted me, crashing his lips into mine. He hungrily rubbed himself against me as his tongue made it's way inside of my mouth to tangle with my own.

I grabbed hold of his perky little butt, and went to flip him over to lay underneath me, but he pulled his head up and looked at me sternly.

"What do you think you're doing, Grayson?"

"Oh god, please don't say you're just teasing me.....?"

A devious, lopsided grin spread across his lips as he brought them to my ear, replying in a low growl. "Not teasing.... Claiming."

He aggressively shoved me back down again, as he roughly sucked and nibbled on my neck. His possessiveness over me was much more exciting than I had ever imagined it could be.

I thought that him taking control would be hot, but apparently I desperately wanted to be dominated by him.

His hands skilfully unfastened my pants before shimmying them down, stopping just before my knees. He firmly wrapped his hand around my massive, throbbing cock, and began to stroke as he nibbled and sucked his way down my torso. Little red hickeys and bite marks began to appear as he moved further down.

His tongue whirled around my tip quickly, before he took the head in his mouth, sucking it hard as he slowly pulled back.

He fought hard to take more and more of my enormous dick inside his mouth with every stroke, working in time with his hand. One of my hands ran through his hair, while the other gripped the back of the couch so hard that the wood began to crack. Raging fire coursed through my body in waves, making me moan deeply, and my hips twitch as the pressure built up inside me.

"Ughhh... Fuck... I'm gonna cum." I panted breathlessly.

He sat back up and placed his thumb over my tip so I was unable to release. "Not just yet...."

I struggled to control myself as my body begged to just explode all over him, as he sucked on his finger sensually, before slowly sliding it into my entrance. I winced and moaned as he added another, the stinging quickly turning into a warmth that spread through my body, making me crave more.

"... Ass..... Up.." He ordered, his voice sounding gruff, and incredibly sexy.

I quickly obeyed, and rolled over onto my hands and knees.

Win smirked devilishly at how eager I was, which looked so fucking hot on him. He bit his lip as he pressed his penis against my hole, slowly pushing himself in deeper. I couldn't hold in the deep guttural moan that escaped from my lips as he began to thrust himself faster and faster. One hand firmly gripped my hip while the other slid up my spine, pushing my head down onto the couch, allowing him to push himself deeper inside.

I had always assumed that I wouldn't enjoy being a bottom, but this felt absofuckinglutely amazing.

My body writhed and twitched beneath him as the pleasure became too much.

"Mmm.... I can't..... Hold it..... Anymore...." I whimpered out in a moan.

"....Fuck... Me too......"

I felt the familiar quivering of his thighs, just before his hips jerked abruptly. We both let out a breathless grunt as we came at the same time. I could feel the warmth of his seed as it released from his pulsating cock, deep inside of me.

I let out a breathy laugh, in awe and slight shock at what had just happened. ".....Damn Winnie....."

He let out a breathless, cute little squeak of a chuckle, as he flopped back down onto the couch, clearly exhausted.

We cleaned ourselves up, and I snuggled up next to my Winnie while we had a few more drinks.

"You are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time, my little Winnie."

I had apparently reached the stage of "so completely trashed that I will babble in a cutesy voice".

Win gave me a dopey, drunk smile, before placing a peck on my nose. The adorable shade of pink that had overtaken his cheeks told me that he was well and truly wasted as well.

"You'll always be mine, right?" He asked cautiously, as he drew circles on my thigh absentmindedly.

"I promise you that I will."

He rolled his eyes slightly as he laughed it off, obviously not as confident. "You don't have to make a promise like that.... I know that the odds of us actually staying together long term are slim......"

There was deep pain in his eyes, and his face looked grim, even though he was trying to force a nonchalant demeanour. My heart felt like it would shatter at the sight of my Winnie in despair, and because I knew he wasn't wrong. It was rare enough for anyone to stay together long term these days, and we had a whole bundle of things working against us on top of that.

"Fuck the odds, Winnie. You are mine. Fuck anyone or anything that tries to say otherwise."

He gave me a small smile before pulling me into a tender kiss. I knew he was still doubting our future, so I would just have to work extra hard to prove it to him.

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