Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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We walked to school the next morning.

Fuck, I was basically skipping the whole damn way.

Grayson was a fucking genius!

"Fuck, Winnie! I get that you're happy, but calm down! You're going to hurt yourself!" He chuckled heartily, as he stopped me from tripping over for the 5th time that morning.

"I can't! I'm so fucking happy, I feel like singing!"

He doubled over in laughter as I burst into song, dancing in circles around him as we walked. I don't think I had ever been so damn relieved before.

"Holy shit, Winnie! Please stop! I can't breathe!"

I finally stopped singing and dancing as we turned into the street that our school was on. I had to calm myself down so I could go back to my usual "grumpy bum" personality, as Gray liked to call it.

The only class I had with Sofia was art class in last period, so Gray and I decided to confront her at lunch time.

The whole morning, all I could think of was what I was going to say to Sofia over and over. I had never been very good with pre planned confrontations. I would always plan what I was going to say, but would end up forgetting everything and having to wing it last second.

Thankfully this time I would have Gray to back me up when I messed it up.

"Why is it that the only time I actually want to see Sofia, I can't fucking find her?!" I grumbled in annoyance, after doing a third lap of the school.

It was already halfway through lunch, and there was no sign of Sofia at any of her usual spots. I knew she was at school today, because we had to present our art projects next class. After asking around her friends, we finally managed to track her down. She was in the art room practicing her presentation.

I should've known that... Damn I can be stupid sometimes.

We entered the room just as she finished another run through of her speech. Her face lit up when she saw me, making me internally cringe.

"Win! So, have you come to tell me that you have changed your mind and want to get back together?" She beamed cheerfully.

I kept my face cold and stern, trying to keep my cool. "No Sofia. We are here to set the facts straight."

"What do you mean?" Her face dropped, replacing her glee with confusion.

"It's not my baby, Sofia."

Her voice took on an annoyed tone at my statement. "Excuse me?"

I looked at Gray, signalling for him to explain the details, because I had forgotten them already.

"Let me elaborate for you. Your doctor said that you were 4 weeks pregnant going by your last period. That's how doctors get a rough estimate of when you will be due if you don't know what day you ovulated." He lectured confidently, looking very much like some kind of sexy teacher. "Win said that you two hadn't had sex in 5 or 6 weeks, meaning that it was before your last period."

She stared at him blankly, the gears visibly ticking in her head as she tried to comprehend what he was saying.

"So.... Whoever you slept with 2-3 weeks ago is your baby daddy, not my Winnie." He concluded happily, throwing an arm over my shoulder.

".. Yeah... What he said.." I added idiotically.

She was still silent for a few minutes, both of us wondering if he had broken.

Then her snarky, sassy attitude erupted, like it had every other time something didn't got her way. "How the fuck do you know so much about pregnancy? Let me guess, you've knocked up your fair share of sluts, right?"

"Wow, harsh... But no. If you must know, I almost had a baby brother once.." Gray admitted solemnly.

I looked at Gray questioningly, noticing his face had turned cold and there was a hint of pain in his voice.

I.... Didn't know that.

Shit..... What else don't I know about him?!

Fuck, I am such an asshole! I never asked him anything about himself... I don't even know his favourite colour....

Sofia laid the sarcasm on thick in response, " Suuuure. I totally believe you."

"So, who is the real father then?" I asked curiously, instantly regretting it when I remembered who she had been throwing herself at lately. "Oh god, please don't say it's Derek... You two have been all over each other lately. That guy's a psycho!"

"Ugh no! That was just to try to make you jealous.. Pretty sure he isn't interested in girls anyway. Not that he would ever admit it." She scoffed, scrunching her face up in disgust.

"Oh yeah, without a doubt. He likes Win." Gray seethed through gritted teeth.

Sofia shot us a confused look as I decided my shoes were suddenly extremely interesting.

"Anyway.... The father, Sofia? Any idea?" He continued, calming himself a little.

Sofia ran a hand through her hair and began to pace the area in frustration. "Fuck... I guess.... I woke up next to some random at a party a few weeks ago.... I can't remember what happened though, I was kind of wasted..."

"So... Even though you had slept with someone else, you just decided to say it was mine? Do you realize how fucking messed up that is?"

"Real classy, Sofia" Gray groaned.

She shot daggers at him in return, and took a step closer to him as if she wanted to start something. "Shut up Grayson. Ugh, I can't believe I ever had a crush on you. You're such a dick!"

My blood began to boil seeing her talking to Gray like that. "Shut the fuck up. Don't you dare talk to him like that."

My tone was cold and harsh, making her flinch a little at my words. No one was allowed to disrespect my man... Except me of course...

"Geez Win, chill.... I get that you two are brothers, but you guys are like... Weirdly close.... Even for brothers..." She muttered as she stepped back away from him.

"Pfft! No we aren't-"

"-Yeah, we are. So you watch what you fucking say." I cut Gray off quickly, as he went to deny it.

I could see Gray smirking at me with his eyebrows raised out of the corner of my eye, as I glared at Sofia. The bell rang, suddenly breaking the tension between us, as students began to file into the room

"Winnie, I should get to class.." He moped, throwing his bottom lip out in a pout.

"Ah... Could you just stay and watch my presentation? I kind of have a surprise for you..." I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks as I mumbled the last sentence to my feet.

My eyes sheepishly met his, which were beaming back at me, full of intrigue.

A warm smile spread across his face. "How could I say no to you Winnie? I'll hang around at the back."

"..Whatever.... Thanks Gray.." I brushed him off, trying to hold in my own smile.

I tried to regain my composure and get back to my usual nonchalant demeanour, but the amused grin on his face made it really fucking hard. I was so nervous, because I had never really shown Gray my work before. I was terrified that he wouldn't like it, which scared me even more because I had never cared so much about what someone thought.

Sofia presented hers first, explaining each painting and why she chose it.

I was next.

I had the photos for my project stored on my phone, which I connected to the Bluetooth projector, and had brought in the painting I had done, covered with a sheet.

I was shaking slightly as I took my position at the front of the class, everyone's eyes on me expectantly. I flicked my gaze around the room, as you do when speaking to a crowd, but the only person who's gaze I held, was Gray's.

"Okay... So, obviously the topic we were given is "Natural Beauty". Because art is objective, I chose to interpret that topic a bit differently. Every piece I have produced for this project are all natural to me, in my life, and I find them beautiful." I said, as I clicked through the photos on the screen.

The first was the silhouettes of my friends as they walked towards the sunrise.

"My friends, who are the most annoying, rough, loving, and supportive people I have ever met."

The next few were of us at the flower fields, the clubs, and just casual, artistic, candid photos of them all being themselves.

"The places we go and the things we do may be different, but for us it's just natural."

I could feel my face burning as I moved towards the sheathed painting. My heart was beating so hard against my chest that I thought I would throw up.

"This last one.... Is the most precious, and most beautiful to me."

I tore the white sheet off, revealing a my work.

The entire class murmured and whispered amongst themselves, as they took in the scene I had painted.

Tall sunflowers, letting small rays of golden sun peek through, illuminating those beautiful green eyes I loved so much as they smiled warmly at me.

My eyes slowly met with Grayson's, which were forced to squint because of the huge smile that was plastered across his face. I let out the breath I hadn't realized I was holding at his obvious approval.

"Isn't that your brother? What about your girlfriend? Isn't she having your baby? Why wouldn't you say that she's the most beautiful?" The prefect, Alice, questioned in confusion.

The class all looked at me expectantly, and Gray's smile had dropped, now replaced with a look of panic.

Fuck it... "Sofia and I aren't together, and her baby is not mine. And Grayson......"

I sucked in a deep breath, bracing myself for the unstoppable word vomit.

"......Is my boyfriend."

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