Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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We woke up earlier than usual on the Saturday morning to get ready for the school festival, which started at 10AM.

Thankfully our parents had already made plans, so they weren't coming.

"Hurry the fuck up, Gray! Why are you taking so damn long to choose an outfit!?"

"Because this is our first outing as a proper couple, Winnie! I've got to make sure I look good!" Grayson called from his walk-in-wardrobe.

I couldn't help but chuckle at how stupid he sounded. "You are such a fucking girl...."

"Does this look okay?" He held his arms out beside him and did a little spin, looking at me questioningly.

He looks hot as fuck, but there was no way I'm telling him that.

I stared at him with a deadpan expression, as I folded my arms across my chest. "... Sure..... Can we go now?"

"Why are you so mean to me, Winnie...?" He pouted, before his expression turned devious. ".... Why does it turn me on so much?"

"Because, you are weird."

He bit his lip as he closed the few steps between us, pinning me between him and the wall. He gripped my hip and braced his other hand on the wall as he craned his neck down so it was next to my ear.

His lips gently grazed my lobe, as he spoke in a deep husky tone. "Mmmm... Baby, don't stop.... Give me more..."

I teasingly slid my hand up his chest and onto his neck. I slightly tightened my grip, not enough to do any damage, but just enough pressure to make him uncomfortable.

"You want me to be mean? ....How about this?..."

I pushed him back just enough for me to get out, and headed towards the stairs.

He stared at me in awe, as I turned back to face him before heading down. "Well, are you coming or not?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm coming!....." He stuttered, before looking down at his crotch awkwardly. "Uhh.... Give me just a minute?..... That, ah.... Was really fucking kinky..... I need to calm my dick...."

"Oh dear God." I exclaimed, heading down first and making a beeline for the kitchen to get myself some ice cold water

I needed a few minutes to calm my hardening bulge as well. Choking him was definitely a lot hotter than I had expected.

Gray came down after a few minutes, and we finally set off to the school.

Zach, Mase, Loui, and Aeryn were waiting for us at the front gates.

"Don't you guys live nearby? Why did it take so long to get here?" Aeryn grumbled sceptically.

Gray and I looked at each other, then turned away blushing, trying to hold back our stupid smiles.

"Heh.... Not quite... Just some kinky shit...." A devious smirk spread across Gray's face, just before I shot a leg out and kicked him in the ass.

He chuckled at my annoyance and roughly ruffled my hair, giving my head a gentle shove.

"Instead of talking about our sex life, how about we go in and get me some fluffy fucking toys?"

"Awwwww! Come on guys, my baby boy is getting cranky." Gray cooed, tickling under my chin like a puppy.

I crinkled my nose at him, before quickly pouncing on his back, mounting him like a horse. He stumbled slightly, surprised at my attack, but his hands quickly whipped around to support my weight as he steadied himself.

"Yes, I am. Go forth, noble steed! Take me to the fluffies! Hya! Giddy up!" I ordered in a crappy British accent, kicking my legs, signalling for him to move as the others burst into laughter.

All except Aeryn, who was busy moping off to the side.

I felt kind of bad for him, but I was also super fucking happy that I was able to do this kind of thing with Grayson.

I didn't care what anyone here thought about us.

We hit the rides first for Mason, followed by the sideshow games.

"Get me the bunny, or I'll kill you." I growled with faux anger.

Gray cocked an eyebrow and smirked, "I do not doubt that for a second."

We were at a shooting game where you had to knock down the little metal ducks as they passed. You got 5 shots, and had to hit all 5 to get the giant plush bunny backpack.

Gray took aim, and knocked down 5 ducks in quick succession. Both the vendor and I stared at him in awe, as he gently set the gun back down on the table.

"I'll take the yellow bunny please." He stated coolly. "Here you go Winnie!"

The vendor took the bunny off of the hook it was hanging on and handed it to Gray, who then turned and placed it in my arms. He cupped my face in his hands and tilted my face up towards his, as I was still staring at him, completely speechless.

"Happy now, baby?" He cooed again sweetly.

I nodded, his hands still on my face. He bent down and placed a kiss on my forehead, before grabbing my hand and leading me over to our friends at the club stalls.

"Wooooow... These are as crap as I imagined they would be." I exclaimed dryly.

We wandered through the stalls, as Loui ran back and forth, buying random knickknacks. My phone buzzed in my pocket, so I stopped to check it.

Apparently my lives had regenerated on a game.

I looked up, and couldn't see my friends anywhere.

I was suddenly yanked sideways into a little makeshift café.

A group of girls giggled, as they dragged me out to the private little kitchen area at the back.

"Win! Oh my god, you HAVE to put this on!" Alice, the school prefect, squealed excitedly. "We need some help drawing in customers, you would be perfect! You're way cuter than any of the girls here anyway! Plus, I bet your boyfriend will love it!"

I was so fucking confused.

I had no idea what Alice was talking about, or what was happening.

Before I knew it, I had been stripped down to my underwear and shoved into some new clothes by a mob of grabby girls. If they had been guys, I would have beaten the shit out of them for touching me, but you can't just hit girls.

I looked down at my new attire, as soon as the girls stepped back to admire their work. My eyes went wide as I realized just what they had done.

They had put me in an outfit the same as they were wearing, which consisted of a black and white Lolita maid dress, with black cat ears and a giant bell choker.

"What. The. Fuck!?"

Alice squealed again, clapping her hands as she jumped up and down. "Oh. My. God. It's even cuter than I imagined! Please say you'll help out, Win? All you have to do is take a few orders... We really need the extra funds for our culinary camp..."

She looked at me with pleading puppy dog eyes.

I looked back down at the dress, contemplating whether I should do it or not.

"......... Fiiiiiiiiine..... You get 30 minutes of my help, then I'm out of this dress, okay?" I huffed in defeat.

Alice was the type of person that you just couldn't say no to.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!" She yelled, as she threw her arms around me.

She then shoved me out to the front, where I was supposed to greet customers. I still had no idea where Gray and the others were, but I hoped they had long passed this area.

Apparently a guy in a kawaii dress was appealing, because there was suddenly a LOT of customers. I seated them and took their orders, then brought their food when it was ready.

It was fucking exhausting, but it was kind of fun too.

The 30 minutes was almost up, when Alice called me to the front. "Win, come here real quick!"

I rushed over thinking I had more customers to greet, but instead came face to face with Grayson and the others. I blushed furiously as they looked me up and down with wide eyes.

The dress wasn't exactly the longest, and both Gray and Aeryn's eyes lingered on my exposed thighs a little too long.

"Ahem....." I cleared my throat angrily, catching their attention.

They both quickly averted their eyes, their cheeks turning red.

Gray slid his hands into the pockets on the front of his jumper, and tried to subtly yank it down over his crotch to hide his hardening bulge. "I was wondering where you disappeared to, Winnie.... You, ah.... Look really cute."

"Shut the fuck up."

Mase, of course, couldn't help himself. "Damn Win, you make an adorable girl... Like 10/10 would bang."

Zach and Grayson both smacked him over the head, then laughed at each other.

"Fuck you all. Alice, I'm done."

Alice gave me an apologetic look as she called out after me. "Thankyou so much for your help, Win!"

I stalked back to the kitchen area to change back into my clothes, before returning to my friends.

My phone buzzed again, this time I made sure to grab hold of Gray, so I didn't lose him again.

"Mum just sent a message saying that they have been invited out, and they will be home tomorrow morning."

"Oh thank god! That means I won't have to jerk off by myself picturing you in that dress!" Gray beamed devilishly at me.

"You're such a horny bastard." I scoffed. "But I was thinking the exactly same thing."

He choked on the strawberry milkshake he had been sipping, as I playfully pinched his ass, and winked seductively at him.

"Fuck... Can we go home... Like... Right now?" He begged impatiently.

I chuckled at him and ran ahead, weaving through the crowd with him hot on my heels. I had never had so much fun at a school event, or any event really.

We headed home as the sun began to set, saying goodbye to our friends as we headed in opposite directions.

We didn't even make it in the front door before Gray lost his patience.

He pressed himself against my back as his hand snaked around me, slipping beneath my pants to grip my hardening dick. I gasped and moaned at his touch while I fumbled with the keys, trying to unlock the door.

After a few minutes, I finally unlocked it and yanked him inside with me, kicking the door closed behind us as our lips hungrily devoured each other. We stumbled towards Gray's room, crashing into pretty much everything on the way.

We got to the stairs, refusing to break our steamy kiss. We got 3 steps up before Gray tripped, sending me backwards with him on top of me.

Laying on the stairs wasn't exactly comfortable, but it would have to do.

His tongue twirled with mine, as his hands hungrily groped my ass, and rubbed up my chest.

A loud crack of thunder startled me a little, making me break our kiss as heavy rain began to fall outside.

"Scared, Winnie?" Gray chuckled between heavy breaths.

"Get fucked." I retorted, panting just as hard.

He brought his lips to my neck, and growled into the side of it. "Mmmm... Can I?"

He bit down playfully, as he rubbed his throbbing cock against mine through our pants, making me moan deeply. My fingers found the buttons on his jeans, quickly undoing them as he did the same to mine, our lips colliding again.

There was another loud bang, but we were much too busy to pay all that much attention to anything else.

The lights were suddenly switched on, and we both froze for a second before snapping our heads towards the direction of the light switch.

The look on my mum's face was one of pure horror, and Alexander looked like he was about to shift into the hulk.

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