Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I quickly jumped up off of Win, as we both fumbled with the buttons on our pants in a panic.

The look on dad's face was one that I was unfortunately familiar with.

I had only ever seen it right before he exploded with rage.

"SHIT...M-Mum!? I thought you guys said would be back tomorrow!?" Win stuttered quickly.

"...Rain... Cancelled...." She spoke blankly, so stricken with shock that she couldn't form a proper sentence.

Then something clicked.


Win clamoured over his words as his chest heaved faster and faster with the rising panic. "W-Well... Not by blood-"

"-YOU! I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO BE TROUBLE! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SON!? YOU SEDUCED HIM AND TURNED HIM INTO A SINNER!" My father's voice exploded, making everyone in the room jump.

He angrily stormed over to us, his face burning a deep, angry red, and the veins on his forehead threatened to burst through his skin.

I prepared myself for the beating that I was sure I was about to receive, as dads hands quickly undid his belt buckle and whipped it off with a loud crack.

It wasn't until he was right in front of me, that I realized his eyes were locked on my Winnie, who was still semi laying on the stairs, eyes wide and body frozen.

As my dad raised his folded belt above his head, I quickly threw myself over Win protectively, making the belt crack down across my shoulder blades, instead of my Winnie's beautiful face.

I grimaced at the intense burning, as the belt crashed down again and again, tearing through shirt and skin.

Win lay beneath me, his body trembling as I shielded him.

I knew this must've reminded him of his own father, making both him and his mother frozen with fear.

Tears unwillingly formed in the corners of my eyes as the stinging turned into a painful, searing throbbing.

Win blinked a few times, as if suddenly becoming aware of what was happening.

He gently pushed my now trembling body aside, as my father brought his belt down, catching Win's arm as he held it up to protect his face. Both of their eyes burned with fury, as Win launched himself into my fathers stomach, sending them both sprawling onto the floor.

They both struggled for a bit, before Win's mum finally ran over and tried to pry them apart.

I grabbed my father, and she grabbed Win.

They were both thrashing wildly for a few minutes in our arms before finally stopping, both panting heavily and angrily.

"Please! No more fighting! Can't we just talk about this for a minute!?" Win's mum pleaded, tears streaming down her face.

My father's face had taken on a crazed, psychotic look, as he bellowed. "No! I will not talk about this! This is a disgusting abomination in the eyes of the Lord!"

"Dad! Calm down! It's not Win's fault!" I growled, still struggling to hold my father back.

"What on earth are you talking about, Grayson!?" He snapped over his shoulder to me.

"I'm gay, dad. I've always been gay. If anything, I seduced him!"

He broke out of my grasp, swiftly turning on me to deliver a solid backhanded slap across my face.

"Why was I cursed with such a horrible child!? First you kill your mother and brother, now you turn into one of the gays?!" He exclaimed angrily, flailing his arms around maniacally.

"Alexander! That is enough!" Bethany scolded, grabbing everyone's attention. "If you are unwilling to be civil, then you should leave! I WILL NOT HAVE VIOLENCE IN THIS HOUSE!"

I had never seen Win's mum look so fucking angry before, especially towards my dad.

She always had those stupid, doughy, puppy love eyes when he was around, like the sun shone out of his ass or something.

Now, she stood between Win and my dad, one hand on her hip, the other pointing to the front door.

"FINE! WE ARE LEAVING!" He screamed, as he forcefully yanked me out of the front door, and shoved me towards the car.

I struggled to break free and get back to my Winnie, but my dad was just as built as I was, making it rather difficult.

I could see Win's mum trying to hold him back as he attempted to come outside, just as dad shoved me into the car and locked the doors. I thrashed around, trying to kick the doors and windows open, but they were annoyingly strong.

"Gray!! No! Don't you dare fucking take him!" Win roared, his voice cracking and rough as he was overcome with emotion.

"Winston, calm down! There's nothing you can do..." His mum begged, her voice muffled through the car window. "Alex, please! Think about this for a second! Leave Grayson here, while you take a drive to clear your head."

"NO! I will not have my son under the same roof as HIM! I will send someone to collect our things, and have a lawyer draw up some divorce papers."

He stalked around to the driver's seat and slammed the door after him, quickly locking the car again before I could get out.

He slammed his foot down on the accelerator, and sped off as fast as he could.

I noticed that there was a button on the dashboard in the centre of the car to unlock the doors, so I waited until we had to slow down for a red light.

I quickly hit the button, and dashed out of the car before it had even come to a full stop. Thankfully, our car was boxed in by other cars, so dad was unable to follow me.

I ran as fast as my aching body would take me, knowing that dad would be on my tail as soon as the lights went green again.

I made it back to Win's house, and locked the door as soon as I got inside. I could hear Wins mum crying in the living room, but there was no sign of my Winnie.

I walked into the lounge, hoping to see Win sitting with his mum, but no such luck. "Bethany? Where's Win?"

Her face lit up at the sound of my voice. "Grayson! Oh sweetie, are you okay!? I was so worried about you!"

"I'm fine... But... Win..."

"Win took off.... I told him he needed to stay here, and we would figure something out.... But... He called someone called... Gene.. I think? All he said was "I'm back. Meet me at the fish shed." Then he left..." She whimpered between sobs.

At least I knew where he went, but I wasn't sure if the "I'm back" part was a good thing or not. There was obviously a reason for Win leaving the Piranhas in the first place.

I gave his mum a quick hug, before she handed me her keys.

I froze as soon as I sat in the drivers seat.

A wave of panic washed over me, my breathing becoming shallow and shaky, as beads of sweat formed on my forehead. My hands shook as they gripped the steering wheel so tight, that my knuckles turned white.

"Fuck.... Breathe... Calm.. Down....... You can... Do it.... Need to.. Find... Winnie..." I told myself, as I tried to stop hyperventilating.

The horrifying memories of the last time I had been behind the wheel of a car, came flooding back as I tried to calm myself.

The screeching of tires skidding around a corner snapped me back to reality. I forced myself to start the car and take off, just as my dad's car came into view at the end of the street.

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