Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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By the time I had gotten to the fish shed, Gene and the rest of the gang were already gathered and waiting.

I took my phone out to try to call Gray, but me being the genius I am, had forgotten to charge it.

"Win! What's wrong? I thought you said you would never come back as King after....." Eugene said, looking down as his sentence trailed off.

"Mickey..." We mumbled solemnly, in unison.

Every one of the 30 Piranhas that had gathered, hung their heads.


Our sister gang, the "Gone Kids" were in some deep shit.

They were a bunch of runaways, and kids that would rather be anywhere but home. We had a truce between our gangs, and I had made some pretty good friends because of it.

We controlled the flow and supply of party drugs in the town, along with various items, both legal and illegal, upon special request. We also dabbled in the odd car theft, and chop shop operation.

Pretty heavy shit for a bunch of teenager's, but that's just how it was.

Their leader "Pick", was a bit of an idiot, and got himself into some trouble with some dealers from a nearby city.

They decided they wanted to move in on our turf when Pick let slip that he ran a gang of underage teens.

They were to either work for them, or they would take what was theirs by force.

We called a meeting of our two gangs to discuss defence tactics, and to weaponize our members just in case. We set up a buddy system so the younger or weaker member's were paired with someone older or stronger.

In hindsight, holding the meeting at their HQ probably not the smartest idea, but at the time, a lot of the Gone Kids lived there, so it made more sense for us to go to them.

After 10 minutes, we were ambushed by a bunch of the dealer's guys. We hadn't even had enough time to hand out the weapons.

The kids didn't stand a chance against a bunch of guys with knives and baseball bats.

We all launched into action, trying to protect our people.

Mickey was this feisty little 14 year old I had taken under my wing.

She was my student, my best friend and the closest thing I had to a sister.

There was blood and unconscious kids everywhere, and for every one of us, there was at least three enemies. We were all spread out, fighting multiple people at a time, when I noticed that Gene was in trouble.

I fought my way over to him and tackled the guy that had him pinned to the ground. We rolled across the floor for a few feet before coming to a stop, and an intense pain exploded from my lower abdomen. We both quickly stood up, before he launched himself at me.

I prepared for the impact, but was suddenly shoved out of the way.

Mickey and the guy tumbled to the floor with a sickening thud, as her head slammed into the concrete.

The guy panicked and ran, leaving Mickey lying lifelessly on the ground as blood spilled from her head, and the fresh stab wound in her stomach.

Gene and I both rushed to her side, but she was already gone.

My head spun and I began to feel faint, as the adrenaline began to fade. Gene had been in a lot more trouble than I had realized, because apparently the guy had pulled a knife on him, which I had managed to take to the abdomen as we rolled across the floor.

Mickey had saved me, but she had lost her own life in the process.

By the time the cops and ambulances had arrived, the dealer's men had cleared out. Thankfully we had put up a good enough fight that they gave up.

They had somehow managed to pin the whole thing on Pick, and because we were "just a bunch of delinquent kids" no cops would listen to our testimonies, so Pick was arrested and the Gone Kids were over.

I spent a few days recovering in the hospital, before bailing without being discharged. That was when I handed my title over to Gene.

I couldn't handle being responsible for so many people like that again.

If I couldn't protect them, I didn't deserve to be their leader.


"... I know... But this is important." I stated shakily, my voice thick with emotion.

Eugene nodded in agreement, "Ah... It's about your brother... Right?"

"Yeah... How did you know?"

"Well, I got the feeling there was something going on there when you introduced him.." He smirked cheekily. "But then I saw you guys making out in the middle of the dance floor.."

My cheeks burned red as I remembered that we were in front of my entire gang, talking about me making out with my brother.

"..Ahem.. Well.... Yeah.... His dad kind of caught us... and has taken him. Gray's in really bad shape too, he took a hell of a beating trying to protect me."

Gene stood up straight in a military like posture, his face dead serious all of a sudden. "Search and rescue, Boss?"

"Yeah, search and rescue." I turned to the gang, who had mirrored Gene's posture, awaiting their orders. "I'll send a photo of the target and the car. DO NOT DO ANYTHING STUPID! If it's too dangerous, stay back. I don't want any of you getting hurt either. UNDERSTOOD!?"

"YES SIR!" They all yelled collectively.

"If you find him and are able to, bring him back here. If you find him but can't safely retrieve him, send me the details and I'll head straight over. Groups of 3, FALL OUT!"

They saluted Gene and I, before splitting off into groups. I sent through the details, and everyone scattered to search for Gray.

As soon as it was just Gene and I left, I doubled over and let out the shaky breaths I had been struggling to hold back, as my body trembled.

I couldn't look this panicked in front of the Piranha's, but just Gene was okay.

"Hey, it's okay, Win. We will bring him back safe." He said softly in an effort to comfort me, as he placed his hand on my back.

"He was bleeding a lot Gene. I seriously hope his dad at least had the decency to take him to a hospital after doing that to him... He definitely would've needed stitches for some of those cuts...."

I could no longer hold back my hysteria, as the tears began to flood my eyes. "Not many people realize how brutal a leather belt can be... It's just like a whip, but thicker... It takes a little longer to break the skin, but when it does, it's far worse..."

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