Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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Hanging out in the same crowd was going to be hard, and ridiculously frustrating. Deep down though, I was really fucking excited.

I knew I had always had a thing for "pretty" guys, but apparently feral bunnies were my ultimate kink. Every fibre of my being screamed at me to snuggle and protect Win with my life, but my self preservation instincts told me that I needed to hate him.

Dad would kill me if he knew I liked guys. He had made it very clear that he thought homosexuality was wrong and disgusting.

Yay me.

Why of all people... My "brother"..... This has got to be punishment for what happened to mum, I thought to myself as I paced back and forth in the small courtyard-like area.

Win grimaced over his shoulder at the creamy mess on his back. I would be lying if I said my thoughts didn't immediately go to a very dirty, sexual place when I saw it.

"The fuck is that?" I questioned, gesturing my head towards his back, as I tried to calm my thoughts before my junk betrayed my mind.

"... Yoghurt..." He groaned, clearly annoyed.

I thought for a second... "Is that what the brawl was about?"

"Yeah. That asshole you punched threw it at me."

I had only punched him because I had seen him gunning for my Winnie, but now I was super glad I had. Every inch of the guy was that of a basic asshole jock, from his short blonde hair, generic chiselled face, to his beefy footballer body. Even the way he carried himself was a cliché.

"He also said something about flowers and white stuff... I didn't really understand it though. Was it supposed to be funny?" Mason looked between Zach and Win, his brow knotted in confusion.

"Mase, you are seriously so fucking slow. You know that right?" Zach said as he rubbed his forehead in annoyance. "He called Win a 'pretty little flower boy' and insinuated he was gay because he was covered in creamy white stuff."

I felt my blood boil, and clenched my fists in an effort to stop myself from running back to beat the shit out of the fucker.

Honestly, I would be ecstatic if he was actually gay... But no one is allowed to disrespect my Winnie.. I mean.. My brother..

"Win!! There you are!! I've been looking all over for you!" An impeccably dressed girl with a face full of flawless makeup called out, as she ran over to Win.

I already hated her.

"Are you okay baby? I'm so sorry! Derek can be such a dick!" She continued.

This must be Sofia then. I thought, as I mentally melted her with laser eyes.

Queen Bee was definitely an appropriate title for her looks. I know, judgemental much? But seriously, the way her makeup was done made it look like she was heading to a nightclub.... Who the hell wore makeup like that to school? Thick, dark lashes framed her sultry, chocolate brown eyes, her obviously overlined lips were a matte dusty rose colour, and she was wearing waaaay to much highlighter.

Wow.. Way to be a cliché gay guy Grayson... I know way too much about makeup for my liking.

She flicked her straight, dark brown hair before rummaging through her bag, producing a small first aid kit and a new school shirt.

"I got you a new shirt, put it on before the yoghurt begins to smell. When you're done, I'll clean up your face okay?" She ordered.

Annoyingly, Win obliged. He placed a peck on her forehead before he began unbuttoning his soiled shirt.

I couldn't help but stare as his shirt came off.

Damn! I was right about him being slimmer than me, but holy fuck! Now I understand why he is so strong... Was not expecting him to have a body like that! UGHH I totally want to lick his abs... NO! DOWN BOY! Stay IN the closet Gray!!

My eyes involuntarily took in the brilliance of his slim, but perfectly sculpted body. As he slid the fresh shirt on, I noticed quite a few patches on his skin shining in the sunlight. It took me a second before realizing that they were scars, mostly old, but a few were a much fresher pink colour against his warm white skin.

My daze was broken as Zach whispered to me, noticing that I was staring.

"Gray, you may want to stop staring before Win notices.. He will kill you if he catches you looking at his scars."

I quickly averted my eyes, slightly embarrassed that I had been caught checking him out. Zach was turning out to be a lot sharper than I had originally thought. Mason on the other hand, was actually probably a bit dumber...

"I-I didn't mean to stare... What's up with all the scars though? There's so many.." I whispered back, trying to hide how flustered I was becoming.

"The newer ones are from fights, mostly gang related I'm pretty sure. The old ones... You'll have to ask him yourself.... Good luck though, he still hasn't told me or Mase." He answered quietly.

Win snapped his head towards us and glared sternly. "What are you girls whispering about?"

Sofia had begun cleaning up his face with the little first aid kit. I gritted my teeth and she dabbed at his gorgeous lips with an antiseptic wipe.

"None of your business, Winnie."

"Fuck off Grayson. Don't make me kick your ass. Again." Win snapped viciously.

Mason shot me a confused look. "Again? How did you already manage to piss Win off? Didn't you say you just moved here Gray?"

"Ah, when we were introduced as neighbours I called him Winnie... He didn't like it too much, but I think it really suits him!" I quickly made up on the spot. I shot Win a look, begging him to go along with it.

Thankfully, he did. "It does not, asshole. I told him I wasn't afraid to kick his ass, he said he would like to see me try.."

"Famous last words!" Mason cheerfully interjected.

"Yep. Literally kicked his ass off my front lawn."

I was a little annoyed with the way he had gone along with it though. "That's not what hap-"

"You're new right? I'm Sofia, it's nice to meet you!"

I hadn't even noticed that she has finished cleaning Wins face and walked over to me. She held out her hand, and I reluctantly gave it a quick shake, trying me best not to scowl at her.

" Uh... Hi... I'm Grayson.."

She beamed at me perkily, either oblivious to my awkwardness, or pretending not to notice. "Thankyou so much for looking after my Win, I saw what you did for him in that fight. So, you guys are neighbours?"

"Uh.... Yeah.." I said, sounding a little bit ruder than I was hoping to.

Still, she continued to gush at me. "I'm so glad he has made a decent friend", her eyes quickly darted to Zach and Mason with a hint of disgust, before settling back on me. "He doesn't seem to have many. I hope we can be friends too!"

Her smile was too big, too charming, and far too fake. I'm sure that smile had melted the hearts of many men, but it definitely was not working on me. It just made me feel even more uncomfortable. Aside from the obvious bitchy queen complex, there was something off about her, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

"Sof, let's head to class. We have art next. Zach, Mase, I'll catch you at the station later, right?" Win said as he and Sofia began walking away.

"Yeah man, we're down, right Zachy?"

Zach nodded. "We'll bring a bottle?"

"Bring two if dickhead over there is tagging along." Win huffed, as he rolled his eyes.

As they left, I turned to Zach and Mason, severely confused.

"Were you guys just speaking in code?"

"Ah.. No... Well, maybe? The station is an old abandoned radio shack we hang out at, the bottles are booze, and dickhead.... I believe that one was aimed at you." Zach clarified.

"Dickhead? Really?" I huffed.

Mason grinned cheekily at me, "so you coming too, dickhead?"

"Oh fuck off Mase. Yeah, I'll go... Not like I have anything better to do.."

This was bad. I couldn't wait to spend more time with Win. I needed so badly to hate him, but I was really struggling.

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