Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I sped towards the fish shed, hoping that Win wasn't about to do anything stupid.

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw dad's car catching up behind me. I had taken a slightly longer route in an attempt to shake him off of my tail, but I couldn't seem to lose the bastard.

"Fuck. I'll just have to deal with him when I get there, I guess.."

As we entered the industrial district, my vision began to waver. The adrenaline my body had been running on until now was beginning to fade, and my eyelids became heavy. I glanced at my back over my shoulder, and it was an absolute fucking mess.

Even in the dark I could tell that I had lost a lot of blood, and was continuing to do so.

I didn't want my dad to catch up, but there was no way I could safely maintain the speed I was going, especially in the storm.

I slowed the car down a bit, feeling the strength leaving my body faster and faster, as little stars began floating across my vision.

I was turning into the street that the fish shed was on when everything suddenly went black.


There was a sudden loud crashing sound nearby, followed by another.

I panicked, thinking one of the Piranha's had crashed on their way out. Gene and I both sprinted out onto the road to see what had happened.

My heart sank.

My body wouldn't move, but it shook uncontrollably at the same time.

"G-Gray..." I whispered shakily, before cracking as I let out a hoarse scream, forcing myself to run to him. "...GRAY!!"

Grayson sat slumped in the front seat of my mum's car, that was sitting crumpled against a large brick wall on the side of the road.

Behind him in the middle of the road, was Alexander's car, whose front end was smashed in.

He sat in his car, staring in shock at the wreckage in front of him.

It looked like Gray had collided with a pole head on, then Alexander had hit the rear side as he came around the corner, sending Grayson's car spinning until it hit the wall.

I ran over to the passenger side door, because the driver's side was hard up against the wall.

I began frantically trying to pry the door off with my bare hands, the buckled metal cutting deep into my skin, the rain soaking me to the bone.

Gene had gone to make sure Alexander was okay, and to call for help.

The door was taking too long, so I climbed up on the wrecked hood of the car, and began trying to rip the smashed windshield off. The tint on the glass held it together, making it that much harder to break through.

I stood, and began to kick at the glass using my body weight, managing to smash through after a few attempts. As my foot broke through, the shattered glass tore deep into my flesh, all the way up to my knee.

I didn't feel a thing, though.

My physical pain was nothing compared to the pain of seeing my love in danger.

I pulled my leg out and bent down to widen the hole with my hands. I wormed my way inside, fresh streaks of blood appearing wherever the glass touched my body.

I finally got to Gray, just as Zach and Mason came running up with a crowbar. They worked on getting the door open, while I worked on freeing my Gray from his jammed seatbelt, and caved in dash.

"Fuck.... Fuck... Gray!... Can you hear me? Wake up baby!" I begged, patting his face in an attempt to wake him. "Fuck! There's so much blood!"

"Is he breathing, Win?" Zach asked sternly, trying to remain level headed even though the fear and panic was clear on his face.

I looked at his chest, but couldn't see movement.


I placed my blood covered fingers beneath his nose, thankfully feeling the faintest of breaths.

"Oh thank God! He is, but barely.."

"Fuuuuuckkk... Guys.... We need to get him out... Like right now!" Mase yelled frantically, as he pulled at the door harder and faster.

I followed Mason's gaze, my eyes growing wider as flames and smoke began spilling violently from the destroyed engine.

The door finally came loose just as I managed to release the seatbelt, and gently tried to shift him towards the open door.

Gene yelled from behind Zach and Mase, with his phone to his ear. "Ambulance will be here soon! I'm on the phone with them now.... They said 5-10 minutes."

"Fuck... I still can't get his legs out! Mase, help me pull the dash away a bit more, while Zach gets Gray out." I barked at them both.

Mason and I strained and struggled to pull the mutilated dashboard off of his legs, as Zach gently eased him out.

As soon as he was out, we all helped carry him as far from the wreck as we could. The flames had taken over the entire front of the car as the ambulance pulled up a few minutes later.

Zach and Mase dragged me off of Gray so the paramedics could save him.

The world began to spin as we sat on the footpath and waited.

I hadn't even realized how many injuries I had managed to get while trying to get to Gray.

My leg was soaked with blood, my hands still had pieces of glass in them, and there were cuts all over me.

My vision went fuzzy as I fell back, all of my energy completely drained from my wrecked body.

The world around me suddenly disappeared into black, as I lost consciousness.

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