Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I could hear a steady beeping noise nearby.

My mouth felt as dry as the Sahara, my lips cracking painfully as they moved.

I slowly opened my eyes, the harsh sunlight searing my sensitive pupils.

The world slowly came back into focus, revealing what looked like a sterile hotel room. The beeping belonged to a heart monitor that I was hooked up to beside my bed.

A hospital?

What the fuck happened... ?

I can't remember.

The hazy image of my Winnie desperately clawing his way through a windshield with his bare hands flashed into my mind.

My voice came out as a rough, dry croak when I tried to speak. "Winnie!?"

I looked around the room in a panic, only to find that I was completely alone.

A nurse poked her head through the door curiously, a smile spreading across her tired face when she saw me.

"Young Master! I'll let the doctor know you are awake." She said with a thick British accent, as she left the room.

I had a bad twisting feeling in my gut, and my heart sank.

Don't panic..... You're being stupid.

There's got to be plenty of British nurses here in this country....

Not that uncommon.

A few minutes later, the doctor entered my room.

"Young Master Kingsley! Glad to see you are up. How are you feeling? Any pain or discomfort?" He asked, with an over the top smile plastered on his face.

Also British.....


No, it's just a coincidence.

A scary fucking coincidence.

"What happened?.... Is Winston Summers okay?"

His fake smile didn't falter for even a second, as he lowered his clipboard and joined his hands behind his back. "You were in a very bad car accident. You sustained multiple fractures, a concussion, multiple lacerations and some minor internal bleeding."

"I'm not sure who you are talking about, Young Master..." He added, looking slightly confused.


"....... Where am I?"

I didn't want him to answer.

I knew already, but I prayed I was wrong.

"You are at the London Grace Private Hospital. This is our premier V.V.I.P room. I hope you find it to your liking." He grinned widely.


I struggled to keep my composure in front of him, even though I was dying inside. "H-How long was I out?"

He raised his clipboard to his face once again to read the reports. "It's been a week since you were transferred here, and according to your records, you spent a week in a hospital overseas."

Rage burned through every inch of my body.

That fucking asshole had transferred me while I was unconscious, because he knew I would never leave my Winnie willingly.

I looked around for my phone, knowing that it was probably going to be pointless. My dad wouldn't have left me with any way to contact him anyway.

Sure enough, no phone.

"Leave." I seethed angrily through gritted teeth.

His eyes flew open wide with shock and confusion at my abruptness. "E-Excuse me?"

"LEAVE!" I roared furiously, throwing the glass of water that was next to my bed in his direction, only missing him because of my injuries.

The doctor scurried out of my room in terror, closing the door behind him loudly.

I wiped furiously at the tears that had begun to sting the corners of my eyes, before they overflowed uncontrollably.

My Winnie.

I can't even check to see if he's okay.

I angrily threw everything within reach across the room, making pain explode from my back as the skin pulled with my movements.

I got out of the bed, and awkwardly hobbled into the small bathroom that was connected to my room to inspect myself.

I took in how absolutely shit I looked.

A gauze wound pad was taped to my temple, yellowing bruises surrounding the eye next to it, bandages wrapped around my tender rib cage, and one of those damn moon boots on my left leg.

My back......

My back looked like it had been run over by a lawn mower.

There were still some stitches in the deeper cuts, the skin pulling and puckering unnaturally.

I heard the sound of the door to my room opening and closing, before the sound of footsteps echoed through the large room.

"Grayson? Where are you? The doctor said you had woken up..."


In a fit of blinding rage, I tried to launch myself at him from the bathroom as he passed the door.

I tripped on my moon boot in the process, sending me sprawling into him. He grabbed my shoulders to steady me, a little more firmly than was necessary.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE!!!!???"I growled aggressively, baring my teeth at him like a wild wolf.

A manic, toothy grin contorted his face. "Ah! I see you have regained your energy! Brilliant! I merely transferred my son to a hospital closer to home after serving divorce papers. Completely normal in this situation."

"WHAT THE FUCK IS NORMAL ABOUT ANY OF THIS?!" I roared in his face, as we awkwardly grappled for dominance. "You beat your son, divorce your wife, cause a car accident that lands your son in hospital, and then kidnap him while he's unconscious!?"

"I didn't kidnap you, I am your legal guardian! I am within my rights as your father to take you wherever I please!" He laughed, before roughly shoving me back onto my hospital bed.

Pain exploded all over my body as I crashed onto it, but I refused to let him see just how much he was hurting me. "I'm an adult! I can make my own decisions! I want to go back right now!"

He scoffed at me, rolling his eyes. "In the eyes of the law, you are still a minor until the day you turn 18. So good luck with that. As soon as you are discharged from here, which should be in a few weeks, you will be sent straight to The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst."

"I- WHAT?!"

"I should've just sent you away after you killed your mother, like I had originally planned." He muttered, but loud enough for me to hear.

"It was NOT my fault! Someone fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into US! I couldn't control that!"

He turned around, his eyes filled with fire as he glared at me. "You weren't even legally allowed to drive!"

"Yeah, I know..." I admitted quietly, before exploding with anger again. "But at least I wasn't too busy entertaining "business associates" late into the night, while my wife went into preterm labour! We waited an hour for the ambulance, but it never showed, and you wouldn't answer my calls! Was I supposed to just let her die?!"

"I stand by my conviction. You were the only survivor, so there is no one to back up your lies!" He bellowed as he rushed towards me and clamped his hand tightly around my neck.

"Military school should straighten you out. Pun intended." He added, pushing me back down and releasing his grip.

I lay there on the bed, gasping for breath as her turned on his heel, and sauntered out of my room, slamming the door behind him smugly.

I choked out raspy sobs, unable to control the flood of tears.

At this rate, I would never be able to see my Winnie again.

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