Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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The day after the accident, I woke to the sight of my mum crying in the seat next to my hospital bed.

She shakily held one of my hands tightly as she sobbed.

"Mum...." I croaked groggily.

Her head shot up in surprise at the sound of my voice. "Winston! Oh, my baby boy! Are you okay? How do you feel!?"

"Calm down mum... I've been much worse...." I tried to chuckle, but it came out as more of a dry cough. "..... How is Gray? Where is he? I need to see him."

I tried to sit up, my battered body aching in protest. Mum quickly jumped up to help, trying to stop me from getting off the bed at the same time.

"He's in a private room recovering... His surgeries were successful, so he will be fine sweetie." She reassured softly, her voice filled with sadness.

That sadness made me nervous. "Okay.... Let's go see him, then."

She sighed, her eyes brimming with tears again. ".... Alexander won't let anyone see him..... He even hired security guards to keep us out."

"How could he do that?! God, I fucking hate that asshole!" I fumed, not completely surprised though.

"I'm so sorry sweetie... This is all my fault. He was always so nice, I never thought he would have this kind of side to him..." Mum wailed, burying her face in her hands as she sat on the edge of my bed.

I wrapped my arms around her, gently rubbing her back to comfort her. "It's okay mum, you didn't know... And if you didn't marry him, I never would've met Gray."

"... So... You two..... Are you really.... Gay?..... What about that girl you were dating, Sofia? I thought you liked girls?" She managed between sobs.

".... Yeah. I guess I'm gay.... I kind of just dated girls because that was what everyone expected. I didn't realise I liked guys though, either.... I just..." I sighed heavily. "I really love Grayson, mum."

I had stopped rubbing her back, and hung my head as impending tears stung my eyes.

"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry for how I reacted... I have no problem with the two of you being together, I was just a little surprised, is all..."

"Thanks, mum.. That actually means a lot..." I smiled weakly at her.

Her facial expression changed suddenly, looking far too serious for my liking, one eyebrow cocked.

I was definitely in trouble.

"Now... You have some explaining to do about where the hell you ran off to, why you have a motorbike hidden in the garden shed, and why you have had so many visitors calling you "boss"." She stated sternly, crossing her arms over her chest.

Fuuuuuuck my life... "Long story short, I'm the leader of the Piranhas, I built the bike with Zach and Mason, and I hid it in the shed because I knew you would think I was trying to be like dad..."

"...Oh......" She paused, the gears visibly turning in her head as she comprehended what I had said. "Piranhas?.... Isn't that some dangerous gang that controls more than half of the town?"

"Yeaaaahhhhh....... Surprise?"

She gave me a quick smack on the back of my head, before panicking and grabbing either side of my face, pulling it down so she could kiss it better.

I couldn't help but chuckle at her as she apologised over and over again, almost suffocating with hugs and kisses.

"Oh, crap! I'm so sorry! Did I hurt you?" She stressed. "I can't believe what you have been up to, though... How did I not notice!?"

I couldn't help but laugh at her bipolar mix of emotions. "Mum, calm down, I'm fine... I probably deserved that, anyway."

We talked for a while, which was really nice.

It was the longest I had been alone in the same room with my mum in years. It just sucked that something like this had to happen for her to show she cared.

I sent her home to get some rest, because she had spent the entire night awake at my side.

I also really wanted to try to see Gray, and I knew she would try to stop me.

I made my way up to the V.I.P floor, and asked the lady at the reception for Grayson's room number. Apparently Alexander had ordered them not to give out any information, so the nurse gave me an apologetic smile as she turned me away.

I waited until she was busy, and snuck past her, peeking into every room.

At the very end of the hallway, two guards stood in front of one of the rooms.

Annnnnd what's a bet that's Grayson's room?


I hobbled back over to the reception, knowing I was no match for the guards in my state.

I was going to need help.

"Excuse me, miss?"

"I already told you I can't tell you his room number, sweetie. I'm sorry. I would love to help you, but I could lose my job.." She sighed, her face full of sympathy.

"Look, I get it, but I just need to see if he is okay. What exactly did his father say you couldn't do?"

She eyed me curiously before answering cautiously. ".... He said that I was not allowed to give any information about the patient to anyone, including the room number."

"Did he specifically say you couldn't let anyone see him?"

"No, but that order was given to the guards..." She nodded her head in their direction.

I drummed my fingers on the desk nervously. "I know I'm asking a lot, but could you maybe help me create a diversion? I need to see if my boyfriend is okay."

"...Boyfriend?" Her head perked up at the word.

This could either go very well, or very badly... "Yes. That's why Mr. Kingsley hired guards... He is against us... I understand If you don't want to help for the same reason..."

A massive, defiant grin spread across her lips. "Oh, sweetie. I'll definitely help. My parents kicked me out when I came out to them. I'll draw them away, but you will need to be quick. And if you get caught, I won't be able to help, okay?"

I mirrored her smile, my body almost bursting with happiness. "Thankyou! Of course!"

She walked over to the guards, while I hid around a corner. A few minutes later, she walked past with both guards behind her.

I awkwardly speed hobbled into Gray's room, closing the door quietly behind me.

He lay there, covered in bandages, hooked up to multiple machines.

I gently perched myself on the side of his bed, before tenderly stroking his cheek. Tears rolled down my face, as I struggled to hold in the sobs that tried to escape my mouth.

My heart felt like it was being torn to pieces seeing him in this state.

My strong, stubborn, cheeky, puppy dog of a boyfriend, now looks so small and frail, all because of me.

"Oh, god... I'm so fucking sorry, Gray...This is all my fault... If I hadn't frozen in panic like that, you wouldn't have been so badly hurt..." I whispered, the words coming out hoarse and raspy.

The door flew open as the security guards stormed in. They wrenched me off of his bed, and dragged me out the door.

They roughly threw me on the floor, tearing some of the stitches in my legs, causing blood to pour from my open wound.

A flurry of nurses rushed over to tend to me, before taking me back to my own bed.

I lay there, staring at the ceiling, as silent tears rolled down the sides of my face.

Every time I drifted off to sleep, nightmares of Grayson dying filled my head.

I was discharged a few days later, and was told to rest up at home for at least a week, until my stitches were able to be removed. I went to the hospital every day to try to see my Gray, but was never allowed near the V.I.P floor.

Exactly a week after the accident, I made my way to the hospital, as I did every day after mum had left for work.

This time, something felt off... Like... a gut feeling that something just wasn't right.

When I came to the V.I.P floor, the extra guards that Alexander had hired were gone.

My stomach knotted.

I made my way towards his room, to find those guards missing too.

There's no way I would ever be so lucky....

I ran to his room and flung the door open, to find it completely empty.

I dropped to my knees in the doorway, wincing as the barely healed skin pulled over my calf muscle.

The nurse that had helped me before entered the room to change the bed sheets, which she dropped on the floor, as she ran over to gather me in a hug.

"Oh, sweetie! I'm so sorry!" She sobbed with me.

I could barely breathe through my tears, so my words came out as a croaky, jumbled mess. "D-did he.... Is he.... ?"

I couldn't even say the word.

"No! Oh, Gosh! He is okay!" She exclaimed, holding me up by my shoulders. ".... His father had him transferred..."

I let out a shaky sight of relief between sobs, making it sound more like an awkward nasally grunt.


She lowered her voice, bringing her face closer to my ear. "You didn't hear it from me, but I heard the other nurses gossiping.... They transferred him overseas.... You just missed him.. I'm so sorry..."

She held me tight as I broke down on the floor.

I should've expected Alexander to do something like this to keep us apart, I guess I had just hoped that he wouldn't actually be that cruel.

I had no idea how I was supposed to see him, or make sure he was okay. I couldn't afford to get a plane ticket, and even though it was likely that he was taken back to London, I had no way of knowing for sure.

How am I supposed to function without him?

I can't even remember how things were before he burst into my life.

It had been a month since Grayson disappeared from my life, and I had spent every spare minute trying to find a trace of him, or just some way to contact him.

Every day that passed was as mundane and depressing as the one before.

I went to school because I had no choice, but other than that, I didn't leave my bed.

I couldn't even bring myself to draw anymore.

I just felt so fucking broken without him.

"Winston? Sweetie? I'm coming in..."

I heard my door open, and my mum step inside, before I felt her sit on the edge of my bed.

I was curled up in a ball under my blankets, hugging the plush bunny backpack that Grayson had won for me at the school festival.

"I have to go on another business trip, honey...." she said softly, rubbing my back through the covers.

"....No new husbands this time, please..." I mumbled solemnly.

She chuckled lightly, taking my comment as a joke. " I promise.... I do have a surprise for you, though..."

It was a joke, but it also really wasn't.

Now I was dreading this new "surprise".

"Oh, dear God!!! What now?" I groaned in frustration.

Lately, I had an extremely short fuse. Even the simplest of conversations had proved difficult to maintain without me aggressively exploding.

"I convinced my boss to let you come with me.... We are going to London in a week." She said softly, but full of excitement.

I shot upright, flinging my cocoon of blankets off of me. "London!?"

I was buzzing, and mum could see it.

She calmed her voice, trying to also calm me down a bit. "I know that Grayson may not be there, and even if he is, there's only a slim chance of actually finding him.... But we need to at least try. You will have to do it by yourself for the most part, but I will help you as much as I can when I'm not in meetings, okay?"

I launched myself at her, wrapping her in an enormous hug.

Over the last few weeks, she had turned into this super supportive, amazing mum.

It was kind of freaky, but also fucking awesome.

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