Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I had spent the last few weeks trying to get away from Alexander, but he had hired a few guards to watch me 24/7.

I refused to refer to him as my dad anymore, because he had made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with a son like me.

The few times I had managed to get out of my hospital room, I was roughly dragged back by the guards, kicking and screaming.

My wounds had finally healed enough for me to be discharged from the hospital, so Alexander had organized for me to be taken to the military school in a few days. Until then, I was to be placed under house arrest in our penthouse apartment.

"Just let me out to get some fresh air, for fuck sake!" I growled furiously at him.

"What, so you can run off, borrow a phone, and call your little boyfriend? Do you think I'm stupid? Open a window if you need some fresh air!" He laughed sarcastically.

Yes, that was exactly my damn plan. "Fuck you, cunt!"

I hurled an extremely expensive vase at him, which he barely managed to dodge in time.

He quickly straightened himself, gently patting his hair back into place as he seethed at me. "I have arranged your betrothal to the youngest daughter of my associate, Mr. Winslow. The ceremony will take place when you graduate in a few months. This is something that has been planned since you were born, and I will not have you ruining my plans!"

I launched myself towards him with the intention of punching the smirk off of his stupid face, but was restrained by my new entourage of guards.

He gave a little wave, before sauntering off and getting into the elevator.

On day two of captivity at home, I was cooking up a big pot of pumpkin soup. I made sure that I had made enough for all of the guards, and offered them each a bowl.

Thankfully, they all happily downed the soup without a second thought as to why I didn't have any.

It was laced with sleeping pills, of course.

Within a few minutes, their eyelids began to droop heavily, before they fell into a deep sleep.

I quickly threw on the oldest, daggiest looking clothes I could find, along with a cap, sunglasses and face mask, before dashing for the elevator and making my way down to the lobby.


Of course there are more guards at the entrance.

I hunched a little in an effort to look shorter, and pulled the brim of my hat down over my face further, as I casually made my way past the guards at the door. I got a good few feet away before they realized it was me.

I raced off ahead of them as fast as I could, weaving through the heavy crowds of people to lose them.

Being right in the middle of London definitely gave me the advantage in this situation.

After running around the city for what seemed like forever, I finally stopped at a small café to catch my breath after losing the guards.

I ditched the hoodie and took a seat, ordering a free glass of water.

I hadn't been able to do anything this physical since the accident, so my body wasn't used to it.

I slowly sipped my glass of water as I stared out the window, watching people pass by.

I planned to ask someone if I could borrow their phone as soon as I had caught my breath.

Suddenly, one person in particular caught my attention.

A small, pretty looking guy, with a soft mop of black hair walked past the café. I only got a quick glimpse of him through the crowd of people, but I was sure he looked exactly like my Winnie.

Even if it wasn't him, my entire being ached to see even the slightest resemblance.

I shot up out of my seat, and headed in the direction he had gone.

It was really fucking hard to spot him in the masses of people, even though I towered over most of them.

How the hell could it be my Winnie, though?

I must be going crazy!

There's no way his mum could afford to just buy a plane ticket, especially seeing as they are ridiculously expensive this time of year.

Ughh! I miss him so much, that I'm hallucinating him!


Then I saw it.

That cute, fluffy, yellow fucking bunny backpack, that I won for him at the school festival.

I watched it disappear around a corner, headed towards Piccadilly Circus.

I knew that I would lose him in the crowd there, being one of the busiest areas in London.

I raced after him, hoping to catch him before he was lost in the masses again.

It's him! It's really fucking him!



I rounded another corner, and Piccadilly Circus came into view.

He was gone.

There was a fucking event of some kind, meaning that there were more than double the usual amount of people there. I frantically wove through the crowd in search of my baby boy, but I couldn't find him.

I fell to my knees in exhaustion.

After catching my breath again for a few minutes, I decided that I needed to keep going.

He's travelled this far for me already, so there is no way I can just give up.

I went over to some kids that looked about my age, to ask if I could use one of their phones.

I knew it was bad, but at this point I would do anything to get in contact with my Winnie.

Even flirt with some girls.

I put on my most charming, smooth voice. "Excuse me.."

"Oh, y-yes?" The short, blonde girl stuttered in surprise.

"Sorry, but I was just wondering If I could please borrow your phone for a few minutes? I lost mine in the crowd, and need to call it to see if someone has found it."

She looked like she really wanted to, but was hesitating. "My mum said I shouldn't lend my phone to strangers... Someone could steal it."

"That's pretty smart. My name's Grayson, What's yours?" I chuckled warmly, extending my hand to her to shake.

"L-Lizzy." She replied shyly, tentatively shaking my hand.

"Pleasure to meet you Lizzy." I beamed brilliantly at her, making her cheeks glow a rosy pink. "Look, I'll be honest with you, that was just an excuse to give you my number.. I gave my friend my phone so I could say I lost it, and use your phone to call it.... Sorry, it was a stupid idea to begin with. I'll just try to go find him...."

I pretended to look around the crowd for my "friend". "Fuck, where the hell did he go with my phone?"

She giggled, her face growing a deeper shade of red. "No, it's okay... I think it's cute... Uhm... I could totally pretend to go along with your plan and let you use my phone to find your friend? You're a total sex god."

I bit my lip in an effort to seem interested, when really, I was internally exploding with excitement that I was about to call my Winnie.

"Thanks, I'll just make a quick call okay?"

She nodded, and I dialled Win's number, praying that he was using global roaming to keep his number the same, instead of using a cheap sim card.

It rang twice before it picked up, a million voices coming through from the other end.


"Hello? Who's this? Ah, fuck... Can you hear me? Give me a second, I'll go somewhere quieter!"

"Winnie! Can you hear me? Where are you!?" I yelled frantically into the phone, scanning the surrounding crowd.

The chatter on the other end of the phone finally died down, and Win's beautiful voice came through the line crystal clear.

Tears welled in my eyes as he spoke, my heart filling with joy knowing he was so close to me after what seemed like a lifetime.

"Hello? Can you hear me now? Sorry, I was in the middle of a crowd."

My voice came out a half choked sob, and Lizzy looked at me with confusion. "Winnie, baby! I'm here... Where are you? I saw you-... Oh Fuck!"


I spotted the guards my dad had hired, pushing past the crowd to get to me.

I knew they would be on me in a second, so I blurted out as much information as I could, hoping Winnie caught it all. "Fuck! Sorry Winnie, I've got to run! He's shipping me to military school tomorrow, he's holding me hostage at our apartment at One Hyde Park in-"

The phone was snatched out of my hand by one of the guards, while the other roughly restrained me.

After all the running I had been doing, I had no energy to fight them off.

They hung the call up and tossed the phone back to Lizzy, before they dragged me over to their car, and took me back to the apartment.

I had finally managed to get out and contact my baby boy, only to be dragged back without even finding him...

I was so fucking close!

They threw me into my bedroom when we arrived, and locked me in there. I slumped down against the door as tears began streaming down my face uncontrollably.

I sat there, ugly crying until I passed out from exhaustion.

The next morning, I was woken by the sound of my bedroom door being unlocked.

It rammed into my side a few times, as the person on the other side impatiently tried to open it, while I was groggily trying to get up from where I had passed out the night before.

As soon as I had moved far enough away, the door flung open, sending Alexander stumbling into my room.

He quickly gathered himself, before ushering in some of the guards.

"Assist him with packing the necessities please, gentlemen." He ordered them, before turning to address me. "We leave for the station in 30 minutes, where you will be escorted to Sandhurst via train."

I rolled my eyes as he left my room, and watched on as the guards pulled out a suitcase and threw handfuls of stuff into it messily.

Every time they turned to grab more things, I would grab a couple of items of clothing and shove them into the a duffle bag. I made it look like I was helping them pack, but I was really grabbing anything that I would be able to sell for a decent amount of money.

I had no intention of getting on the train with the guards, so I needed to at least be prepared.

I carried my duffle, and the guards took my suitcase, no one seeming to think it was weird to take two bags somewhere I would rarely get a chance to wear my own clothes.

Fucking idiots.

We arrived at the station, and Alexander left me in the hands of two beefy looking guards, dressed in expensive suits. They bought the tickets before we walked to the platform to wait for our train.

All I needed was for a train to turn up heading in any other direction, so I could jump on just as the doors closed.

Within a few minutes, a train arrived behind us, and passengers began to board. The train I was supposed to get on with the guards turned up right after, so the guards began to walk with me towards it.

I hung back a little, making sure other passengers managed to squeeze between me us, before I turned and made a dash for the other train.

I heard the guards yelling, as they tried to push people out of their way in order to come after me, but I had just managed to make it onto the train in time. The door had caught my shoulder as it closed on me, but I didn't care.

I was free.

The weather was warmer than usual, making the packed train reek of body odour, mixed with cheap perfume, piss, and stale alcohol.

I stood in the middle of the carriage, sandwiched amongst the many passengers, while holding the hand rail attached to the roof.

I couldn't wipe the relieved smile off of my face as I looked around the carriage, double, triple and quadruple checking, that I had made it on alone.

My eyes grew wide as they landed on something very familiar, smooshed amongst the bodies on the train.

There it was again.

Fluffy. Yellow. Bunny.

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