Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I tried my best not to breathe through my nose as I stood on the train, sandwiched between an overweight man in a suit and a woman dressed in a scarily short dress.

The mixture of the body odour and perfume, was absolutely nauseating.

After the call from Grayson the day before, I had frantically searched every inch of the crowded Piccadilly Circus, only to come up empty. It was kind of hard to hear him over the phone before the call cut out, but I did catch the part about him being shipped off to military school first thing in the morning.

So here I was, making my way to the first of a few different military schools surrounding London, in search of my better half.

There was a shuffling behind me, as someone obviously tried to manoeuvre through the bodies that were packed together like sardines, making the scantily dressed lady at my side stumble into me. I quickly raised my arm to steady her before she could fall any further, prompting her to look me up and down like she wanted to eat me up.

I cringed, giving her an awkward smile as I tried to push her back, while she trailed her hand down one of my arms.

I was suddenly knocked forward slightly, as someone crashed into my back.

Thankfully, it had made the grabby lady retract her hand, but now I had another problem.

A much larger pair of hands wedged themselves down, where they roughly groped at my ass.

You've got to be fucking kidding me!

Is no one capable of keeping their grimy fucking hands to themselves?

I couldn't even move my arms down to remove the hands from my ass, because it was so packed.

I drove my elbow back into whoever was groping me, but they grabbed me by the hips, and rubbed their bulge against me in return.

Miss grabby hands had decided to continue with her attempted seduction, placing her free hand on my chest.

A familiar, feral sounding growl came from directly behind me, and I whipped my head around so fast that it would definitely hurt tomorrow.


My Gray.

He was here.

And his hand was tugging at the waistband of my underwear.

He glared angrily at the grabby woman, baring his teeth and growling, like some kind of alpha wolf.

I tried to control my overflowing emotions as I choked out a snarky comment, attempting to sound nonchalant.

It definitely was not convincing at all.

"You must have a death wish, Grayson Kingsley. I was about to turn around and beat the shit out of the creep that was grabbing my ass."

My voice cracked mid sentence, as a few stray tears involuntarily rolled down my face.

His voice came out rough and weak, as he rested his chin on my shoulder, pressing his wet cheek against mine. "I can't believe you're here, Winnie.... I'm not dreaming again, am I?"

I leant into him, filling my nose with his familiar, intoxicating scent.

"I hope it's not a dream... I really missed you, Gray..." I whispered quietly. "I thought you would've already been at the military school by now... That's were I was headed..."

"Alexander ordered some security guards to escort me there by train, but I managed to give them the slip, and get on this train instead.." He chuckled lightly in my ear.

"Oh... I guess I was heading to the wrong military school, then."

We stayed in our embrace until the train pulled up at the next station, where we hopped off, and quickly jumped into a taxi.

I had no doubt that Alexander would have been notified that Grayson had escaped, and that he would've had people searching for him immediately.

We were lucky that we made it back to the hotel mum and I were staying at, without anyone stopping us.

I hadn't let go of Grayson's hand since we had left the train, out of fear that he would disappear as soon as I let go.

We entered the small hotel room, quickly shutting the door behind us.

"..... Mum here?" He asked quietly.

I had never heard Gray refer to my mum as his own before.

I shot him a slightly confused look as I shook my head.

"The divorce went through. I'm not your brother anymore. That makes her my mother in law." He added, giving me a cheeky grin as he pulled me against him, and wrapped his arms around me.

The corners of my lips twitched up into a smile, as I let out a breathy laugh. He slid his hands down and grabbed my hips, and pulling me against him, pressing our lips together passionately.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as we deepened the kiss, our tongues hungrily entwining.

It had been far too long since I had felt his touch, so now my body was going into overdrive.

I couldn't get enough of him, my hands roughly running over every inch of his chest under his shirt.

He slid the straps of my fluffy bunny bag off my shoulders, before breaking our heated kiss to place a giant smooch on the bunny's nose.

I cocked my eyebrow at him questioningly, as he flung it onto the couch beside us.

"That was how I found you. I recognized the damn bunny in the crowd. It deserved a kiss."

I chuckled at his idiocy.

God I had missed his stupid shit like this.

I pulled his face back down to mine, biting his lip seductively. He moaned deeply as he rubbed his solid bulge against mine.

My fingers deftly worked the button and zip on his pants, before sliding beneath his briefs and wrapping around his throbbing cock.

He inhaled sharply at my touch, followed by a groan of pleasure, as I stroked his shaft.

He quickly ripped his shirt off over his head, before moving his lips to the crook of my neck, his hands roughly groping my ass beneath my pants. He bit down on my tender skin, sending explosions of pain mixed with pleasure throughout my body. He roughly sucked my neck and shoulder so hard that I knew I would have a trail of dark hickeys later.

"Hmm... This won't do..." He panted.

"Huh?" I squeaked breathily in confusion.

He bit his lip before roughly tugging off my shirt, and lifting me up to straddle his hips.

I couldn't help but let a small giggle escape, as he carried me into the nearest bedroom, not even bothering to close the door behind him.

He roughly threw me onto the bed before crawling on top of me, and devouring my lips once again. He made quick work of both of our pants, discarding them on the floor beside the bed.

I whimpered as he pushed up onto his knees, breaking our kiss.

He smirked at me sexily, as he stroked my twitching dick with one hand, and gently massaged my balls with the other. I moaned as he brought his lips down onto my tip, swirling his tongue around it, before taking my entirety in his mouth.

My fist balled in his hair as I came closer to climax, my thighs beginning to quake uncontrollably as the pleasure took over.

" C.... Cumming!.." I moaned sensually.

My hips jerked, pressing my cock deep into his mouth as it erupted.

He gulped down my cum, before slowly pulling his mouth away, licking his lips as he stared hungrily into my eyes. "God you taste amazing.... I missed this so fucking much."

I laughed breathlessly as he leant down over me, rubbing his length against my already hardening cock.

"Heh... Looks likes someone's ready for more..." He chuckled between breaths, his eyes darting down to our junk.

I grabbed both sides of his face, and pulled it back up to mine.

"Shut up, and fuck me." I ordered, staring lustfully into his eyes.

I definitely did not need to say it twice.

He slid his hands up my thighs, pushing my knees up to my chest as he positioned himself at my entrance.

He bit his lip, and stared into my eyes as he slowly pushed his length inside me. I panted and moaned breathlessly, my face contorting with pure pleasure.

He bent down and met my lips with his, as he thrust himself faster and faster, making me moan louder as he hit that sweet spot deep inside.

My fingers clawed at his sides, the nails leaving red lines down his ribs as they broke the skin.

As the pressure built up, my thighs began to quake again.

"Mmmm.... I'm close too, Winnie... Haaah...Huff.." He moaned breathlessly.

The fact that he could tell I was about to cum was such a turn on.

I loved how he actually paid attention to the small things.

He picked up the pace, sliding his hands down to my hips, which he gripped tightly as he pulled me harder against him. His hips jerked roughly as I felt his cock pulsate inside me, spilling his hot seed in waves.

He groaned with pleasure at his release, his hand firmly wrapping around my penis. He quickly stroked it, milking my own release from me, covering both of us in my sticky hot mess.

He removed himself and flopped down onto the bed next to me, both of us panting heavily.

He turned his head to face me lazily, an enormous smile taking over his entire face. "Fuck, Winnie.... I remember it being amazing.... But that was on a whole new level!"

I rolled my face to look at him as well, before looking back up at the ceiling with a goofy grin on my lips.

I let out a breathless laugh at his comment, as he shuffled over to snuggle up to me.

"I love you so much, Winnie... Never leave my side again, okay?"

"I love you, too." I stroked his hair, as he nuzzled into my side. "You left me remember?"

"Not by choice.." He grumbled into me.

I hopped up off the bed, and walked towards the bathroom. "Come on, dumbass."

Gray sat up and called out after me. "Where are you going, baby?"

"Shower.... You coming, or what?"

Within seconds, he was right behind me.

We spent a good 30 minutes in the shower, helping clean each other, and cuddling under the warm water.

We threw on our underwear after drying off, and crawled into bed, completely exhausted, even though it was only midday.

Grayson wrapped his body protectively around mine from behind, before we drifted off to sleep in each others arms for the first time in what seemed like forever.

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