Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I hated seeing Win so torn like this.

As much as I hated the guy, he really did seem sincere, and I could tell Win really wanted to believe it, too.

I decided that the rest of today would be movie day, because after trying to get to sleep for two hours, we decided it just wasn't going to happen.

I ran downstairs to make some popcorn and grab some snacks, while Winnie chose something to watch on Netflix.

My arms were overflowing with sweets, popcorn and bags of potato chips as I ran up the stairs excitedly. By the time I got to his room Winnie had chosen something to watch, and had set it to pause on the title screen. I put the snacks down on the end of the bed and went to open the bottle of cola I had brought up.

Apparently in my excitement, I had shaken the bottle too much coming up the stairs.

Cola foam erupted from the bottle as soon as I cracked the lid, spilling down my front and on the light blue rug that was next to Wins bed. My eyes grew wide as I watched the cola soak in, and stain it with gross looking brown splodges.

"Seriously, Gray!? Now it looks like someone had explosive diarrhea on my rug!" He exclaimed in annoyance.

"Fuck! I'm sorry! Maybe I can clean it!?" I panicked, picking the rug up off the ground and looking around the room for something to clean it with.

Finding nothing in there, I turned to go ask mum for help. Win suddenly bust into laughter, making me stop in my tracks.

"I'm just fucking with you, baby! That piece of crap was already ruined. Don't freak out, okay!" He beamed mischievously.

"Oh thank fuck! I thought you actually liked this ugly thing.... Ughh... It got me too.." I looked down at my soaked clothes, and grimaced.

His smile grew wider as he looked me up and down. "Well that's a shame. I guess you'll just have to take them off."

I quickly pulled my shirt and pants off, before leaping onto the bed, making Win and the snacks bounce wildly. I settled next to him under his blanket, leaning against the wall as he snuggled into my side, before looking at the TV screen at the end of the bed.


Fuck that.

"Uh, Winnie... Baby... My love......"

He sighed heavily, obviously hearing the slight nervous tone in my voice. "What is it?"

"Could we maybe not watch a scary movie? I uh.... Don't do well....-"

"-We are definitely watching it then!" He cut in excitedly.

He leapt up and closed the door, before running over and closing his thick block out curtains, making the room scarily dark all of a sudden.

"You actually hate me, don't you?"

He grinned devilishly as he got comfy beside me once again, walking his fingers up my bare chest slowly. "I like watching you squirm. Come on, It won't be that bad. A tough guy like you can handle a movie about a little doll, right?"

The feeling of his delicate fingers against my skin sent warm tingles through my body, gathering between my legs.

"No... No I really can't." I stuttered.

He slid his fingers slowly back down my chest, looking up at me through his thick lashes. "..... Not even for me?"

His gorgeous lips turned down into the cutest little pout, and he looked at me with those sad puppy dog eyes.

There was no way I could say no to that face.

It was hard enough when he wasn't trying to be cute and sexy all at the same time.

"Ughh! Fine! I swear to God, if you make me any harder, I'll-"

He quickly pressed his lips to mine, before snuggling up and pressing play.

The movie had just started, and I already hated it. I had the blanket pulled up over my nose, so I would be able to quickly hide my eyes if I needed to. My whole body was so tense, and I jumped at every single scary part.

Win just sat there with a smirk on his face the whole time, laughing whenever I got scared.

The fucker is enjoying this waaay too much. "How are you not scared!?"

"I don't know... I find it more funny than scary." He shrugged nonchalantly.

"You are so fucking weird, Winston Summers."

"Ew! Don't call me that!" He shoved me playfully, so I picked him up and sat him on my lap to use him as a shield instead of the blanket.

After that horrible movie ended, Win begrudgingly agreed to watch something a little more light-hearted for my sake.

We finally fell asleep curled up together an hour into the second movie, and slept soundly through until morning.

We spent the next few days just hanging out at home, spending time with each other. I found it funny that not that long ago, we would've done anything to get out of the house, now we never wanted to leave.

"Oh wow. Alexander has a good lawyer, I'll give him that." Mum stated from the dining table, where she had her laptop set up.

We all went quiet at the mention of his name, and there was a tenseness that settled over the room.

"I'll just sign that digitally aaannnnndddd done!" She chirped happily. "Grayson, I am officially your legal guardian!"

"Shit! That was quick! I kind of expected him to drag it out and try to mess it up.." I guffawed, looking over her shoulder.

She chuckled triumphantly. "I guess he realized that he was screwed if he didn't."

"Is it bad that I kind of wish he didn't make it so easy, just so he could get what he deserves?"

She paused for a second, debating whether or not to speak. "Well... I mean, he still can..."

"Mum?" Win questioned cautiously.

"I could still report him and send the evidence to the authorities. I already have legal custody, so It won't put you in the middle of it all Grayson... Only if you want to, of course." She stated hesitantly.

"Do it. I hope he loses everything and then rots in prison." I said sternly.

Her face softened, full of sympathy for me. "Absolutely sure?"

"Yes. Without a doubt."

She looked down at her phone and typed away for a bit for a few minutes, before looking back at us and setting it down on the counter. "Okay, done."

I felt so much relief knowing that he wasn't going to just get away with trying to hurt my Winnie.

"Speaking of father figures.... Gray, can you uh... Text my dad for me, please? I think I want to give him a chance..." Win half mumbled.

I gave him a soft smile, before enveloping him in a warm, protective embrace. "Of course I can, baby. I'll tell him we want to meet for coffee tomorrow?"

"Yeah... Thanks gorgeous." He spoke softly into my chest.

He placed a kiss on my cheek, before heading for the stairs.

"Where are you going, Winnie?"

"I....." He started, his face suddenly full of frustration. "I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to wear tomorrow! I need to pick out something really cool! Dad always had the coolest clothes, so I can't just throw anything on!"

I choked on my own saliva as an unexpected laugh escaped my lips.

"Hurry up and come help me, asshole!" He yelled impatiently.

He hurried up the stairs to his room, where we heard his wardrobe door slam open and him rifling through his clothes.

I chuckled at his childish excitement, as did mum. "I'm so glad he's giving Jae a chance. Before he sunk into a deep, angry depression and turned to his vices, he was a really good man. He used to own one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in Korea after his father, but they found out his father had done some dirty dealings, and Jae ended up losing everything. Seeing him now, he reminds me of the man I once loved so much that I abandoned my whole world to marry. I really hope this will be good for both of them."

"Mum, did he ever hit you as well?"

She shook her head. "No, he never hit me. Unfortunately I didn't even know he was hurting Winston for quite a while. I asked him where he got all of his cuts and bruises, but he wouldn't tell me. I just assumed he was being bullied at school, and even asked the teacher to keep an eye out. I only found out when I came home from work early and found him unconscious and battered on the floor. I divorced Jae while Winston was in the hospital."

"Oh... Wow... Well, I'm glad he never hit you at least." I mumbled awkwardly. I wasn't entirely sure how to respond.

"I would've preferred it was me instead of Winston, but what mother wouldn't?" She sighed, giving me a small, sad smile.

I straightened my back, and puffed out my chest. "Don't worry, I'll make sure he stays safe. I will happily take another beating, or dish one out, for my Winnie."

"I know sweetie, thankyou. You should probably go and help him before he comes back down and gives you a beating... Like father like son....." She chuckled. "Hmmm.... Too soon?"

This woman never ceases to surprise me. "Oh god, mum! Yeah, maybe still a bit too soon... I don't think it will ever not be too soon though."

I shook my head and chuckled, before jumping up and heading to Winnies room to help him find clothes.


Call me a girl when I want to look nice for our date....

He's such a girl.

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