Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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The next morning I was a nervous wreck.

My coordination had abandoned me, leaving me to trip down the stairs, drop my coffee all over Gray, and smash my plate of breakfast all over the floor.

For someone that had always prided themselves on being a fearless, tough leader to the notorious Piranhas, this was extremely fucking embarrassing.

I could tell by the tone in his laugh and the way his lips curled up at the edges, that Gray thought my nervous breakdown was the most adorable thing ever, but that just made me even more frustrated.

"Gray, could you stop laughing for a second? Before I punch you in the throat so you can't laugh?"

He tried to reel in his laughter, taking deep breaths and jutting out his bottom lip in an attempt to hold a straight face. "Okay, okay. Sorry, baby... It's just so cute..."

"I get that. But it's not helping." I groaned in frustration.

I tried not to sound like a complete whingy bitch, but the smirk that pulled at his lips told me that I was unsuccessful.

"Tell me how I can help, Winnie."

His reply kind of stunned me, making me ramble awkwardly. "Uh... I don't know.. It's not just that easy. If it was, then I wouldn't be in this state.. "

Oh dear god I can't stop talking. Stop. Stop! STOP! Damn nervous babbling! I don't even know what I'm saying-

I couldn't stop myself, as I continued spew words senselessly.

Grayson placed his hands on either side of my face, and pulled me into a tender kiss, cutting me off mid ramble. All of my thoughts suddenly vanished, his lips on mine being the only thing that I could think about.

After a few minutes he pulled back and looked at me with that gorgeous smouldering smile of his.

"Better?" He hummed sweetly.

"......... Actually... Yes...... Thanks?" I blinked a few times in surprise. "Maybe it was that easy...."

"It's only easy because I'm here." He chuckled smugly.

I punched his arm playfully, as his smile turned cheeky.

Mum came down the stairs, impeccably dressed for work.

It was the last week of school holidays, but mum still had to go to work. She looked even nicer than usual, though. Her lips were a little glossier, her hair worn in slight waves to one side, and she was wearing her favourite skirt that accentuated her slim hourglass figure.

I smirked knowingly at her. "Let me guess, you're about to offer to drop us off to meet dad on your way to work?"

She looked surprised at my observation skills.

"Well, yeah I was... How did you-" She paused for a second, before relaxing her posture, sighing, and giggling softly. "-.........Because you're just like your damn father.... Nothing gets past either of you easily... What was the giveaway?"

"You look even more beautiful than usual, mum.... Plus, you only ever wear that skirt when you are trying to impress someone.."

Gray's eyebrows were raised in surprise. "I need to write these things down for future reference. Do you really notice small details like that all the time, Winnie?"

"What, like the fact that you forgot to do your fly up, or the fact that you haven't washed those jeans since before the accident?"

"What!? That's not true!..." He guffawed. "How could you tell?"

"Not telling." I winked at him as he frantically inspected his pants for any tell-tale signs.

I was just bullshitting, but it was funny to watch him panic.

Kind of gross that I was right, though.

"Go change into clean jeans, please? I want my dad to like you, not think you are some grot." I moaned impatiently.

He groaned at me in annoyance, but obeyed like a good little puppy.

"And put those ones in the wash!" I called out after him.

He groaned even louder from upstairs, while mum tried to hold in her laughter.

He returned a few minutes later, in an almost identical pair of black jeans. "There. Happy now?"

"Yes. Much better. Come on, you're going to make mum late for work."

We got in the car, and mum drove us to the biggest coffee shop in the middle of town.

When we pulled up out front, I could see my dad waiting for us by the door. He was fidgeting nervously, twisting the wedding ring that still sat on his finger.

I was too nervous to move fast, so mum got out of the car first.

"Shit, B-Bethany. You look amazing!" Dad gawked at her stupidly, before clearing his throat and averting his eyes in embarrassment.

Mum blushed slightly, also unable to look at him properly.

I finally dragged my ass out of the car, and rolled my eyes exaggeratedly at the tow of them. "Ughh.. Get a room."

Grayson elbowed me, as my grin spread from ear to ear.

"Winston!" Mum scolded, her face as red as a tomato. "Thankyou, Jae... You look great, too.. I uh... Should go... I'm already late..."

"W-We should, uh... Catch up sometime maybe, Beth? I-If that's okay..?" He stuttered, as mum turned to get back in the car.

They looked like a couple of awkward teenagers trying to confess their feelings for each other. I knew mum was internally panicking, because she hadn't replied yet, which in turn was making dad start to panic.

I guess I need to step in.. "She would love to, dad. I mean, if she didn't want to, she wouldn't have dressed up so much and then offered to drop us off...."

Mum smacked me on the back of my head at the same time that Gray did, which just made dad laugh.

"Winnie, don't be so mean to mum!" Grayson growled teasingly.

Dad let out a chuckle as a brilliant smile lit up his face, his confidence suddenly skyrocketing. " I like this guy already!... So, pick you up at 10am on Saturday, Beth?"

Mum nodded, her face still burning red, before she gave a quick wordless wave, and jumped in her car.

After she left, the three of us headed inside to find a table and order some coffee.

We sat down awkwardly, twiddling our thumbs, no one knowing what to say.

"So..... Uh..... What's new? I don't know what to say here.... I want to know everything I have missed, but I don't know where to start.." Dad began, chuckling nervously.

I took a deep breath and thought for a minute. "Well, the last few years were basically an angsty, violent, drunken blur.... A few gang fights, a lot of drinking... That kind of stuff..."

"Gang fights!?" He exclaimed in surprise.

Gray chimed in, "Oh yeah, Winnie is the leader of The Piranhas...They are-"

"-The gang that controls most of the town? The cab driver from the airport told me to watch out for them... That's you?!" Dad interjected, seeming both amazed and excited.

Why does he seem so happy?

I kind of wanted him to scold me, or be upset.

"I'm... I'm so proud! Is that bad?" He beamed.

He's proud?

I think I like that better, actually.

Neither me or Grayson could hold back our grins at my dads excitement.

We ended up talking for hours. He told us about his time in prison, and how he had run his own small gang on the inside, and then his voluntary stay in rehab.

When we told him about everything that had happened in the past few months, he looked like he was about to cry. "I'm so sorry you all had to deal with so much, and that I wasn't there for you like a dad should be."

He abruptly stood, and walked around to stand between Grayson and I, which made Gray visibly tense. Dad pulled us both into a huge hug, which took us by surprise, but eventually, I watched Gray relax.

I had missed my dad's hugs so fucking much.

"I hate to admit it, but I like this dad." Gray sighed, a warm smile softening his features.

"Yeah, me too." I agreed happily.

Dad pulled back, tears forming in his eyes. "You.. You called me dad?"

"Well, I call my mother in law mum, so it's only right to call my father in law dad, right? Unless it makes you uncomfortable of course?" Gray shrugged.

"No! I-I like it! Thankyou, Grayson."

My tough nut, awesome, super cool dad, was sitting in the middle of a busy coffee shop, crying like a blubbering girl.

It was embarrassing as fuck, but it would be even worse if I didn't hold back my own tears.

"Don't think you're forgiven, though. Take this as parole... One wrong move and you're fucked. Got it?" Grayson grinned, clapping my dad on the back.

"Yeah! Of course! Thankyou boys so much! Ah, damnit.. I can't stop crying... Fuck.. I look like such a wimp..." He chuckled through his tears.

I couldn't say anything. If I did, I was sure to end up in the same state as my dad.

I got a text from mum asking if we had made it home safely.

I hadn't realized that it was already so late, so mum said she would pick us up on her way home.

We said our goodbyes, dad trying his best to look strong and manly in front of mum, even though his eyes were red and puffy from crying.

Back at home, Grayson went straight into the kitchen to make dinner, which he had insisted on doing on the drive back. He said he felt like celebrating such a good day, and that mum should have a relaxing bubble bath while he cooked.

Ever the gentleman.

I had gone up for a shower while he was busy in the kitchen, and came back down as he was putting the finishing touches on dinner.

What the fuck? "A cake? I thought you said you were making dinner!"

"Yeah, we're having cake for dinner!" He beamed cheekily.

"You're a fucking idiot, Grayson."

My words were harsh, but I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face.

Mum came down soon after, and stared at the cake in confusion.

"Mum! I made cake!" Gray announced innocently like a pleased child.

"I see that.... That's for after dinner, right?"

"Nope." I mimicked Grayson's smile. "That is dinner.."

She shrugged, as if it was a completely normal thing. "Oh... Okay... Well, at least I didn't have to cook! And it looks delicious! Hurry up and serve it, Grayson. I'm starving."

I shook my head at my weird boyfriend, and at how casually my mum accepted every stupid thing he did.

Today had been the best day in such a long time, it was almost hard to believe that it had actually happened.

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