Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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We were both woken up by our phones on the last Saturday of the school holidays.

Winnie groaned, and snuggled into my chest further, while I checked the message.


ZACH: Long time no see guys! Just got back from China... Station tonight??


AERYN: Hey, you were with me!


ARIEL: I didn't go anywhere... I just had assignments and work... But I'm down, I NEED a drink.... Has anyone heard from Win lately? Win.. You there?

MASON: Last I heard was he was heading to London to try to find Gray... That was about 2 weeks ago, I think? Do you think he found him? I miss them both.

GRAYSON: We missed you too, Mase.


ZACH: Shit! He lives! Does this mean you're back!? What happened?

GRAYSON: Winnie found me =) I'll tell you guys everything tonight, okay? I'm too lazy to text it all...

LOUISA: OH MY GOD! I can't wait!!!

***** END TEXT*****

I grinned at my phone like an idiot.

I couldn't wait to see our friends. In the week that we had been home, we had been way too caught up in ourselves to even think to message anyone else, and I had only recently gotten a new phone which thankfully came with a new sim card with the same number.

"Winnie.... Baby booooy... Wake up!"

He buried his face further into my chest, mumbling sleepily against my skin. "No...Donwanna..."

"We're going to the station tonight, okay? Loui is dying to hang out with someone other than Aeryn.. And they can't wait to see us." I chuckled softly, ruffling his hair.

He tilted his face towards mine, his wavy hair sticking out in a wild, untamed mess, and his eyes still half closed.

He looked like such a baby, I had to fight back the urge to pinch his cheeks, knowing that he would punch me if I did.

"Okay... I'm down, but can you shut up and let me sleep more?" He yawned.

I chuckled some more, and began planting little kisses all over his face, making him pout and wriggle in my embrace out of annoyance.

His cute little giggle and snorts betrayed him though. "Fuuuuuccckkkkk offffffffffffffffffffffff!!!"

"Ughhh you're too fucking cute! I just want to smoosh you and then eat you up!"

"That's creepy if you think about it... When someone says that something is so cute they want to eat it up...." He cringed, crinkling up his little button nose.

I smirked at him, lowering my voice to a velvety growl, as I trailed my finger down his jawline. "Winnie baby, I meant that in a completely sexual way...."

".......... Ohhhh........ Shut up....." He grumbled, swatting my hand away as he blushed.

We spent half of the day in bed before I finally convinced Win to get up.

Mum was out on her date with dad, and apparently it was going well, seeing as she sent us a picture message of them together at an amusement park.

God they are cute together...

They both look so happy, too.

Note to self, definitely taking Winnie there sometime. I can see lots of cute fluffy things in the background.

Dad dropped mum home as the sun began to set, Win and I watching from the living room window.

She handed the motorcycle helmet back to him after hopping off the bike, and took a few steps towards the house before stopping. She whirled around and walked back to him, placing a tender kiss on his lips, before briskly walking back to the house.

She leant her back on the front door after closing it behind her, her cheeks a deep crimson.

Dad just stared after her with an enormous, goofy smile.

Win wolf whistled at her as I puckered my lips, and made childish kissy noises.

She jumped at the sudden noise, apparently not realising we had been watching.

"Oh, God.... You.... You saw that, didn't you?" She stuttered in embarrassment.

"Definitely." I beamed cheekily.

Win waggled his eyebrows suggestively, making her blush even more. "So, you and dad, hey?"

"Uh... We.. We are going to give it another go.... If that's okay with you boys?" She asked quietly.

"Of course, mum. I want you to be happy, okay?" Win smiled softly, gathering mum in a hug.

They both looked so happy, it made me feel bad that someone of my blood had hurt them so bad in the first place.

"You guys looked really cute in that photo." I offered shyly.

Mum grinned widely, her face shining bright. "Thankyou boys, really... Ahh, I feel like my heart is about to explode!"

I had never seen her smile so brilliantly before.

She excused herself, and headed up the stairs to her room.

Win and I continued to get ready to go to the station.

We said goodbye to mum and headed off, this time telling her the truth about what we were doing. She was surprisingly okay with it, as long as we promised to be careful and stay out of trouble.

When we pulled up to the station, it was already dark, and the building seemed eerily quiet.

"Huh... Usually you can hear them from out here.. Maybe we're the first to arrive?" Win said, looking as confused as I felt.

Win did the secret little knock thing, but no one answered.

We shared a confused look, before he shook the door. It creaked open at the force, meaning someone had moved the locker out of the way.

My body tensed as I peered into the pitch black of the station. I placed myself in front of Win protectively, worried that something was wrong.

I cautiously stepped in ahead of him, muscles coiled, ready for anything.

Well, not quite anything.

The fairy lights suddenly switched on, and the fire roared to life, as all of our friends simultaneously yelled "WELCOME HOME" at the top of their lungs.

I jumped back in fright, almost falling flat on my ass.

"Jesus fucking Christ! I almost shit my pants, guys!" Win yelled with a start, placing his hand on his chest.

I straightened myself up, dusting my clothes off. "Same here!"

"That was the point of the whole surprise thing..." Zach shrugged, a massive grin on his face.

We walked over to the fire and Loui ran over, pulling us both into a massive hug. "We seriously missed you so much, Gray! And we missed Win, too.... He was definitely not himself without you..."

"I'm.... Glad you guys are okay... For real..." Aeryn mumbled, his face tinged pink while he avoided eye contact.

"Awwww, Faeryyyyy!" I jokingly walked over and wrapped Aeryn in a big hug, but to my surprise, he hugged me back.

"Ew... That's cute." Ariel grimaced, beofre pretending to gag.

Connor shoved her shoulder softly, "You're such a guy, Ariel."

"And you're such a damn girl, Connor." She laughed, shoving him back harder.

"Oi! Sit! Drink!" Mase called from the couches.

We sat in our usual spot on the couch, next to where Mason sat, arms wrapped around Zach, who sat in his lap.

Loui skipped over and handed us some drinks, and we sat around catching them up on everything that had happened in the last month and a half.

At 1AM, everyone said goodbye and parted ways.

We hadn't brought the motorbike with us, because we knew we would drink too much to be able to drive back. Instead, we decided to walk home. It would probably take us ages, but I didn't care.

I held Winnie's hand in mine as we wandered through the industrial district, and came into the buzzing hub of the city.

Seeing all of the food joints made me suddenly hungry.

"Baby, pick somewhere to eat!"

His gorgeous face lit up when he spotted a small shop wedged between a club and a pizza joint.

I could tell straight away that the sign was written in Korean, but it took me a few minutes to understand it.

"K-oo-k eh-n b-i eo.......... Ahhh.. Cook 'n' Beer! I'm getting much better at this!" I exclaimed drunkenly.

Win had already disappeared inside, and was ordering something in Korean.

He looked at me questioningly, before remembering that I couldn't understand him when he spoke Korean at his normal speed.

He was trying his best to help me learn, so he spoke slowly and clearly for me. "Mwo meokgo sipeoyo? (What do you want to eat?)"

I looked at the menu and decided on sweet and spicy fried chicken. I fumbled over the words as I tried to ask for it in Korean, and Win flashed me a huge smile at my sad drunken attempt.

After I had finished eating, I had to run to the bathroom.

When I returned, I found Win talking to a few girls.

I didn't need to be able to understand them to know that they were gushing over how cute he was.

Jealousy burned inside me as I stalked closer to the table.

Usually, Win would be cold towards strangers, but he was flashing them his adorable, slightly dimpled smile as she spoke.

That just made it worse.

I angrily stood next to him, swaying slightly from the alcohol.

The girls asked him something, which he agreed with, before I abruptly grabbed his arm and dragged him outside.

"We're going now, Winnie." I growled angrily.

He stumbled along after me, "What? What's wrong, Gray? Did something happen?"

I watched the confusion and worry cross his face, as I pulled him away from the crowds of people, and down a dark, quiet alley...

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