Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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As I sat and waited for Gray to finish in the bathroom, a familiar face skipped over to our table.


I looked up to see Eugene's older sister Alexis, with one of her friends. She had moved back to Korea a year ago, but Gene hadn't mentioned that she had come back.

(A/N: * means they are speaking in Korean. - Noona is a Korean term used by males when addressing an older sister, or close older female friend.)

* "Noona!? How have you been? Gene didn't tell me you were back!" I beamed in excitement.

She chuckled lightly, shaking her head in amusement. * " That doesn't surprise me at all. Hey, so is what Gene said true? Was that your boyfriend sitting with you just now?"

I blushed at the mention of Gray, and my lips turned up into a drunken grin. Usually I held back the smile that tried to spread across my face at the mention of my boyfriend, but I was still much too drunk to have any control over that.

*" Yeah, that's my idiot."

*"Oh my god, that's so cute! You guys are an adorable couple!" Alexis squealed, clapping her hands together gleefully.

I grinned, my cheeks flushing an even darker shade than the alcohol had already tinted them, as I swayed slightly from intoxication. "Thanks, nooooooona!"

I had a lot of respect for my noona. She had treated me like her little brother from the second Gene introduced us.

All of a sudden, I felt a hand clasp firmly around my wrist, yanking me from my seat.

I hadn't even noticed that Grayson had returned.

He did NOT look happy.

"What? What's wrong, Gray? Did something happen?"

He dragged me away from the busy street and down a quiet alley, before pushing me against the wall behind a building.

His lips instantly found the side of my neck, roughly biting and sucking on the tender skin. I let out a soft moan as his hands hungrily groped every inch of my body.

"Ah... Gray?...Haaah.." I panted, as my body grew hotter from his touch.

He growled aggressively in my ear, "How could you smile at someone else like that? I don't like seeing you being so nice to others when they gush over you!"

I suddenly realised what he was going on about, and let out an amused chuckle.

God he's cute when he's jealous.

I snaked my hand down his body, before firmly gripping him, making him freeze in place while a devious smirk pulled at the corner of my mouth.

I literally had him by the balls.

"She wasn't gushing about me.... She was gushing about how fucking adorable my boyfriend and I are..." I purred menacingly back to him.

I shoved him back so he leant against the opposing wall of the alley, before yanking his head down to mine, and devouring his lips in a hungry, passionate kiss.

I spoke breathlessly between kisses against his lips, as his hand made it's way into my pants where he began to stroke me. "I love it when you get jealous, baby.."

He let out a deep moan, as I deftly undid his pants, wrapping my hand around his throbbing shaft, and began to move my hand in time with his.

Fire surged through my body with every stroke, sending me further and further into ecstasy.

He rolled us over so my back was pressed against the wall, but to his surprise, I rolled over again and shoved him hard against the wall instead.

I could see the shock on his face in the dim light, that was quickly taken over by hunger again.

I nudged his shoulder, and he promptly turned around, pressing his backside against my hips.

As much as I loved being fucked by him, there was something about seeing him in this submissive state that just made me lose control.

"Mmm... Fuck me hard, baby.." He whined impatiently, rubbing himself against me.

I pulled his pants down around his muscular thighs, roughly groping his perfect ass cheeks before releasing myself from my jocks.

He arched his back, rubbing himself against my throbbing member, while he let out a series of thirsty moans.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I spread his cheeks and pushed myself deep inside of him, sending electricity tingling through every inch of my body with the pleasure.

I balled my fist in Gray's hair as I thrust with a steady pace, my other hand firmly gripping his hip.

The sounds that escaped his lips were so fucking hot.

He was whining and moaning like a little bitch, making me feel the need to do him even harder.

I could feel my legs begin to tremble again, as I slid my hand around to his front, and rubbed him to my rhythm.

He was breathless as he spoke, his voice pitching much higher than usual as he lost control. "Shit, Winnie!.... Mmm, faster!... I'm- Haaaah!"

I sped up the pace, bringing him over the edge as his hips jerked, bringing him to climax. As he did, his body tensed around my shaft, forcing me to finish in unison.

"God fucking damn..." I exhaled shakily, as I rested my head against his back, trying catch my breath.

I felt the vibrations of his laugh before I heard him chuckle. "Fuck I love you, Winnie... You know... You're the only person I would ever let dominate me like that.."

"Damn fucking straight, I am! Are you trying to get fucked again!?" I teased.

He turned around and wrapped his arms around me, a cheeky grin lighting up his face in the dark. "Hey, I wouldn't say no to that..."

I bit my lip as I considered it, before I realised how late it had become. "Ughh... As much as I would love to do that again, we told mum we wouldn't be out all night... It's 3am, Gray."

"Oh, Fuck..." He mumbled, screwing up his face.

We quickly fixed ourselves up, before heading back out of the alley.

As we passed Cook 'n' Beer, Alexis and her friend walked out of the front door.

Gray let out a low grumble, and pulled his face into a scowl, as I dragged him over to introduce them.

"Noona! I want to properly introduce you to my rude ass of a boyfriend! Sorry for leaving so abruptly before..."

"That's okay, sweetie! I got the feeling that there was a slight misunderstanding..." She giggled, extending her hand to Grayson. "I'm Alexis, Eugene's older sister, Win's adopted sister, and a raging lesbian. Nice to meet you!"

Gray looked a little shocked and embarrassed, as he shook her hand gently. "Ah... Yeah, It's nice to meet you, too... I'm sorry for being such an ass.... I get a little... Jealous...."

"God, I just want to smoosh your face!" She gushed, before turning to me and clearing her throat. "Win, you may want to do your fly up... Otherwise, people may think you guys just banged in an alley or something.."

I zipped my pants up and blushed furiously, as Gray's face grew a deep red, and both of us looked in opposite directions guiltily.

"Ohhhhh... Damn..... Well... Uh... Foot in mouth?.... Anyway, I'd better head off. Gene needs a ride home from the police station, yet again... We need to catch up soon, okay?"

"Of course, noona!" I laughed, giving her a massive hug.

"Drive safe!" Gray added, before Alexis enveloped him in a hug, too.

We waved her off as we started heading home.

I knew we wouldn't arrive until sunrise now, but I decided that if mum got upset, I would just invite dad over, and she would forget about it instantly.

Perks of mum and dad dating again.

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