Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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On Monday morning, I woke up to Win sleepily slapping my face, in an attempt to get me to turn off the horrible screeching of my alarm.

“Turn that fucking thing off already, baby...” He grumbled in annoyance.

I rolled over and grabbed my phone to turn it off, realising that it had been going off for a solid 20 minutes.

We were verging on being late to the first day back at school.

That woke me up. I sat up in bed, trying to shake Win awake. “Fuck. Baby, we’ve got to get up. School starts in 25 minutes.”

He slapped my hand away lazily,“Nooooooooooooooooooo..... ” before burying his face under his pillow.

My bedroom door suddenly swung open, Win’s dad grinning ear to ear deviously.

The resemblance between the two of them was scary some days.

“You boys are decent under those covers, right? He teased, his smile growing wider as he waggled his eyebrows.

I nodded as he walked over and ripped the blankets off of us, revealing Win, who had curled up and buried himself underneath everything.

Jaewon chuckled, “Rise and shine, Win!”

I couldn’t help but laugh as Win tried to snuggle into me more, trying to escape the sudden coldness.

“Go away daaaaaaaad.”

“Nope! Hurry up and get dressed! I made you breakfast, and I’m taking you to school. ”

Wins head perked up at the mention of food, before he quickly flipped around to sit facing his dad on the edge of the bed. “Hotteok?”

A/N: Hotteok are Korean sweet pancakes traditionally filled with brown sugar syrup.

He gave a quick, sharp nod of his head. “Obviously! It’s still your favourite, right?”

“Fuck yes!” Win exclaimed, before dashing for the stairs like an excited little kid.

Jaewon chuckled lightly before yelling, “We wear clothes at the table, Winston!”

There was a thud as Win tripped over climbing back up the stairs to grab his uniform from his room. Seconds later he emerged with his shirt half buttoned, as he jumped back towards the stairs, while pulling his pants up.

“Gray! Hurry the fuck up! Hotteok are best when they’re warm!” He yelled from the stairs, as he half tripped down most of them.

“Coming, Winnie!” I chuckled, as dad headed downstairs. I quickly threw on my clothes, and hurried down after them.

I sat at the table in front of a steaming pile of delicious smelling, yet strange looking pancakes. I cautiously picked one up, while Winnie scoffed his second one down.

“Oh, shit! These are awesome! Can I get the recipe off you later, dad?”

He chuckled lightly, “Of course you can, Gray. Grab a couple and eat them on the way, we need to leave now. ”

Win piled his hands up, and gestured for me to grab his bag for him before we jumped in the car.

At school, I was met with a series of shocked looks and whispers.

Apparently there were a lot of rumours floating around as to why I had suddenly left. My car accident had been all over the news, and word of the divorce had spread pretty quickly too, but other that that everyone had their own ideas as to what had happened.

A girl I was only semi familiar with from math class leapt out in front of me, forcing me to stop in my tracks. “Grayson! Is it true that you ran away with a sexy doctor after cheating on Win?”

I stared at her, blinking in astonishment. That had to be one of the stupidest questions I had ever heard. “What the fuck? The only way I would run away with a sexy doctor, is if Win became one.”

Mmmm.. Dr. Winston...

“... Ooh.... Winnie, can we play dress up later? I suddenly want to play doctors...” I purred into Winnie’s ear, loud enough for everyone around us to hear.

Winnie blushed furiously, shoving me in the chest lightly in embarrassment. “Oh god! Do you have to say that so loud? Thanks for that... Looks like I will need to find a doctors outfit...”

The girl blushed and giggled at us, before apologizing and running off. I slung my arm around Wins shoulder as we walked further into the school, before going our separate ways for class.

As I walked into industrial tech, I was stopped abruptly again, by someone I would really rather not bump into. Ever.

“Grayson.. Can I uhh.. Talk to you outside for a minute?” Derek asked cautiously, his whole body tense.

He obviously knew how much I wanted to pummel his face into the ground.

The nervous energy he was giving off unfortunately made me really curious. I decided to hold back the urge to beat him to a pulp until I had satisfied my curiosity.

We walked around the building, Derek twiddling his thumbs anxiously, looking at his feet.

“What do you want? Spit it out already.” I growled impatiently.

“I.... Uh.... Uhmmm... ”

“.... Look.... I, uh ... I’m sorry for being such a dick....” He finally stuttered. “Can you.. Maybe... Help me apologize to Win?”

I was slightly stunned. “You..... You want to apologize to him?”

“Yeah.... You probably already guessed, but I uh.... Like guys.... I was scared when I realised I was... Uh... Gay... And it came out as aggression... I have been seeing a psychologist for my anger since I attacked Win...” He rubbed his hands over his face in frustration, “God... I can’t believe I did that to him...”

I must have looked like an utter idiot with the way I was staring at him wide eyed, with my mouth hanging open in shock. “H-have you told anyone else about... You know.. The whole being gay thing?”

“N-no... You’re the first person I have told... My dad will kill me... But I can’t hold it in anymore...”

“You’re not still going after my Winnie, are you? Because even if you apologize, he will still loathe you, and so will I. What you tried to do to him shook him to his core, Derek.” I stated, doing everything in my power not to scream the words at him.

Derek looked down at his feet once again, this time a look of shame and guilt clouding his features. “I-I know... I don’t expect forgiveness, but I still have to apologise. And uh.. No I uh... I’m seeing someone else.”

“Besides, as much as I hate to admit it, you could easily kill me. I value my life too much to go near your boyfriend.” He added, chuckling awkwardly.

“So you do have a brain!” I laughed, slapping him on the back, causing him to flinch. “I’ll tell Win you want to apologise, but if he says no, then that’s it okay? Just because you suddenly want to be a decent human being, doesn’t mean he has to listen to you.”

“No, I know. Thankyou for your help, seriously.” He gave a weak smile, before heading into class ahead of me.

Zach and Mason gave me a seriously confused look as I entered the room behind Derek.

I walked over to our table and spoke in a low tone, “So, Derek just came out to me.... Lips zipped though. I’m looking at you Mason. It’s not for us to tell.”

Mase looked hurt as I eyed him seriously. “I’m not that bad, am I? I would never out someone like that... God I hope I haven’t accidentally before..”

“You outed me, asshole.” Zach grumbled, bonking Mason on the head with a small length of wood.

“Ooh, baby! You know I love it when you hit me with your wood!”

Zach quickly clamped his hand over Mason’s mouth, only to result in his hand being licked. “I’m going to kill you.”

“Choke me, daddy! Suffocate me with your big co-..gumf!

“Choke on that wood, bitch.” Zach mumbled grumpily, the hint of a wicked smile pulling up the corner of his lips as Mason spat out a mouthful of wood chips and sawdust.

I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. “You guys are like, a whole different level of kinky.”

At lunch time, we made our way to our usual spot, only to find it occupied by a bunch of younger students.

“What the fuck?” Mason exclaimed.

I crossed my arms over my chest, and spoke in a domineering tone, “Oi kids, this is our spot. Pack up and find somewhere else, before Boss gets here.”

Calling Win “Boss” seriously did things to me.

The kid that turned to reply had the most annoying face I had ever seen. It was just so punchable. His attitude just so happened to amplify the burning urge to sling a fist into his jaw.

“This ‘was’ your spot. It’s ours now. Get lost before I beat the shit out of you.” He called out smugly.

I burst into laughter, getting strange looks from his group of friends.

One of the boy’s looked familiar, and when Zach piped up, I realized why.

“Caleb, Win sits here, understand?”

The boy’s eyes went wide, before he quickly stood and urged his friends to move. “Sorry, Uncles! I had no Idea, we will leave now!”

The punchable kid grabbed Caleb’s arm, stopping him from retreating any further. “Don’t be a pussy, Caleb. Just because they are older, doesn’t mean they own the place.”

“You don’t understand. You don’t want to mess with the Boss.” Caleb said as he tried to pry his arm from the kid’s grasp.

“The Boss? What cocky asshole goes around calling themselves ‘The Boss’? Does he think he’s some kind of gang leader? This is high school for fuck’s sake, I’m not scared of some entitled jerkoff.” He laughed, finally pushing Caleb away, and crossing his arms over his puffed-out chest.

As if on cue, Win rounded the corner, his face dropping when he saw what was going on.

“What’s this?”

I smirked, “Little twat thinks he’s a big man, Boss.”

I could see the smile threatening to escape when I called him Boss, but he managed to mainly keep his scowl in place.

Win walked up to the kid and glared at him, making the boy flinch a little even though he was taller. “Oh yeah... Big man hey? Too bad, I’m no longer in a good enough mood to humour you, kid. Scram, before I break your legs.”

“What’s a short ass like you-”

“-Sorry, Boss! We’re leaving! Don’t mind him, he’s and idiot. It’s an honour to see you, Boss!” Caleb cut the kid off, quickly pushing him in the opposite direction, and bowing to Win out of respect.

A smile spread over Winnie’s face as we sat down at our table to eat, until I brought up Derek.

“He what?”

“He wants to apologise to you. If you’ll allow it, of course.”

He sighed heavily, “Ah. I thought today was going to be decent because it started with hotteok, but it’s just annoying. I had to put up with Sofia whinging about her sore boobs all fucking art class, now this.”

He contemplated for a second, “Yeah, I’ll listen to the asshole. I’m over what he did anyway. Too much shit has happened since then to dwell on it.”

Geez, Winnie. You’re much nicer than you let on.”

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