Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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*Nurse Gray*

I had made some calls during the day, and had managed to score some old uniforms off of the nurse I had met while I was in the hospital.

I swung by and picked them up after school without telling Win, because I knew he would try to stop me if I did.

When I got home, Win was listening to music on his bed, and mum was at work. I locked his bedroom door, flicked on the light and closed the curtains, before throwing the scrubs and white doctors coat at him.

He gave me a confused look, picking up the clothes and inspecting them. “No way.... This is why you made me walk home by myself!? I didn’t think you were serious about the whole doctor role play thing.... ”

“Winnie baby, when have I ever not been serious about something kinky?”

“Good point...” He said, crinkling up his cute little nose. “So, I’m the doctor and you’re the patient?”

I held up another uniform, a cheeky smile plastered on my face. “Nope. I’m the nurse!”

“How is that going to work?” He questioned, seemingly trying to work out the scenario in his mind.

I grinned even wider as I quickly changed into the scrubs, and Win followed suit, still trying to figure out how this was going to go.

As soon as I was dressed, I snapped into character. “Dr. Summers, are you okay? You look exhausted after looking after so many patients.”

“Ah...... Y-yeah.... I guess... ” He stammered.

I rolled my eyes at Wins awkwardness. I was obviously going to have to take the lead with getting him in the mood. “Why don’t you sit down, and let me help you relax?”

I pulled out his computer chair, and pushed him down into it. I brought my lips to his neck, nibbling on the tender sweet spot just below his ear, as I slid my hand into his pants. Gently, I stroked his hardening length, making him let out a low moan.

His hand found the back of my head and balled in my hair, as my hand moved faster and faster. My lips found his in a heated kiss, our tongues tangling together hungrily.

“Oh.... Doctor.... I think you.... Have a fever.... You feel... Awfully hot... I’ll have to... Check your temperature...” I panted between kisses.

I picked him up and lay him on the bed without breaking our kiss, pulling the back of his pants down just enough to expose his cute little bubble butt. I roughly groped his perky little ass, before gently sliding my finger into his entrance, making him gasp and moan as I moved it in and out.

Mmmmmm.... You definitely have a fever, Doctor. I guess I will have to take care of you.”

I rubbed my solid bulge against his, letting out a deep moan as the pressure built up inside. “Doctor, I think I’m going to need to give you an injection...”

A smirk pulled up at the corner of Wins lips, as he lay beneath me panting and moaning. “Nurse Gray, I am the Doctor here, so I will be the one to administer any injections.”

He pushed me over so I was sitting on the bed, leaning against the wall, where he climbed on top of me and straddled my legs. A devilish smile spread across his face, and I couldn’t help but mirror it, as he pulled both of our throbbing shafts out, and rubbed them together. I could feel him pulsating against me, sending me further and further into ecstasy.

He pulled his pants off, discarding them on the bed next to us, as he positioned himself over me. My hands gripped his ass cheeks as he lowered himself onto me, until he had taken my entirety inside him. He rocked his hips, making his bubble butt bounce up and down.

This was literally my favourite dirty fantasy coming true.

Wins squeaky, breathless moans while he rode my rock solid dick, made my mind and body feel like it was about to burst.

Especially my penis. ;)

My hands gripped his hips, as he brought his lips to mine and pressed himself against my chest, rubbing himself against my stomach as he moved.

As the pleasure piqued, I felt his familiar quake, so I gripped his cock, and stroked it in time with him.

“I’m.... Haahh... Fuuuck..” I moaned between my short, heavy breaths.

“Me too..” Winnie squeaked, before softly grunting, “... Hngg!... ”

I pressed myself up as I pulled him down, erupting deep inside of him. At the same time, streams of hot cum exploded from his twitching length, all over the both of us.

Win sat on top of me, his face burning red as he tried to catch his breath.

I loved that he could go from ferocious sex god, to adorable, cute fluff ball in mere seconds.

I chuckled lightly, taking in the sight before me, and the mess we had made. “Doctor... I don’t think we can give these uniforms back anymore... ”

“So... Uhmm... That... Was definitely....” Win started breathlessly, “I think we may have to do that more often...”

I grinned deviously, as I ran my hands up under his scrubs, flicking my thumbs over his erect nipples “Can you wear a dress next time?”

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