Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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The feeling of his boner pressed up against my back was making me ridiculously hot. He had to lean forward for me to be able to hear his directions over the roar of the motor, meaning his chest was leaning on my back and his hands had move from the back of the bike, up to my shoulders.

Dear God, I never want this ride to end. I always thought I would only be a top, but I could definitely get used to this..

I knew we must have been getting closer as we crossed over into an old looking industrial district. Win motioned for me to slow down, before coming to a stop in front of a large wire fence, with rusty barbed wire coiled intimidatingly around the top to stop anyone who dared intrude.

Win quickly jumped off as I turned off the motor, both of us taking a few minutes to try to calm ourselves.

I finally spoke after a slightly awkward silence.

"So, this is the place? How do we get in? I don't suppose you have a key for that ridiculously large padlock?" I said, nodding my head towards the heavily rusted lock that secured the gate shut with an equally rusted chain. "Please don't tell me we have to climb over.."

Getting tetanus is definitely not on my to-do list.

"Bring the bike over this way for me." Win beckoned, as he walked along the fence.

I followed him for a few feet before he stopped and grabbed at the fence, giving it a few hard shakes. The fence came away from one of the support poles, to reveal a well hidden, pre-cut entrance just big enough to fit the bike through.

Win pulled the wire back as I ducked down and pushed his motorbike inside, before following me in and resealing the fence shut.

"Can't leave the bike out on the street or it will get taken. There are a lot thieves around here." He smirked at me.

We walked across a large empty parking lot and came up to a small, old abandoned building, that looked like it hadn't been used since the early 90's.

The solid concrete walls were covered with chipped, worn white and off cream paint. On the old metal roof stood a small radio tower, that had rusted and buckled on an awkward angle.

We set the bike under a small awning off to the side before walking up the large rusted metal doors.

I could hear multiple voices coming from inside, the most obvious one being Mason's unmistakable bellowing laugh.

"Assholes started without us." Win huffed in annoyance.

He rapped his knuckles rhythmically on the door.

I cocked an eyebrow at him in obvious amusement. "A secret knock? Really Winnie?"

"Shut up.... I know it's kind of lame, but it serves a purpose."

The sound of old metal scraping against cement offended our ears for a second, before the door opened revealing an unfamiliar face.

"Win!" The guy beamed with excitement before his gaze fell on me, his face dropping to a scowl. "Who's this?"

Win rolled his eyes as he answered. "Just some dickhead."

I looked the guy up and down. He had thick dark hair, cropped close to his head and a face full of perfectly maintained stubble. He was covered in old school tattoos and had large silver stretchers in his ear lobes. Height wise, he was only a little bit shorter than me, but his body was probably just as muscular.

That could also have jus been because of the way he was standing. He was quite clearly trying to puff his chest out and flex his arms. I guess he was intimidated by me. There was a heavy tension between the two of us as we glowered at each other, both trying to look more dominant than the other.

"I'm Grayson."

".... Aeryn."

There was a beat of awkward, tense silence.


Mason suddenly burst past Aeryn, knocking him slightly off balance and thankfully breaking the tension. He jumped up and threw an arm around my shoulder, dragging me inside to join the others.

The horrible scraping noise resumed as Aeryn pushed an old metal locker unit back in front of the door to lock it.

Win had taken a seat next to Zach on an old couch that was set up with a few other seats around a small bonfire, in front of a large hole in the back wall that spanned from floor to ceiling. There was some random screamo song playing from a portable speaker, and as Mason dragged me closer, I realized that the hole in the wall revealed an absolutely breathtaking view of the neighbouring city.

I knew we had gone up a few hills, but I didn't think we had gone this far up. This is stunning! I thought to myself as I stood at the edge of the building, which led to a sheer drop down the hillside.

Fairy lights hung from the ceiling, assisting the odd lamp to dimly light the area.

"This is actually way cooler than I was expecting." I stated, slightly in awe.

A petite, long haired blonde girl jumped up and ran over to me excitedly.

"Fresh meat!" She exclaimed drunkenly. "I'm name! What's your Louisa!?"

Zach shook his head and chuckled as he spoke. "Can someone please keep Louisa away from the alcohol?"

I couldn't help but laugh at her adorable drunkenness along with the others. She was slim and a little on the shorter side, but something told me that her personality made up for what she lacked in body mass.

"I'm Grayson. It's nice to meet you."

She pushed me down to sit next to Win on the couch, who grumbled at me under his breath as he handed me a bottle of jack and coke.

"Okay, everyone, this is Grayson. Win's new neighbour and our classmate." Zach introduced. "Gray, you've already met out brother sister duo, Aeryn and Louisa. The stoner boy is Connor, and the feisty little Mexican is Ariel."

".... I'm not Mexican, Zach."

"I know, but it flows way better than 'feisty little Uruguayan' don't you think?" He shrugged playfully.

She sighed in resignation as she sipped her drink, a playful smile on her face the whole time. She swatted Connor's had away as he tried to tuck her dark, wavy shoulder length hair behind her ear, Her dark eyes turning to glare at him instantly.

"I was going to refute the stoner comment, but...." Connor took a long drag of the joint he was holding and shrugged.

He really looked like a generic stoner kid. His light brown, short hair looked messy and unkept, as did the short scruff on his face.

Aside from Aeryn, they all seemed like people I could actually enjoy hanging out with. The only problem was, as desperate as I was to stay as close to Win as possible, I wasn't sure how long I would be able to keep up the faux hate. I was already beginning to falter, and once that was gone, I wouldn't be able to control myself.

Aeryn sauntered over and took a seat on the back of the couch behind Win, before reaching down and taking the bottle out of his hand, smirking at me as he brought it to his lips to drink.

"Zach, another drink please?" Win asked nonchalantly.

"Aeryn, seriously? We all know you have the hots for Win, but would it kill you to let the man finish his drink for once?" Zach jeered playfully.

I made a mental note to watch my actions around Zach. He was way too perceptive and definitely wasn't afraid to call people out.

Aeryn choked on his drink as everyone else laughed at his sudden embarrassment. I gritted my teeth at just how easily Win brushed it off.

"I don't really care." Win stated dryly, before changing the subject. "So I heard Gene's party got crashed? What happened?"

Ariel rolled her eyes in annoyance as she threw herself back into her seat. "A small fight broke out as usual, but some pussy bitch got scared and called the cops."

"More and more girls are turning up thinking they are top shit because they are at a party thrown by a gang. Then they get scared at the slightest altercation! They should just stick to the damn night clubs or stay home and watch their stupid chick flicks or whatever." Conner complained.

Louisa and Ariel both shot him scary looks, making him flinch in his seat.

"Chick flicks are fucking bomb!" Louisa shouted, a little too loud.

Ariel nodded in agreeance, "They are a bit of a guilty pleasure."

Connor looked as if he had been shot.

"Not you two! You're supposed to be cool!"

"We are cool. You can't say shit mummy's boy. You spend all your spare time smoking weed and jacking off to porn because you can't get laid. So cool Con." Ariel chuckled before stealing his joint and taking a drag.

"Ooooooh she got you good man!" Mason laughed.

As the night went on, we got drunker and drunker. Everyone, including Win and Aeryn, had relaxed and started to actually enjoy themselves.

Mason threw his hand up and yelled enthusiastically, "I vote we play a game!"

"Lets play KING!!!" Win piped up, suddenly looking really excited.

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