Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I was surprisingly having a pretty decent time, even though my dickhead of a 'brother' was here too. Seeing him getting along with my friends so easily annoyed me a little, but for some reason it kind of made a little happy too. Or maybe that was just the alcohol...

"I know you have a deck of cards on you Zach!!" I practically yelled in excitement.

Grayson quickly lurched forward on the couch next to me, waving his hands in front of him like a girl. "Wait wait wait! How do I play? Rules! Quick, go!"

"Okay, so because there's 8 of us, we take out 1-7, and a King card. Colour and suit don't matter, you could just use numbered bits of paper if you don't have cards." Zach began.

"The cards are shuffled, then everyone takes one. You have to keep your card a secret, unless you get the King. The King then comes up with a dare, and chooses two numbers, meaning whoever has those numbers has to complete the dare." I added, not even trying to hide my drunken enthusiasm anymore.

Aeryn chimed in with a devious smile, "Usually, if you can't do the dare you just have to finish your drink in one go. In our version, the winner is the King that makes someone forfeit or fail. If you lose, you have to chug the remainder of everyone's drinks mixed together."

"Winner gets 1 wish, within reason of course." Connor yelled from the hole in the wall, which he was currently using as a urinal.

"The dares can't be anything possibly fatal, highly illegal, or seriously damaging to anyone's health. If a King choses a dare that is deemed to be any of those, they immediately lose, and the game ends with no winner." Mason continued.

"So... You in Gray?

"Shit yeah, sounds fun! And don't think I didn't notice you calling me Gray instead of dickhead, Winnie." He smirked, with his eyebrow playfully cocked in my direction.

"Fuck you then, dickhead." I grumbled, failing to completely hide the smile playing on my lips.

Zach whipped out his deck of cards and shuffled them thoroughly. He fanned them out in his hands and extended them for everyone to take one.

"KING!" Mason whooped loudly. "Okay, the dare is to go into the next room and swap clothes. Thought I would be nice on the first turn, seeing as it's Gray's first time playing. I'll exclude underwear too, because I'm not that much of a dick."

"Numbers Mase?" Zach reminded impatiently.

"2 annnnnnnnnnd.." Mason thought for a second, concentrating like someone had asked him the meaning of life. "Uhhh.. 7!!"

Louisa threw her arms up exaggeratedly in annoyance, "UGHH! 7!"

There was a brief silence as we all looked around at each other, before Zach piped up. "..... 2.... Come on Loui, let's just get it over with."

They walked into the other room and ducked out of sight, seeing as the door had long gone. They were only in there for about 5 minutes before Louisa skipped back out, wearing Zach's favourite black hoodie and black ripped skinny jeans. Because she was so small, the jumper almost reached her knees, and Zach's jeans bunched around her ankles.

She made a cute face, putting her hands on her cheeks and smiling, before returning to her seat. We all looked at the doorway expectantly, waiting for Zach to finally come out.

This will be good, I sniggered to myself, remembering exactly what Louisa had been wearing.

Zach poked his head out nervously, before slowly creeping into view. Everyone exploded into fits of laughter at the sight of him. The boy that refused to wear anything that wasn't black, or didn't cover his arms and legs, was now showing off both.

His pale legs basically glowed, even in such poor lighting. Louisa's blue denim short shorts barely covered his junk, and her white cropped Band tee didn't leave much to the imagination, as it stretched over his muscular chest.

Luckily for him, he had been hiding a well built body under those conservative emo clothes, otherwise I'm sure he would've been even more embarrassed.

"I'm glad I got Zach! The boy only ever wears long clothes. Jesus, do you even sweat Zach? Your clothes smell amazing!" Louisa announced, as she pulled the front of Zach's hoodie up to her nose and took a whiff."

"Not right now I don't.... And I am most definitely sweating now..." He blushed, as he tried in vain to cover his pasty white legs.

The laughter finally died down as Zach sat back down next to me on the couch.

"Kings turn to shuffle, Mase." I stated, clearing my throat.

Mason shuffled the cards half heartedly before holding them out towards us.

Ariel shot up from her seat upon looking at her card. "KING MOTHERFUCKERS!"

A series of groans sounded from the group. Ariel always chose awkward dares that were sure to be embarrassing for those involved, and possibly the onlookers too.

"I'm picking Ariel being King equals bad?" Grayson's brow knitted with worry.

Mason pointed a finger at Ariel, who had a menacing look on her face as she sat back down. "Little Mex chooses weird shit.."

"I hope it's you Mason!" She remarked with a devilish grin. "First number gives second number a lap dance!.... 3 and 5!!!!"

"I'm 5..." Grayson grimaced.

"I fucking hate you Ariel." Aeryn seethed angrily.

Ariels face lit up as everyone began laughing and wolf whistling. Aeryn scowled at Grayson as he walked over to him. He waited for Ariel to pick a song for him to dance to, and everyone sniggered as 'Pony' by Ginuwine started blasting from the portable speakers.

"THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING! DANCE FOR ME SLAVE!" Ariel beamed at Aeryn as he scowled at her in return.

He turned back to face Grayson, who actually looked rather amused. Zach and I got up from the couch to give them some space, as Aeryn took a deep breath through gritted teeth.

"Laugh and you die."

Grayson smirked at his obvious discomfort. "Come on sweetie, shake that ass for me!"

Everyone burst into laughter again as Aeryn begrudgingly began to dance seductively in time with the music, in front of Grayson. He straddled his lap and began to grind on him, seeming to really get into the whole thing.

I was kind of amazed at how well Aeryn could dance. "Damn Aeryn, you can really move! Maybe you should be a stripper!"

As soon as the song finished Aeryn shot off of his lap, and briskly walked into the other room, where he stayed for quite a few minutes. Everyone was still trying to reel in their laughter from the dance, but I noticed that Grayson seemed to be a little flustered from the whole ordeal.

"I'm so fucking glad it wasn't me! There's no way I would have been able to dance half as good as he did!" Mason bellowed.

"Guys, do you think he's jerking off in there?" Connor questioned, suddenly serious.

Louisa snorted as she giggled at his question. "Definitely!"

They all erupted with laughter again, Aeryn finally re-joining a few minutes later looking both pissed off and embarrassed.

"Shuffle the damn cards, witch!" He grumped.

"Okay, take one!"

Aeryn suddenly exploded from his seat, "FUCK YES! KING! FEEL MY WRATH!!!"

"Hot and heavy make out session!... 4 and 7!" He continued.

"Which you lucky devils gets to kiss moi? I'm 4!!" Louisa sang out drunkenly.

Her brother's face dropped, realizing that his darling little sister now had to make out with one of us.

Ariels menacing smile returned. "Come here Loui, I'm 7!" She pulled Louisa's lips to hers, keeping her eyes on Aeryn for a few minutes before closing them.

He groaned, putting his head in his hands, unable to watch. The other guys -Connor especially- watched on intently as the two girls got more and more into the kiss.

"Alright! Enough! Please stop!" Aeryn begged after a few minutes. "You really are a witch aren't you?!"

"Yes, yes I am indeed." Ariel stated.

The game continued for another half an hour, before the others slowly started to drift off one by one.

It was down to Zach, Aeryn, Grayson and I.

"King. Heh... This will be fun." Zach chuckled, his smile lopsided from all the alcohol. "Because its you three, let's go with... Shirtless making out.... 1 and 3."

I looked between Aeryn and Gray.

I have to kiss one of these guys.

I wasn't sure which one was worse, my 'brother' or the guy that very obviously had feelings that I didn't return.

Deep down, I hoped it was Grayson. As much as I hated him, I somehow felt kind of comfortable around him. Even though we did nothing but argue, it was easy and effortless. It wasn't annoying like when I fought with others.

It was almost.... Fun?

Aeryn let out a frustrated groan and stormed off.

"..... 3...." Grayson said, his voice sounding breathy, like someone had just knocked the wind out of him.

"I- I'm 1." The short sentence stumbled drunkenly out of my mouth.

Zach leaned back in his chair, a sly amused smile sitting lazily on his lips "Poor Aeryn cant catch a break tonight. Alright then boys, shirts off!"

We both hesitantly removed our shirts and eyed each other. I suddenly felt really self conscious under his intense gaze. He slowly moved closer until I could feel his warm breath on my lips. My breathing hitched, coming faster as my heart began to race. I flicked my eyes from his, down to his lips, before slowly letting them close as our lips came closer...

Then nothing.

"Fuck.... I-I cant. I concede."

My eyes snapped open in shock. Grayson had scooted back across the couch and wouldn't meet my gaze.

Why am I so fucking angry that he refused to kiss me!?

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