Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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As I moved closer to Win, my heart began thrashing in my chest so loud that I was sure he could hear it. My lips were so unbelievably close to his, that I could feel his fast, shallow breaths collide with mine. I could feel my body starting to tremble with desire as he slowly closed his eyes.

I can't. There's no way I will be able to stop myself if I cross that line.

Fuck, I want him so bad! He looks so fucking cute all hot and flustered..


"Fuck.... I-I can't. I concede."

I quickly pushed myself back off of him and put my shirt on, unable to meet his eyes as they shot back open in a mixture of confusion and..... Anger?

"What? Oh sweet! That means I win!" Zach said happily. "I'm going to save my wish for later though. Gray, you get to drink the remainder of everyone's drinks. What really sucks for you though, is Connor's ash tray drink."

Zach picked up the bottle next to Connor, and held it out to show me the cigarette butts floating in it.

"Ughh.. That's fucking disgusting." I cringed, trying not to gag at the thought of drinking it.

"I'll take the butts out , but it will still taste nasty as fuck. Sorry." Zach scrunched up his face apologetically, before sloshing the drinks into a large bowl that was sitting nearby. He picked out the butts and handed it over to me. "Don't worry, this bowl is purely used for this game."

Win had thrown his shirt back on, and scooted as far away from me as he could on the couch, his face riddled with embarrassment and possibly a hint of anger.

"BOTTOMS UP GRAY!" Zach cheered enthusiastically.

I took a deep breath and downed the disgusting concoction, "accidentally" spilling some down my front. The more that got on my shirt, the less I had to put in my mouth.

Aeryn returned in time to see me finish, stumble over to the hole in the wall, and throw it all back up again.

I could hear Win speaking between heaves. "That's nasty..."

"Wait, he drank? What did I miss!?" Aeryn looked between the three of us in confusion.

"Gray chickened out, so I won! I'm saving my wish okay?" Zach beamed at him.

A drunken, self satisfied smirk crept onto Aeryn's face as he looked from me to Win, before sitting down next to him on the couch.

If I wasn't so wasted I would punch that stupid smirk off his ugly mug.... But... I.... Don't think I can move from here...

I slumped down against the wall, and the world faded to black.

I woke up to the sun burning brilliantly through the hole in the wall, directly into my weary hungover eyes. As I opened them slowly, I realised I was no longer on the floor, but had been moved onto the couch. I sat up slowly, my head spinning slightly as I did. The jacket that had been placed over my torso as a makeshift blanket, fell to the floor as I sat upright.

I looked around to find that everyone was pretty much exactly where I had seen them last, slumped in their chairs passed out. Aeryn and Zach had spread out on the floor, and Win was sitting curled up in a ball with his head on his knees, right next to the couch.

If he lifted his head back, he would have hit my arm. That was when I recognized the jacket that was now on the floor, belonged to him.

Oh god he is too adorable. He seemed so embarrassed and pissed at me last night, but he moved me to the couch and covered me with his jacket.

Maybe he just felt bad because I had to drink that filth.

I don't think it is humanly possible for me to even pretend to hate him anymore.

I automatically reached my hand out and ran my fingers through his mop of soft wavy hair, while lost in thought. He snapped his head up at my touch and rubbed his face groggily.

"Good morning Winnie. Say, how did I get on the couch?" I asked, a little too cheery for my liking.

He didn't look at me, but I could see the faint blush creep across to the side of his cheek.

"You flew there, dickhead. How do you think?" He retorted sarcastically, his voice hoarse from all the alcohol and cigarettes.

He stood up, reached his arms above his head and stretched his body, causing the bottom of his shirt to creep up and display his lickable abs.

Don't touch don't touch don't touch don't touch!!!

He pulled out his phone and swore under his breath.

I quickly whipped mine out and saw the time. We only had 40 minutes before school started, and dad had tried to call me 43 times.

"Oh fuck! Dad called a shitload. I'm so dead."

Win grimaced, "Yeah. Mum called too. 121 missed calls... We should probably let them know we are okay... I didn't intend on staying out all night, usually I head home at about 1 or 2AM and just tell mum I was back earlier because she's usually asleep by 9:30PM."

"I suppose that's my bad. Sorry. If I hadn't blacked out we probably still could've made it back."

"Nah, I was out not long after you. I drank way more than I usually would last night. Everyone did." Win shrugged.

Mason suddenly piped up, startling us both. "Because we were celebrating Gray joining our group. Best welcome party ever!"

He got up from his seat and shot us a sleepy smile. "I don't know about you guys, but me and Zachy can't miss school. We are on thin ice with unexplained absences."

He walked over to where Zach was passed out on the floor and gently stroked his face to wake him. "Zachy, wakey wakey, eggs and bakey. We need to get to school, buddy."

"Hnnggg. I don't want to..." Zach grumbled sleepily.

"I'll wake Loui up so you two can swap back into your own clothes." Mason added thoughtfully.

Zach suddenly shot upright and looked down at his clothes. "Ughh Fuck.."

"Come on Zach." Louisa said sleepily as she walked to the other room.

They both came back a few minutes later, dressed in their own clothes. By that time, everyone else had woken up.

"I've got to jet guys, I have a lecture in an hour and I am in desperate need of a shower. Last night was awesome though, welcome to the gang, Gray." Ariel rushed, as she quickly grabbed her things and headed out the door.

Win moved closer to me so we could speak without the others hearing. "Hey, so let's get our story straight. I don't know if your dad will believe you, but my mum will, especially if you back me up. We were at Zach's house working on our English report, okay?"

"I don't have English with him though. the only class we have together is Industrial Tech."

"That's okay, I was working on my English, while he helped you catch up in Industrial Tech then." He decided.

I nodded. It seemed feasible enough.

We both dialled our parents, and fed them our excuse word for word. My dad seemed a little reluctant to believe me, but I knew he would come around after talking to Wins mum.

We said our goodbyes and headed back home, this time I was too busy trying to concentrate on driving to try anything cheeky.

When we got home, I let Win shower first, and prepared a light breakfast while I waited for my turn. After I had eaten I headed upstairs to grab my uniform and a fresh towel, just as Win stepped out of the bathroom.

He was -unfortunately- fully dressed.

"Hey, breakfast is on the table. Go eat it before it gets cold, I'm going to shower real quick and then we can leave."

He looked a little taken back that I had cooked food for him. "Oh? Uh, thanks... I didn't expect you to cook for me.."

A slight blush crept across his cheeks before he hurried down the stairs away from me.

I jumped in the shower and scrubbed the smell of alcohol and vomit off, that seemed to seep from my pores. After a few minutes, I heard the bathroom door open.

"Winnie? That you?"

"Yeah, sorry. Don't mind me, I just need to brush my teeth. Thanks for breakfast by the way, it was delicious." He mumbled as he shoved his toothbrush in his mouth.

"Must've been, seeing as it took you all of two seconds to eat it."

All that stood between us was a thin shower curtain.

Just knowing that my naked body was just over a metre away from him, was starting to make me really hot and bothered. I quickly turned the shower to cold to cool myself down, before turning the water off completely.

"C-could you pass my towel please?" I said, silently cursing myself for stuttering.

As he handed the towel over, his arm knocked the shower curtain a little too far open, giving him an eyeful of my junk before I managed to wrap the towel around myself.

"Uh.... Fuck... I'm so sorry..... Ah.... I uh... Didn't mean to stare..." He quickly fumbled over his words, as he looked anywhere other than at me.

I could hear how embarrassed he was by the tone of his voice.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed another towel to dry my hair.

"That's okay Winnie, I know it's hard not to marvel at such a huge dick." My nervous humour was fucking shocking, but there was no stopping it.

"Fuck off, Gray..... Pfft. It's not even that big, don't flatter yourself." He retorted, before hurrying out of the bathroom, still refusing to look at me.

Thank god he took that as me just being a dick to him like usual, instead of realising that was my nervous reaction.

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