Oh Brother... [BoyxBoy]

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I sat in art class, unable to get Grayson's perfect body and massive dick out of my head.

"What are you thinking baby?" Sofia's question snapped be back to reality.

I blushed, realising that I had been spacing out. "Huh? Uh.... What I should do for the art assignment still....."

"Oh, okay." She sounded slightly annoyed. "I was thinking, you should head over right after school on Friday?"

Wait... What did I miss? "Friday?"

"Yes. Friday. My Birthday?..... Did you drink again last night? You kind of look like shit. Still hot as hell somehow though."

I cursed myself for forgetting yet again. "Ah, yeah... We ended up having a bit of an impromptu welcome party for Grayson last night.... But yeah, I'll head home with you on Friday then. What time does the party start? I'll text my friends now so I don't forget."

"Hmmmm Say 7pm?" She acted as if she hadn't meticulously planned every tiny detail of her party already.

I pulled out my phone and sent the text to Zach, Mase and Grayson. "Alright, done. They said they will be there."

My mind drifted back to my earlier thoughts as Sofia returned to her painting. Without even realising, I had picked up my pencil and begun to sketch. I looked down at my book, and my eyes widened as I took in the very detailed drawing of Grayson's naked body, penis and all. My face burned with embarrassment as I quickly erased his junk, before slamming my art book closed before anyone else could see it.

The lunch bell rang shortly after, and I made my way over to Zach and Mason's table. I wasn't even going to bother sitting with Sofia's group anymore, and thankfully she was pretty understanding about it.

"You look like crap Win." Zach stated with amusement as I approached.

"As do you Zach." I retorted quickly, taking my seat.

Mason slid onto the bench seat next to Zach, his trademark goofy smile plastered on his face. "I look amazing as always though!"

Annoyingly, he wasn't wrong. Mason looked as fresh as a damn daisy, like he always did after a big night. Zach muttered something under his breath as he pushed Mason off the seat in annoyance. Mason jumped straight back up onto the bench and wrapped his arms around Zach, who just sat there grumbling.

Zach and Mason had always been extremely close, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was more to their relationship than they let on. They were complete opposites, but they complimented each other like yin and yang.

"UGGHHH.... I feel like death..." I groaned as I rested my forehead on the table in front of me. A pair of large hands suddenly began to ruffle my hair roughly, making me jump slightly in surprise.


"Oh, it's you... Don't touch my hair asshole." But seriously, I really wouldn't mind him giving my throbbing head a massage... But that would be weird..

He chuckled, "Naaawww poor little boy."

"Hey, I'm older than you remember?"

"Oh... Yeah..." He mumbled. "I guess I forgot because you're so little."

He beamed a brilliant cheeky smile at me that made me want to both punch him and pinch his cheeks simultaneously.

"Uggghhhhhhhh I'm too tired to even argue with you... My head hurts too much to think."

As if he had read my mind before, he stood behind me and began to gently massage my head. I let out a deep groan as he rubbed his thumbs around in circles with just the right amount of pressure.

"Oh god, please don't stop." I moaned. "Mmmm right there.... Fuuuuuuck that feels good..."

"If you close your eyes, you would think they were fucking." Mason laughed, as he raised his eyebrows at us.

"Definitely sounds like a gay porno." Zach agreed.

Grayson stopped abruptly, and I snapped my head up. I could feel my cheeks begin to burn, unable to stop my mind from creating a very dirty image.

Those strong hands gripping my hips, that massive dick slamming into- JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! WHAT THE FUCK AM I THINKING!?

I felt my manhood twitch in response to the naughty thoughts, and my blush deepened. I turned and dug through my bag in an attempt to hide how flustered I was becoming.

"You guys must watch a lot of gay porn then... Seeing as you seem to know exactly what guys fucking sounds like.." Grayson retorted, looking them both up and down and gesturing to Mason's arms, which were still intimately wrapped around Zach.

They turned and looked at each other before Mason quickly released his arms and they scooted to opposite ends of the bench seat.

"Ahem....So.." Zach started, "What's with your girlfriend Win? She's never shown any interest in us before, let alone invited us to a party... Why the sudden change?"

"I was actually wondering about that too... She usually snubs you guys, but she was scarily nice the other day." I admitted.

"My guess is Gray." Mason chimed in, attracting questioning looks from all of us.

Grayson raised his hand slightly like a child in class. "I don't follow.... Explain Mase?"

"She has the hots for Grayson. You can't tell me you didn't notice!"

"Mase! You're talking about Win's girlfriend!" Zach scowled as he shoved Masons shoulder.

Mason held his hands up in surrender. "Woah! Don't shoot the messenger! Just saying what I saw. Has she ever been nice to you Zach? She never even bothered to introduce herself to us. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I get the feeling she mentioned Gray specifically when she told you to invite your friends, right?"

"Fuck.. Yeah, she did..."

Grayson looked completely panicked. "Woah, wait just a second. Win, let me tell you this now, I have absolutely no interest in your girlfriend whatsoever!"

"Jesus fucking- I don't even know what to say to that... It's not like I can just ask her about it either.."

"Well, seeing as we are going off of Mason's observations, we may be totally off base. We all know just how smart he is.." Zach stated calmly, smirking in return to Mason's glare.

"I suppose you're right... But I still feel like shit. I think I might just head to class early. I'll catch you guys later.."

As I walked, a million thoughts swirled around in my head. Before I knew it, I had walked all the way to the far end of the school instead of my class. Rather that turning back, I threw my bag down on the grass and lay down in the shade of a large tree. It didn't take long for the exhaustion from the night before to take over, as my eyelids grew heavier and I fell into a deep sleep.

"Win baby, wake up."

My eyes fluttered open to see Sofia kneeling next to me in the grass. She slid her hand across my chest and down my abs, before trailing it down further where she began to slowly rub my dick through my pants. I willed myself to get hard as she rubbed harder and faster.

"I don't think I can wait until my birthday baby..."

She bit her lip and went to lean in closer, as a familiar voice interrupted.

"Winnie! There you are!"

I quickly sat upright at the sound of Grayson's voice. Sofia suddenly got to her feet and ran over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down into a kiss.

I sat there stunned, unable to form any words as my girlfriend stood barely two feet away from me, kissing someone else. Without a word, Grayson gently pushed her away and continued walking towards me.

"W-what the fuck is going on Gray?"

"I already told you, I have no interest in her."

He crawled on top of me and brought his face so close to mine, that I could feel his breath on my lips. His emerald eyes stared hungrily into mine before wandering down and settling on my mouth.

My breathing came faster and my heart began to gallop as he closed the small gap between us, his lips devouring mine in a passionate kiss. I swept my tongue over his lips, and his shot out to meet mine as the kiss deepened.

I let out a deep moan as his hand reached down, sliding beneath the waistband of my underwear and wrapping around my throbbing, rock hard coc-

My eyes shot open, my mind suddenly aware of the weight pressing down on my hips.

I was just dreaming?

My eyes slowly began to focus on the blurry figure that was straddling me.

Wait.. am I still dreaming?

I was not. If I had been, it would've definitely been a nightmare.

"Derek!? What the fuck are you doing!? Get the fuck off me asshole!"

I tried to buck him off of me, but with me still be half asleep and hungover, mixed with him being a brawny, muscle clad jock, that wasn't happening.

He glanced down at my hardened bulge before looking back up at me and biting his lip. I cringed so bad that it actually hurt my face.

"Did you have a nice dream princess? Let me help you with that..."

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