A Witch's Love: The Master Vampire

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Duchess She saved him from the vampire that abducted him, only to break his heart and then have him retaliate in kind. Her people have sent for her, and meeting them, she receives a luke-warm welcome. Duchess is a threat to all of the sectors, the humans, shifter-wolves, and witches, but her people are the only ones that want her dead.

Romance / Scifi
Lizzy Landon
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“If you get out of the way, we can help you.” Says, the forty-something wolf, with angry gray eyes. Moving out of the way, to allow the cantankerous older wolf and his son to lift the huge electrical pole, their strength amazes me.

I’ve seen them lift some heavy things, but this one takes the cake. Trying to lift it with my magic, I barely got it to wiggle. We’ve been hot on the trail of the vampire, that took Julien, and linking up with these two have been a godsend.

McKenzie, the elder, and Noah the sixteen-year-old youngster, I met them when Julien was taken. Well… let’s just say that they found me, interrupting my mental magical search for her.

Bursting into my room, I sent the elder toppling over the railing, my magic about to send him head-first to the ground, while the young one attempted to explain. Too late… I’d seen it, and they didn’t get there in time.

She keeps moving him, how many safe-houses does the leech have? The last location was a shabby boarded up house two town’s over. I have no clue as to how she’s able to keep such a big distance between us.

Using my visions, I’ve narrowed her location down to a cave, go figure. She must have been desperate, to bed down in such a shameful domain. I’ve been able to see her, biting him he loses consciousness.

It’s been weeks, and finally gaining entrance to the cave, I know that he’s not there. I feel it within my soul, the elder venturing deep inside confirms it.

“I’m starting to think that we really don’t need you.”

“Well then bye…”

I am so not about to take any crap off of him. The younger one whispering something to him, he snorts and moves past me.

“I’m sorry, he’s not used to working with witches.”

“If it’s a problem we can part ways. He’s right anyway, you guys don’t need me. Using my powers, we’re always a day or so late.” I state, making my way to the truck.

“Drop me back off at the room, and I’ll find my way from there.” I add.

“Roger that.” Says McKenzie, starting the truck.

Trying to fall asleep and having trouble, I go outside for some fresh air. The moon’s full and high in the sky, it’s beautiful… Rubbing my neck, my eyes drift down to the cars below.

A couple’s making out, his kisses moving lower, a hand goes to her mouth. Frantically trying to fight him off, I realize what’s happening and head to McKenzie and Noah’s room.

Trying to be discreet, I lightly rapt on the door, sturdy quick knocks. McKenzie cursing opens the door wide-eyed and angry.

“There’s a vampire…”

“Where?” He says, alertly looking past me.

Pointing to the car, the female’s slumped back in the seat. Blinking quickly, to make sure that I’m seeing this correctly, its Noah exiting the car. Locking the doors behind him, he looks upwards directly at me.

He’s fast, coming at me with speed, I’m able to stop him in his tracks. Using my magic to push McKenzie back in the room, the door slamming shut in his face. Keeping the door locked, I calm myself with deep breaths.


Snapping my fingers, Noah disappears. One long deep breath, before entering my room. He’s sitting on the bed, watching me.

“Let me go, I can explain.”

“Yep, you sure can… go on.”

“I’m a vam…”

“I know what you are, explain to me why you’re running with a wolf.”

“He found me, I was turned and left to fend for myself. McKenzie tried to help me, but he doesn’t understand. The thirst is too strong…”

“Is the girl going to become one of you?”

“No, you have to ingest our blood, in order to turn.”

“How do I know that you’re not working with the vamp that took Julien.”

“I’m not…”

“It’s kinda strange that she’s always one step ahead of us.”

“Maybe you need to better at finding him then.”

His last words burn, but I ignore them, I actually like the boy.

“You do know what I’m supposed to do to you right?”

“You can’t…”

McKenzie’s banging on the wall, and I shut him up with another snap of my fingers. Blond hair, light blue eyes, beautiful… a heartbreaker.

“How old are you Noah?”


“In vampire years.”

There’s an extended pause before he answers.


This makes it easier, using my magic I grip his heart, squeezing.

“Please…” He begs, crumpling to the floor.

“Tell me where he is, where she’s hiding him.”

“I don’t know…” He says, in pain.

Squeezing even harder, the life leaving him, he’s almost to the point of no return. He’ll not be able to be revived. Still not breaking, I twist and pull, trying to pull his heart out through his chest.

A warning that forces him to give in. “Okay… okay… Stop…”

“You were saying?”

“I’ll take you to them.”

We’ve let her have some space, letting her think that we’ve stopped the pursuit of her. Noah’s been going to her, reporting that he’s leading me in the wrong direction. I took some of his blood, if he betrays me, he’ll burn.

McKenzie’s parted ways with us, after not being able to come to terms with Noah’s indiscretions and duplicity.

“He looks to be doing okay.” He states, taking my offered wrist. His teeth sinking into my skin hurts like hell, but his venom relaxes me soon after.

“Where are they?” I ask, removing my wrist from his grasp.

“A small farm just outside of town.” He replies, his vexation showing.

Resisting my magic, steam comes from is body. “The address, please.” Trying his best to not give in, I turn the heat up. “456 Amos st.” He states, his hair catching fire.

Putting it out with a few waves of his hand, he’s accessing the damage in the mirror. The hair grows back instantly, and he turns his anger-filled eyes to me.

“See, right as rain.” I say, with a smirk.

His anger turns to confusion and then to fright. Falling onto the bed, his body convulses and then goes still.

“Verbenas, you’ll wake tomorrow eve, with a righteous headache, but you’ll survive it.” I tell him, making sure that the curtains are tightly closed, and the do not disturb sign is on the outside of the door, as I exit.

It’s morning, the sun’s high in the sky, the grass still slick with dew. Looking out across the field, the house looks homely, smoke coming from the chimney.

Closing my eyes, I reopen them, and I’m at the front door. The door’s unlocked, anyone attempting to break in would get the shock of their lives.

Dark, ominous, and cold, a quiver and I regain my courage. Walking down the hall, I open a door and find a small child, her body decomposing. The smell of the rotting flesh, sends me backward, closing the door quickly.

The contents of my stomach threatening to come up, a few deep breaths and my stomach settles. An Infestation of maggots, bones, and decaying flesh, is what greets me again in another room.

Where’s the decorum, the romanticism, the vampires that clean up after themselves? This is truly the stuff of nightmares.

Locating the fireplace, I pull down a curtain, letting some light in and place it in the fireplace. Letting it trail out to the carpet, the place will be up in flames soon.

Rounding a corner, I hear his low whimper, Julien. Quietly opening the door, he’s caged in a corner. His attention goes from me to the bed, and I understand.

Trying to be as quiet as I can, Julien waits expectantly, and I’m almost to him when my foot causes a board to squeak. My heart skips a beat, and I pause, waiting…

I dare not take a relieved breath, as I know that we’re not out of danger just yet. Breaking the lock, he quickly nudges me towards the door. Quietly and as quick as I dare, I make it back to the door, with him behind me.

Smoke’s filling the hall, and Julien darts in front of me, accessing the surroundings. My surprised shriek’s muffled, as a hand goes over my mouth, and I’m yanked back into the room.

“Did you think that I didn’t hear you?”

Slammed into the wall, a wave of pain flows throughout my body, as the door slams shut. “I heard you breathing from across the field.” She adds, eyes rimmed with blood. A ghoulish sneer plastered on her face, a dresser slides in front of the door, blocking Julien’s reentry.

The pain subsiding, I try to pin her against the wall, and her steps are faulty. She’s advancing towards me, but in slow motion, my attempts to stop her aren’t working, just slowing her down.

“I’m older… so your magic’s weak, witch.”

“Oh yeah…”

I fling her against the ceiling, with great effort. Lowering her body in mid-air, I aim to dismember her, and her laughter comes to an abrupt halt, as she’s stretched to her limits, hanging in the air.

Julien’s body banging against the door has stopped, as I communicate to him that I’m okay. My urging for him to get out falls on deaf ears.

Piercing scream from the vampire, as an arm and leg is ripped from her body, sends Julien back into a frenzy. Loud thumps, as he tries to force the door off of its hinges.

“He’ll be coming for you, witch.” She says as another arm hits the floor. Agonized roar, as her heart comes out the front of her chest. Her body hitting the floor, I remove her head with my sword.

Smoke coming from up under the door, I let him in, billowing smoke fills the room, as I reclose it. A glance at the mutilated body on the floor, and he heads straight to the window.

“Okay… okay…” I state, at his incessant nudging at my butt.

Back at his home, he’s asleep beside me, the television playing quietly. Weeks apart, and he doesn’t want me to leave his side. I’ve missed him also, but I have to stand by my original plan.

If he doesn’t love me, he’ll live, and he won’t go up against the master vampire. He’ll die if he does, I’ve seen it.

A text coming through, I reach for my phone and his hold around my waist tightens.

I miss you when are you coming back?

It’s Dominic.

I’m already back.

You’re with him? I want to see you.




See you then.

“You couldn’t go to the bathroom, to message him?”


“I tried, you had a firm hold on me.”

“So, we’re seeing him tomorrow?”

WE most certainly aren’t. Removing myself from his arms, I head towards the bathroom.

“This isn’t something that we need to be discussing right now.”

“Duch, I can’t do this… whatever you have going on. The wolves, the humans, and the vampires, I have to beat them off with a stick. I didn’t sign up for all this.”

I want this. This is what I want, It’s for the best.

“Well then, we have an agreement, it’s over.”

“It’s not over Duch, you need to tell him that it’s over!”

He’s out of the bed quick and ready for a battle that I’m not prepared to fight.

“I love you, but not like this… I can’t.”

It pains me to do it, but I have to. “I love Dominic, and I told you… I saw him in my future, not you.” I’m hurt, my heart is in pieces, but I put on a brave front. Oblivious to the hurt showing on his face, the tears in his eyes…

Wait a minute… rage, pure unadulterated contempt, the change is swift and I barely make it to the bathroom. Slamming the door in his face, I head out the window, as he bursts through the door.

“He tried to kill me!” I yell, mopping up my tears with a tissue.

“I’m sure that it was just a misunderstanding.” Says my mom quietly.

“You didn’t see his eyes, he was going to hurt me. I don’t want him back in here, change the locks.”

“If you don’t want him around, make him stay away.” She says, sternly.

“What’s your problem?”

I’m traumatized, and she’s giving me attitude.

“You’re my problem, from day one… since birth, you’ve been my problem.”

Come again? What in the entire hell is going on?

“Why would you say something like that to me?”

“Because it’s the truth… Look, I have to go away for a while.

“Where, and why?”

“It’s just something that I have to take care of.”

“No, you’re not leaving me…”

“Julien’s your protector, and I know that you think, that you’re making the right decision by pushing him away, but doing so maybe the worst decision that you’ll ever make.”

“Mom… don’t leave me.” I plead as she raises her arm.

“You’ll be okay, Dominic and Julien will take care of you.”


A snap of her fingers and she’s gone.

Standing there alone, and for the first time in my life, I’m frightened, scared of being on my own.

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