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My feet seem to move by themselves and before I knew it, I was standing behind her. Scanning over the contents on the pages I felt my body react. Clearing my throat, I look away and she jumps in response, a soft shriek escaping her lips.


"Sensei!" Her face goes blank and she snapped the book shut. The cover catches my eye and I smile as realization sets in.

"So that's what you read in school, Ms. Winters?" She glares at me before looking away.

"So what? These books are prohibited so I found a way to read them without disturbing anyone." her voice as she spoke seem to lose pitch and drift off at the end. Ah, so she can be cute too.

"I see. Is that what you're always reading?" I ask as I move to stand in front of her. As though on guard she moves her feet from the ledge turning to face me tucking the book in the satchel at her feet.

"No." She looks away again as a slight flush crawls across her cheeks. Cute.

"Why don't I believe you?"

"Because you don't want to. Also, even if it was, what's it to you? What I spend my time reading?" She's still not looking at me huh. A smirk tugs at my insides as I stare at her. My feet move before I could protest, taking a step forward our feet touching. At the suddenness of my movement, she moves backwards, her back against the window and she stares at me. God. Please look away or close your eyes Atlas. Her eyes somehow makes me feel like she seems right through me. How irritating. Leaning in slightly I stop inches from her face, locking my eyes with hers, my hand on the window behind her head.

"You know Ms. Winters, something about you irritates me very much."

"Well you annoy me, and I irritate you," she says and continues to stare at me, "I guess we're even. Nee, Sensei?"

"The phrases you use, are those from the manga’s you've read?" She shrugs.

"And anime." Hmm. The way she says them with her accent is almost... sexy. At the thought, I feel the tug that shouldn't be happening right now but fuck you it was. I groan inwardly as an order to kill it, but nothing was listening to me.

"I see." My eyes roam across her face. Her hair was in its natural state with stray curls falling everywhere. Cute. The chain earring she wore defined the curve of her neck... I wonder what sound she'll make if I licked her there. Hmm? Her slightly parted lips are pinker than normal, most likely from the milkshake she had based on the empty cup on the floor near her bag. I wonder what she'd taste like right now. The string of thoughts swimming through my head definitely surprises me but I for some reason I can’t take my eyes off her. She is indeed a rare specimen. As I meet her eyes again, realization that she hadn't stopped staring at me hits. A slight frown set at her brows.

"Sensei, I'd appreciate it if you didn't look at me like I was some specimen in your lab." I feel my eyes widen at her statement. How the hell did she...? Fuck. My free hand found the small of her back, my knees parting her knees and I stepped into the gates of hell. The hitch in her breath as she inhaled sharply out of shock was obvious, but she didn't pull away.

"Sensei," her eyes continued to look... at me? "Are you sure this is something you should be doing?" She really irritates me. I moved closer, our bodies flush against each other. A small smirk forms on my lips as she inhales again and her body trembled lightly. She's so kawaii. The heat radiating from her core wreaked havoc on all my senses, paralyzing any doubts I had and my mouth move to her neck, where her chain earring shook with every breath and movement.

Taking them between my teeth I give them a small tug, my lips slightly grazing her neck. At this, her body tenses again but she seems to relax as I let go of the earring.

"Kawaii sugiru..." I whisper into her ear, tightening my grip around her and I lick her neck before running my teeth against her skin. Her arms automatically found my hips. The breath she inhales was shaky and shallow and I continued to kiss her neck.

"Ahh... Sensei..." Fuck, her voice undoubtedly melted away everything from my mind and I moved even closer to her, my cock finding her core through her trousers. Her grip tightened and she arched her back slightly my dick rubbing even more against her. I didn't realize how hard I was until it tugged against my trousers as though begging to be set free. Fuck... this is bad... pull... away... Breathing in deeply, I stop kissing her neck but didn't move away.

"Are you alright, Sensei?" she moves my head from her neck, small hands cupping my face.

"Huh?" I looked into her eyes, realization hitting me like a bag of bricks. Fuck! "Umm..." All the words forming in my head reached my throat and stayed there.

"I see that you aren't," a smile forms at the corner of her lips. This girl is far too calm for what just happened, "Do you like games Fairchild Sensei?"

"In a situation like this please refrain from calling me Sensei..." my voice broke at the end and she tilts her neck slightly to the left looking straight at me.

"Why?" Her question stunned me.

"Well... uh..." Fuck. Come on words.

"Because you just did that to a student or the fact that you've been drinking?... Or, did you also enjoy it?"

"Wha… how'd... " Oh right, my shirt still smells like beer.

"I'll ask you again. Do you like games, Yuzuki-San?" My name on her lips sounds...

"Atlas." The sound of my own voice startles me. Why am I so hoarse? All I did was... It's not like I haven't...

"I do." A wicked grin forming across her face and before I could comprehend what was happening her hands find the back of my neck bringing my lips flush with hers. The moist warmth that greeted me ran like electricity through my body. Her tongue sweeps between my lips and my mouth opens on command. My entire body shudders and I feel her tremble slightly as a small moan leaves her lips as they move away from mine. No, you don't. Giving her enough time to breathe I move my hand from the window to her neck bringing her lips back to mine and this time the groan came from me. She slips my jacket off my shoulders and I feel the warmth her hands leave as they move along my back,to my neck. They leave traces of a sensation I didn't even know were possible. Who the hell is this girl? My hand moves from her back to her thighs pulling her even closer before hooking around the curve of her ass holding her in place. The moan she releases definitely communicated with my hips as they move into the warmth of her without hesitation. Her slim legs shook at the movement and she kisses me deeper to drown out the slightly loud sound that escapes her. One of her legs hocks itself to the back of my leg as her back arches slightly pulling her away from the kiss, her teeth biting my bottom lip as she did. I studied her. Eyes round and full and her lips were swollen. What are you doing man?! In a fucking library at that?! She stares at me and I don't dare say anything. Untangling our bodies, I took a few steps backwards before bumping into the book-self. My shock must’ve been obvious as she sighs before looking away from me.

"I... I uh... need a smoke."Practically running to the front desk and pick up my helmet before leaving the shop. "Fuck!" I ruffle my hair in frustration searching through my back pocket for my lighter and cigarette box.

"Great." Sliding down against the wall near my bike, I silently watch the rainfall. My mind was filled with everything and her scent still lingered in the air around me. I stare at my hands and sigh as everything replayed in my mind .

"What have you boys been up to this evening?" Stomping out the cigarette on the floor I push it into my portable ashtray, moving to put it in my jacket.

"Fuck. I left it inside." At the thought of going back inside my feet felt frozen to the ground. A sigh leaves my lips and I run my hand through my hair again in frustration.

"Yes, you did," I turn just in time, catching my jacket as she throws it at me, "you know Sensei you frown too much. You'll get wrinkles." She smiles and turns away walking towards the main road.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

"Where else? I'm going home. I've got lessons tomorrow." she says without turning around. I smile as she mentions coming to school tomorrow.

"Hey!" she turned around this time and I find myself throwing my spare helmet at her, "Hop on." A quizzical look forms across her face.

"Why?" It amuses me that she genuinely looks shocked right now and I couldn't help but smile. Taking my bike off its stand I slowly push it towards her.

"Do you really think I'll allow my student to be alone at this hour of the night?"

"I'm not a child sensei. Plus it’s not even midnight yet." I smile as I remember what just happened in there. No, you are not.

"It doesn't matter," I say putting one foot over my bike and sitting down. Oh, this is not fun. I groan, shifting in the seat. Thank god, she doesn't seem to notice.

"Plus, it's raining so the buses will take forever. Coming with me will be quicker... and a lot less," I move my hand indicating her clothes, "wet." I look at the rain beyond the shelter that gave no signs of slowing down any time soon, before catching the small smile playing along her mouth. Why is she... oh. Naughty girl.

"Alright, Yuzuki Sensei." She put the helmet on and gets on behind me her hands loosely holding onto my jacket. Taking her hands into my own, I pull her closer so that her arms could wrap all the way around my waist.

"I-It's safer this way." She chuckles a bit but doesn't protest.

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