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Following our eventful morning, I leave her in the classroom to go collect the attendance form from the office. And as scripted, someone was due to disturb my peaceful journey.

"What do you want Jon?"

"You seemed in high spirits so I thought I'd annoy you just a bit." I roll my eyes, ignoring him and continued walking.

"I swear you are the definition of a pain in the ass." He chuckles, making me frown. This guy is too weird.

"So, was that the chairman’s car I saw leaving as I was coming through the gate?"

"I wouldn't doubt it. He came by to welcome me apparently."

"Hmm... he came personally? What's the old man planning now?" His voice was low but I could still make out enough of what he said and I stopped in my tracks.

"What do you mean? You know something don't you?" He grins, putting his hands up in surrender.

"I know nothing, my friend."

"Uh-huh. I'm beginning to think you asked me to come here for something other than keeping you company, Jon."

"You sound as though you're accusing me of something baby."

"Don't call me that idiot," I say punching his arm, "and I am accusing you. I just don't know for what yet."

"How's your annoying class member though. It seems she's been present lately."

"She's in the classroom right now. Why don't you go see her yourself." I reply with an exhausted sigh.

"Atlas is actually on time to a morning tutorial?!" he stares at me, disbelief written across his face and I arch my brow, "wait... you're serious. You're not fucking with me are you?"

"Why the hell would I joke about something like that stupid?” I ask, rolling my eyes at him."

"I don't believe you." He says rushing down the hall to my class, pausing in the doorway. Pushing him aside, I head to my desk and he follows, eyes still on her. As expected she'd put her headphones on, staring into space; her chin cupped in her palm. God, she's cute.

"She's actually here." I frown at him but as I scanned the newly filled seats, I realize everyone else seems as shocked as Jon was. I guess seeing a ghost so early is a bit weird for most and I couldn’t help but smile to myself.

"Close your mouth and please leave my classroom." He stubbornly shakes his head without even looking my way, eyes still trained on her.

"Do you have double science after this?"

"Yes. It’s Friday is it ?” I reply, hitting him with the attendance booklet. For quite a modern school, still using manual attendance booklets was kind of weird but I've gotten used to it and it comes into good use for moments like this. Though there's been talk of doing it on the computers soon so I suppose this luxury will end shortly.

"You're so mean bro," he looks at me pouting before moving to stand next to me, "could it be that you don't like the attention your beautiful student receives from other guys?" He whispers making me scowl at him. Grabbing him behind the neck, I lead him to the door.

"Go play with your dick or something." I whisper before closing the door as he opens his mouth to reply.

"Maybe I will Senpai." I could hear him chuckling and I sighed. I swear the Gods put this man here to torment me.

As the last bell sounded through the school, the final swarm of late comers bustle into the class and into their seats, their conversation still carrying on across the classroom. He does have a point. Once every few seconds I'd scan the room and most of the boys would, in fact, be sneaking looks in her direction. Is it curiosity or are they actually interested in her? The question poked holes in my mind , and I couldn’t help the frown that formed at the thought. Waw.

Have I truly failed as a teacher? Am I seriously annoyed with my male students right now? Snap out of it Yuzuki. I scan the room once more, my eyes falling on her. As expected, she was somewhere, not here. Headphones still in, her eyes were locked on something only she could see. Every few seconds she place her hand on her chest and the scar she'd showed me earlier flashes through my mind. I wonder if it still hurts?

"Ms. Winters, please remove your headphones." No response.

“Ms. Winters, I'd like to begin my lesson now if you don't...mind." I know I should be annoyed but instead, I smile slightly as I make my way towards her. The hushed voices of the others reaches my ears and I suddenly became aware of everyone else. That again. Bad mouthing her. As I neared her seat, one of the female students turns to the boy on her left and I slowed my pace. And now I'm eavesdropping. What a wonderful teacher I am. Father, I beg your forgiveness. Both of you.

"Do you really believe, that, could be our Counsel Prez?" She emphasises the word ‘that’ and I schowl slightly.

"As if. She's barely in, there's no way." The boy replies shaking his head.

"But, I heard some of the seniors saying that..."

"Of course the principal would be kissing her ass if her father is his friend." He cuts her off with a shrug.

"I guess you're right." For some reason whenever the students talk like that it really ticks me off. Stopping at their tables I clear my throat and they both flinched.

"Would you like to share your conversation with me and the rest of class guys?" Looking at each other, they slumped back into their seats practically blending with it. That's what I thought you brats.

"Ms. Winters?" I pull on her headphones slightly, leaning towards her. At the realization of my presence she jerks backwards nearly falling out of her seat. Instinctively my hand finds her shoulders steadying her. The whispers started up again and I sighed inwardly. Teenagers truly are annoying. She fixes herself, sitting up and removes her headphones placing them in her desk.

"S-Sorry." The look in her eyes worried me and I stared at her intently.

"Are you sure you're feeling alright Atlas?" The question made her eyes widen and she stares up at me, then the rest of the room before smiling, one I can clearly tell was fake.

"I'm fine Sensei. Please, continue." She looks away, but I could tell her eyes were somewhat still lost. I wish you'd talk to me Atlas.

The rest of the day moved too slow for my liking. Exiting the lot I head to Atlas's. She'd been on my mind since this morning and the fact that I saw her practically run out of the compound after the final bell went doesn't help ease my worry either.

"Sensei?!" Without waiting for her invitation I step past her into the apartment, making my way to the kitchen.

"Where are your plates?" Following her finger I pull out two plates and head to the living room, placing the takeaway on the center table. I sit down on the sofa and she follows, sitting cross-legged on the double sofa opposite me.

"Were you worried about me Yuzuki?" Her brows arching with the question.

"Have you eaten?"

"Not yet."

"Then... eat." I remove my bag and blazer placing them on the floor next to the chair before setting a plate for her.

"Thank you." The smile I received was warm and I returned it, my eyes examining her. Similar to last time, she wore an oversized jumper and… I'm going to say ‘shorts’ for my sanity alone.

"How are you feeling?"

"Better thank you. A warm bath mellowed me out. I'm sorry for worrying you." She smiles, the tip of her chopsticks in her mouth. God, she's too cute. She does seem better though. That lifted a weight off me and relief spread through my body. Was I really that concerned for... her?

"Aren't you going to eat too Yu-San?"

"Ahh, I kind of just bought this for you." I said sheepishly rubbing the back of my neck. I didn't know her favourite dishes, so I sort of just bought everything I liked.

"I appreciate the love I just received but I can't possibly eat this all by myself and... you did take out two plates, so eat with me, please." The last line sounded somehow sad but looking at the amount of Japanese takeaway that was laid out on the table, she’s got a point.

"Then, I'll help self, itadakimasu." Getting up she goes into the kitchen returning with a can of beer which she passes to me and a fizzy drink for herself and we eat in silence, watching a random film on TV.

"Yuzuki-San, did you enjoy the film?" Her voice floats through my mind and I shake my head, blinking back my consciousness. My eyes widen as I notice how close she was to me.

"Ho-how... when..." she tilts her head to the left slightly studying me, "Where did you go?"


"You were staring at me and then your eyes went blank..." she smirks and brought her lips to my ears, "What naughty things were you thinking Yu-Zu-Ki-San?" God, I really hate this girl. I swallow hard and place my hand behind her neck turning my head to meet hers. Our lips find each other hungrily, and a soft moan escapes her. Placing the other on her waist, I pull her towards me and she straddles me. Way to take the initiative.

Her hands went to my hair slipping the band from it and it brushes against my shoulder as it fell. I've always hated people touching my hair, but her hands somehow feel like they - belong. I groan as her teeth grazes my bottom lip before moving to my neck. She flicks her tongue and I tighten my grip on her waist; reacting she moves her hips and I groan.

"Atlas..." my voice came out hoarse and I could feel her smile against my neck. Fuck, this woman. That's exactly what you want, isn't it? Her chuckle trickles through my ear and I groan again. Both hands cupping her ass bringing her closer to the mess she'd created. My dick throbbing in my trousers; begging to come out. Lifting her jumper I realize there were definitely not shorts just... boxers. I chuckle bringing her lips back to mine. God, she tastes sweet. I should probably forbid her from drinking sugary drinks ever again. My tongue slips into her mouth and she jerks in surprise, but tighten my grip around her neck holding her in place taking all that I could. When we broke, our breaths were shallow, her tongue slightly stuck out.

"Yu..." her panting quickens as our eyes met, my hands lifting her jumper before my fingers find her bare breasts. Fuck. It surprises me that I didn’t even notice the under-boob tattoo she had this morning when she showed me her scar. What other secrets do you hold Ms. Winters? Cupping them, I held her nipples between my fingers and she arches her back, grinding against me. Her wet center sitting right on my dick and I could feel the dampness through my trousers. Oh, God.

"Hmmm, just like that Atlas." I whisper as I pull her jumper over my head my hungry mouth singling out one of her nipples. Every time I tug at it with my teeth or licked them her hips moved across my dick. Her hands were on my shoulders, her nails digging through the fabric of my shirt. Still teasing her breast, my hands move to her hips, moving them in unison with my own. Fuck me, when is the last time I dry humped? Better question, have they always felt this good?!

"Ahh, Yuzuki." It was barely a whisper but I wanted her louder. Hooking my arms under her thighs I raise her up before pinning her between me and the sofa, spreading her legs and pressing dick against her. The soft wet noises she made seemed to sing to me amidst her moaning in the silent room and I quicken my pace. Every thrust scoring a moan or sigh from her lips - driving me to a high I hadn't felt in a long time. God damn this woman. Her mouth would open and close and ever so often she'd bite her bottom lip stifling a moan before looking at me. Oh God, I'm hungry. Moving harder against her, she shudders.

"HAH!" That's more like it. She automatically brings her hands over her mouth and I frown.

"Don't you dare!" I say frowning as I placed both her arms above her head with one hand before thrusting again, my mouth finding her neck as her moans fill the apartment. Neighbours, I offer no apology. Every moan that leaves her lips did things to my dick no woman has ever done and we're still fully clothed. My free hand roams along her figure before rolling up her jumper exposing her breast agaid and I smirk as her nipples greet me. My mouth covers one greedily and she arches in response. Gliding against the head of my dick just enough to make me feel like cumming. Do I have any spare boxers in my bag?!


"Ah, Atlas..." my voice came out hoarse and muffled against her breast and my dick got harder, "Fuck."

"...Please..." her words were lost to me.


"Release... my arms... please..." She sounded out of breath and I quirk my brow in confusion.

"Why? Why would I do that?" I smirk teasingly, moving my hips again. Her eyes found mine and I froze, my smirk disappearing. Her eyes seemed glossed... tears... Shit! Fuck! Ahhhh Fuck! I Fucked Up. She's a student. I think I... Atlas...


"If you don't, I can't hold you Yuzuki." My eyes widen at what she says, a smile forming across her face. I feel my grip on her hands loosen volunteerily and her hands find my face cupping it, bringing me but a breath away from her our eyes still locked on each other.


"You're very cute, Yu-San. Yoroshiku onegaishi..." I don't know who kissed who first but we were kissing. My mind was blank but it was somehow filled with her. She arches again and this time it was my turn to be loud. We move our hips together as though this was a dance we'd rehearsed for. Our lips only parting for our tongues to dance, our breaths to be replenished, our songs to echo throughout her apartment. We climbed together. Her nails on my neck and back. My hand on her waist the other above her head.

We climbed until we... fell.

"Uh... Ahh... Fuck..." Our lips parted and I move to her neck, muffling my groans.

"Y-Yu... I think I'm..." Without finishing the sentence, her arms around me tighten and she arches her back, her legs tightening around me. The movement sent a chill straight to my dick and I came to. Shaking.

Ah, she's shaking too. Moving my arms around and under her I roll onto my side, taking her with me. Nuzzling into my embrace she sighs and her breaths became even slightly as we both continued falling from our high.


"Hmmm." Her reply was soft, her body warm against mine.

"Since it's Friday, mind if I..."

"Did you really think I'd let you leave after that Yu-San." She giggles against my chest and I kissed her messy hair. "The lights?"

"There's a remote on the table above your head." Feeling around I find the remote, turning the lights off. "Goodnight A-Chan."

"Hmmm, Goodnight Yuzuki." Her breathing became slows, becoming steady and she was asleep in no time. Leaning back I stare at her sleeping face and couldn’t help but smile.

"What am I to do now? Huh A-kun? After you so cutely asked me to take responsibility… " Chuckling, I close my eyes falling asleep to the hum of the TV and her breathing. This woman has brought a storm to my entire being. I don't mind though. It felt good.

Goodnight Atlas.

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