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In a world of love, gang leaders, criminals and liars, Kaitlyn Adler is a senior year student with a terrible past of being abducted by the boy who 'loved' her, sold off for money and drugs to be tortured and caged like an animal. Traumatised for a while, she changed schools but was that the best idea? Being a Southern for two years now, the boys are taking her to notice. Some want to play, some want it serious. The only trouble is that she's got brothers. Two over protective brothers because of what happened to her. Any boy's in it to be punched if one wrong move is made. What happens when she does find that love? That special boy? Or two? In The Dark, she's alone with someone sick. Someone who should be in jail. That someone is the brother of the boy she loves. Why? Well, you have to read the story to find out.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Los Angeles, MARCH 27TH, 2017


“No!” I groaned and pulled the sheets over my head as the pain came to my eyes, “Jacob! Turn the lights off.” I cried out.

This is why I mentally kill myself for not having early nights. I mean, I never try to sleep early but then I see something good on my phone and after I swear twenty minutes, it’s like already three in the morning.

And now it’s a school morning and I purposely left my alarm off. My luck with thinking that my brothers would leave me.

“You’re lucky I heard you snoring,” Jacob said, climbing over me. I was sleeping on my side and I could feel him on top of me. He was gentle though. My gentle brother.

Unlike Isaac, he was rough and possessive but it was nice when he didn’t care and was relaxed, which we got now and then.

Jacob was the protective one. Always watching out for me. Making sure I was good. That I did my homework and all that since my dad’s not around and won’t be for a while, and my mum is always at work. Leaves for the hospital really morning and gets back late.

She’s one of the most experienced nurses so she’s needed all day, sometimes all night.

“Katie.” Jacob murmured and I moved the blankets down under my eyes and looked at him, “School, come on.”

“Oh no, I slept in.” I said, “Late for school, might as well not go.” I pulled the blankets over me again. I smirked a little to myself when his weight lifted off and I couldn’t feel him anymore.

I jumped with a scream when a constant honking noise went off. I covered my ears, rolling but it didn’t stop.

“Jacob!” I screamed, rolling again and then I cried out when I fell off my bed.

The siren stopped and I heard Jacob in a fit of laughter.

“Never. Gets. Old!” He laughed and I sighed and got up.

“Good job! I’m awake now, you fat shit balloon!” I yelled, “Now get out of my room!”

“What did you just call me?”

“Get out, Jacob!” I shouted, pointing to the door and he chuckled as he made his way out. I followed and slammed the door closed before I went to my bathroom.

I literally have ten minutes to get ready. This is so stupid! I should just stay home.

Too late. I’m already in the shower and I hate going to bed with wet hair.

But I could still stay home?

Nah. Shit. I promised Grace and Violet, my best friends, that I’d come and do this stupid dare.

They dared me to freaking try to talk to the most popular boy in school. He probably doesn’t even know me but I’m so crushing on him.

Damn, maybe I should stay home.

When I finished my very rushed shower, I dried and then walked into my room and to my cupboard. I put on undergarments and then looked at my door as it opened.

Dylan slipped in quietly and winked at me as he closed the door slowly.

Dylan, tall, muscular, my brothers’ hot best friend. And secretly my boyfriend.

He was born a god. Literally, dirty blonde hair, the perfect body and the most amazing and beautiful blue eyes to ever be made.

“Why are you here?” I whispered as he came to me.

“Because your brothers were so nice to give me a lift to school.” He whispered back and I put on some skinny jeans as he kissed my neck. I felt the heat come up to my cheeks as his hands moved around my body and down. One hand moved further and tucked in between my legs on my thigh.

“Dyl, I need to change.”

“You don’t have to.” He whispered as he trailed his kissed across the back of my neck and to the other side. I moaned a little, feeling my stomach knot up in butterflies but I liked the feeling.

“Ok, out.” I said, shoving him away, “Now, go. I need to get ready in only one minute.” I said and he chuckled a little. I turned and searched through my messy cupboards for a shirt and got a long sleeve white and black striped shirt, which was tight and short.

I love my body.

Even my brothers say that I’m blessed with the perfect body. And their friends are always drooling on me when I forget their game nights and come down in a long shirt and undies.

Tanned skin, ocean blue eyes and my hair is long and beautiful. It was all dark and brunette but now that’s only the top. My ends are dyed white with stands of white moving up.

I love it though. But I got shit from my mum and Jacob.

Jacob got really mad when all Isaac complemented was that it was hot. Then things got messy when their friends agreed.

I’m Jacob’s baby sister. I mean, we’re triplets but he was out first so he calls me his little sister. He doesn’t want to see me hurt, I get that. Neither does Isaac and he shows that he’s the more possessive one because Jacob’s kind and calm. But they both are protective, defiantly when it comes to boys.

Especially when I almost died two years ago. The sick boy I thought loved me took me for a road trip. I just didn’t know that he was taking me out of the country. When we got to the borderline of Mexico, we passed through but that was when I started to get a wrong feeling.

We drove for days and I fell for him every night, we slept together in the back of his ute. He seduced me, he was the boy to steal my first kiss and virginity.

On the seventh day of our trip, he took me to a really nice palace place. When I saw the guards with guns, I didn’t want to go. I told him but he promised that we’ll be ok.

That this was a museum.


He took me inside and it was obviously not a museum.

He sold me off to this man. A rich man and he got millions of money and drugs.

I got so scared and tried running but they caught me.

Bashed me.

Tied me up.

The man made me do what he wanted.

He never got to seduce me though because the cops and FBI got involved. They came in, killed the men and I saw so many death and shit I couldn’t get out of my head. I’ve only just started to lose the nightmares.

When we got home, I was nothing for months. My family tried to help but then my father went after the boy who sold me off since the police and other people gave up and said he disappeared. They told us they were still looking but my dad was the one to find him and he killed him.

Now, he’s in jail. But he’s to come home in eight more years.

Walking, into school, my brothers dropped me off first before they went to their school.

Yep. Different schools. One because I couldn’t deal with my old school, which we call North since my new school is South. The schools are rivals, in sporting and even at parties, people get into nasty fights.

I left my old friends because they were too much of a reminder of my past nightmares. And it also didn’t help when my father was the principal there.

Now, I have the best of friends. I have my own new life and I don’t have to worry about anything.

Apart from the fact that I am late and I’m gonna be so screwed because Mrs Scut is the worst maths teacher ever.

I hate maths. But I’m in her smart class because I’m a smart girl.

When I get my things, I close and lock my locker, which is on the second floor.

The corridors are empty apart from a few voices around the corner. I looked and then roll my eyes when it’s the bad boy gang.

“Hey, it’s baby cheeks!” I hear Mason howl.

I hate these guys so much.

Mason’s the weird and crazy boy of the group. His humour is all he has good. His hair is dyed black apart from the dyed golden tips, which today he has pointed up like a porcupine.

He’s also Grace’s ex-boyfriend, ex because he fucked someone else at a party and she walked in on them.

Next is Noah. He’s the cute one. He’s quiet and nice but when you get a good glimpse, he’s funny and fun. He drives all the girls crazy though. He’s the adorable hot boy of the school. A virgin too so that’s just another plus because you know he’s not a fuckboy like the rest of them.

He’s got the cutest brown eyes and blonde hair. Dimples and the most beautiful smile ever.

Shit, I’m totes crushing on him right now. Ok, let’s just stop and say he’s perfect.

Then there’s his twin brother, Jorden. Looks identical but he dyed a few strands of his blonde bleach. He’s the opposite of Noah though. The fuckboy of the year but there’s no one as rude.

Then there’s the gang leader. Nathan. His parents were obviously angels from Heaven because he’s the most popular boy in school. For the most count of girls he’s gotten. Because he’s hot as fuck and he knows it. Fuckboy. Bad boy. Smart with everything but education.

He’s got dark hair. Short but long enough for all the girls to tangle their fingers in. His eyes are emerald green that you can just get lost in.

Then there’s also Damon but he’s not with the boys now. He’s the smart one. The one needing glasses. A hacker and gamer but like the rest of them, hot with the perfect body. He’s got dark hair too but it’s not really styled like the rest of them. It’s just there in a mop. But he’s cute and nice. Kind of like Noah but he’ll take a girl if a girl’s asking for it.

“And she’s late for class.” Mason continued as they neared, “Naughty, baby girl.” He said and I shoved his hand back from my waist. His eyes met mine with a mix of amusement and danger.

“I’m already late, I can’t deal with you jackasses too.”

“Blah.” Mason blurted out and pinche my lips together, “Oh gosh, they’re so soft!” He said and I pulled away and walked away from them, “Come back, cheeky!”

“Gosh, Mason, leave the girl alone.” Noah said even though they were following me.

I heard them whispering and then they were laughing. I looked back at them, all eyes on me.

They were probably watching my ass. Of course they were, they’re boys.

“Stop following me.” I snapped as they followed me up the stairs.

“Sweetheart, we’re your puppies.” Jorden smirked and I rolled my eyes and walked to maths. I looked at them but they went into their English class.

I rolled my eyes again and walked in to see the class silent. Mrs Scut was at her table. Old hag she is. Big and old, gross and mean.

“Miss Adler.” She said, looking at me and I moved through the desks and to my seat, “Please join Mr Roberts at lunch so you can catch up on the precious time you’ve missed.”

In other words, detention. Told you she was mean.

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