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Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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Tatt had always been living the same lifestyle: fuck, ink, fight for the club and face any trials that come his way. But after a scrape with law enforcement he finds himself having to work community service to escape going to jail, landing him right at a horse barn with a woman named Raven and her daughter Sienna. The only challenge this Rider of Silence doesn’t know how to face is his new boss Raven, a woman with a dark and dead past that only leaves questions spinning through his head. Raven has lived a hard life, having a daughter at 16 and an abusive husband who ruled her life for too many years. With her horse barn, Raven has a new chance at a life for her daughter and her. Of course, it all is questioned when a sexy biker who doesn’t understand privacy comes to work there make her question the difference between living and surviving. Raven had risked her heart once and it ended with a bang how could she again? We all have a past. The past is never dead, it lives in our memories. Sometimes it’s trusting someone with a touch or for others it’s trusting them with our heart. Our fears run us either into ice or into sabotaging our happiness. How does one learn to put aside their fear and just take the leap to live and love? Despite Tatt's fear of abandonment and never being loved versus Raven's fear that love will end with a fist they can't run from each other.

Romance / Action
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Community Service


I swore under my breath when I pulled onto the long dirt road.

Fuck I can smell the horse shit from here. Mother fucking court ordered community service to be completed part time in place of fucking jail is at a farm. At least Deadpan was being patched in and will be able to work at my tattoo parlour while I have to handle this stupid fucking thing but either way it will hurt the parlour, my tattoo parlour. But the kid is good so I will keep him around even after his service is done.

Alright, I know I shouldn’t be complaining about not going to serve some time but a horse farm? Fuck I will never stop smelling like shit. But as of now I will stop complaining…. Remember Hamlet had to pull allot of strings to ensure I wasn’t behind bars… But a horse farm seriously brother?

The brothers are going to have way too much fun with this because instead of partying, for the next two weeks on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and every other Tuesday I will be serving my time for society here at a barn. Again, I should be happy I am here and not behind bars but fuck. Why did that undercover cop have to be there at that moment, bad luck is what that is. At least I get off at 4 and can be at the parlour by 430 to work on inking some clients till 10.

Okay, okay complaining is out of the system, time to just get this over with.

I pulled my truck up to the wood stained barn, parking it off to the side beside another truck. Sighing I hopped out of the cage, yeah that’s right not only am I dealing with horse shit I can’t ride my bike here because apparently the barn owner won’t allow a bike in case it spooks the horses, so here I am hopping out a cage. I did not drink enough coffee this morning or get a blow to prepare for this day. Shouldn’t be too upset but when you run your own tattoo parlour this is the last place you want to be. My business is my life and I can’t be working there much this month.

Stop complaining it’s not jail…

Tossing my cut into the seat I grabbed my water bottle and started walking to the barn doors glancing at the horses grazing around. See one good thing is right there, the view is better than jail. There positivity, I can do this.

“Your late.” The second I took a step through the doors I hear a little voice but couldn’t see it in front of me. As I stepped further in the barn I looked around but still didn’t see anyone. “Up here delinquent.”

My head shot up to the attic where I could see a small girl around 10 with dark brown hair and face full of freckles sitting over the ledge with her legs swinging back and forth.

“Well hello there little darlin’. Sorry about the tardiness boss, my friend couldn’t get into my tattoo parlour so I had to go let him in. Won’t happen again, scouts honour.” I replied back earning a small chuckle from her as she stood up and jumped off the edge making my heart drop until she bounced off some hay barrels.

“Fuck, little darlin’, don’t do that.”

She gave a little gasp as she bounced on over to me, lifting her palm out, “you can’t swear. You have to put a dollar in the swear jar.”

Chuckling, I took my wallet out and gave her dollar, “sorry little darlin’. What’s your name? I’m Tatt, the delinquent working for you.” I added a wink gaining another small giggle which made me think that I would do anything to keep her giggling. Where the fuck did that come from?

She took the dollar with a triumphant smile as she opened her mouth before someone called out cutting her off.

“Sienna? You forgot to lock the chicken coop door, come back and round-” a woman came into the barn from the back ten stalls down, “You must be Mr. Henderson.”

I felt my lip curl up as I took the woman in while taking a sharp breath. The tight jeans she was wearing shows off her perfect curves with her tank top following up her body and tightly restricting her breasts which were begging me to release them from their restrictions. Her face was void of any make up, a nice change from the women who hang around at the club caked with that stuff on it. Her dark black hair was up in a perfect ponytail that was asking my fingers to run through. I have seen allot of women in my life but this one was by far the most beautiful, and there was something different about her. The air of how she walks made me want to walk over to her, slam her on the wall to demand her to tell me everything about her before I take her right there.

A light smack on my leg brought me back to see the little girl, Sienna cocking her head at me, “I think mom was talking to you Mr. Henderson.”

I chuckled winking at the girl before looking back at the woman who must be my official boss, “Mrs. Monroe please call me Tatt.”

“It’s Miss.” She asserted quickly with something brutal in her eyes before covering it up. “But you can call me Raven. Sienna sweetie, go gather up the chickens that got loose while I talk to Mr- Tatt for a moment.”

Sienna groaned, “but mom can’t I show Tatt around?”

Raven raised an eyebrow before starting to move her hands around making me furrow my brows. It wasn’t until Sienna responded with a sigh doing something with her own hands that I gathered they were talking in sign language. Sienna looked to me tucking her hair behind her ears revealing the hearing aids. “You are in trouble Tatt.” With that she scurried off clucking to the chickens as my gaze shifted over to her hot as hell mother. She gave Milf a whole different meaning.

“If you are done looking my body over may we get started?” Raven said, her eyebrows raised with an annoyed look to her making me flash her my signature smile. That always gets them. “Right there stop, I know you’re a biker so I will say this once. Try and get into my pants and I’ll shoot your bike with a shotgun.”

My hands went up in surrender. “Don’t take it out on my bike, hands off got it. And sorry about being late, trouble at the tattoo parlour I own.”

She just smirked, “actually you are on time, I tell every new person to be here an hour earlier just for things like this. Don’t let it happen again. I am going to show you around and tell you about what your duties will be. But first rule. No. Gun. Especially around Sienna she cannot see a gun no matter what.”

There was a fierceness to her with that rule, reminding me of a momma bear around her cub. “No guns. I’m assuming you know how I got sent here?”

“Hm. Yeah that runs into the second rule, best behaviour around my kid and property. Speaking of which, come on I’ll show you around.”

Raven began giving me the lowdown on her horse farm. She has had the place for around 3 years with currently fifteen horses, ten chickens, three barn cats and two pigs. The barn is a rescue centre for horses and works to rehome them as well as a rehab for injured horses. She specialises in helping bringing horses back to health and sometimes giving riding lessons.

The barn was beautiful along with the rest of the property, the large acres and horses; despite the smell of horse shit. At the moment, it was just Raven working, another guy working his own crime off and her daughter, seemed her latest full-time worker was deployed leaving her alone. Guess that’s how I got the gig, another opening for someone working off their debt to society.

“And that’s just about it. Think you can handle mucking out stalls?”

I nodded taking the pitch fork from her hand after she just showed me the way she does it to save shavings and leave the stall orderly. “Got it boss. One question though.”

She leaned against the stall door as I walked in ready to get this day’s service started, “what is it? Oh, and I forgot, the door to the house is open so help yourself to food. Though watch out for Sienna if she sees you in the kitchen she will make you cook mac and cheese with hotdogs.”

I chuckled as I first saw the first sincere smile on her face thinking about her daughter. It gave me a feeling I wasn’t sure how to explain, it was a sight I so rarely saw nor did I ever feel.

“Sienna, she talks fine but earlier she you two were signing?”

She cocked a brow, “she wears hearing aids to help her hear and she speaks sign language. You don’t have to be deaf to know it.”

I slowly nodded, “Sorry I didn’t mean to insult her. I just never knew those with hearing aids to speak sign. Is her hearing bad for her to know both?”

A dark shadow crossed her face as she looked around before looking back to me making me know that these two girls have a story of their own, “Her story is not horrible, she can sometime hear okay without them but it not for you to know about. Her hearing is her hearing. Do not ask Sienna about it, she is sensitive about her sign and speaking.”

The way she shut me off reminded me so much of the women I have met working at the Rider’s security agency where you are surrounded by victims of domestic violence. This Raven may be a spit fire but with select questions and topics I can still see that fear flash, her body startle backwards and as a mom she is looking for her daughter at every mention of the past. I don’t know what it is about her but if anyone is after her and her kid I will tear them apart piece by piece.

Raven turned to leave but before she could my hand shot up stopping her, “Anyone after you or her? I work at a club I know the face of someone who has been hurt and if you need anything I can help.”

She took a deep breath looking at my hand then back at me, her eyes piercing me, “They are dead, just let the past stay that way too. You are here to work not be a therapist asking so many personal questions.”

With that, the raven-haired beauty was gone leaving me alone in a stall of horse shit. Well maybe this won’t be too bad with a woman like that and a story of hers. But I shouldn’t have pushed her the way I did, I have training on how to bring these conversations up but the very though that someone caused her to fear, could have caused her daughter to fear has me twitching my hand over my phone to call Princess.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I am here to work, she said her trouble was in the past let’s just focus on getting this community service over with and keep the women easy back home. Raven is not a woman you just fuck then walk away and I am not a man interested in something other than just that. I need to stay away from the complications of dating someone like her particularly since she also comes with a kid. Fuck dating? I meant fucking, I need to stay away from the hot as hell woman.

Shouldn’t be too hard.


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