Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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Family Dinner


I pulled the wrench harder against the tracker’s engine. I have been at it for hours and I wasn’t sure if I was any closure to fixing it up. At least during this time, I thought about my parlour and what I need to do for it but still hours on a tractor gets tedious. Feeling slithering around my feet I quickly jumped back with a kick sending something flying.

“EDGAR!!” I looked to see Sienna running to what I kicked, once she reached it she bent down picking up a snake. “Why would you kick Edgar? She’s a softy.”

I jumped forward ready to take the snake away from her only stopping when Sienna moved the snake away from me, “put that thing down its poisonous.” I reached ready to grab it again but she wacked my hand as the snake coiled around her arms.

Sienna smiled, “First Edgar is a garden snake so she is harmless. And second poisonous is something you eat. Venomous is when it bites you.”

Chuckling I shook my head, “your right little darlin’ I was too worried about you getting hurt to ensure proper vocabulary. Why do you call her Edgar is she is a girl?”

“Oh, I thought he was a boy and then mom told me it was a girl. But she likes Edgar.” She smiled walking to the tractor I was fixing. “What you doing?”

Sighing I looked at the tractor, “trying to fix this engine. It’s a little more banged up than I originally thought.”

She gave a gasp scaring the shit out of me since I’m still freaking out with the snake, don’t like those things. “You should stay for dinner, It’s Monday so we make homemade pizza. Here take Edgar I’ll go ask,” I stepped away holding my hands up shaking my head, “are you scared of snakes?”

I scoffed, “I don’t get scared, it’s just unnatural that it can bend around like that and it’s tongue, those fangs…”

Sienna giggled, “you are scared of snakes. It’s okay, I’m scared of chickens. Whenever I go get the eggs I run in and out. That’s why I end up leaving the door open all the time. I just don’t like their beaks. Dinner is at six, be there that’s an order.”

With that the little darlin’ scurried away with her snake as I went back to the tractor, she is something. I pulled my phone out, sending a text to Hamlet rescheduling his tattoo. Dinner with those girls may give me more insight into what’s missing from the file and I can’t say no to.

A few hours later I wiped my hands looking at the engine shaking my, nah forget ordering parts from Hunter she may need a whole new one. But this old beast should work for a year or so, she has time to decide and maybe Hunter has contacts in the... tractor world... yeah far-fetched but who knows. Heading to my truck I grabbed my extra bag of clothes that I always keep in there and went to the outside shower.

No longer smelling like a sweat rag I walk into the house kitchen seeing Raven sipping a glass of wine rolling some dough before looking up with a jump placing her hand on her chest, “Jesus Tatt. What are you still doing here? Go home you were off hours ago.”

Chuckling I rubbed the back of my neck thinking this could be a bad idea, “little darlin’ ordered me to stay for dinner.”

Her mouth opened in an ‘O’ making a bunch of thoughts come to mind as I took in her small tank top and sleep shorts, her body begging for some attention I would gladly give. “Um well I guess you may stay for dinner.”

“If it makes-” I felt bad not thinking if Raven would be uncomfortable.

“No.” She cut me off, “if Sienna wants you here it’s fine. I have some wine out but no beer sorry.” Raven shuffled on her feet looking at what she was doing and I knew it was a lot for her to have me around when she doesn’t know me. But it seems she will do anything for her daughter even if she invited a criminal biker for dinner.

Chuckling, I walk over grabbing a glass and pouring some red wine, “classy woman.”

Raven laughed shaking her head going to her fridge taking out ingredients for pizza, “yeah the seven-dollar bottle is soclassy.”

Taking a sip, I smiled, it didn’t taste too much like a cheap bottle as I expected it to, though I don’t drink wine so not sure if my opinion counts. I walked over to where she was cutting taking the knife from her hand and motioned to a chair. “Let me it’s the least I can do since I’ll be eating your food also the wine isn’t box so it’s still classy. Where is the little darlin’?”

Raven looked like she was going to fight me before sighing and sitting down. I felt a small victory that she feels comfortable with me holding a knife in her house. Whatever the truth of her past is, that is a victory, from what I can tell from the file she hasn’t dated since running out of Boston.

“She’s doing her homework. You wrapped around her finger already?” She chuckled taking a sip of wine with her raised brow I was beginning to love on her. Love on her?

I chuckled slicing pieces of basil, “she ordered me while holding her snake Edgar. Didn’t want to risk saying no.”

She walked over beside me to turn the oven on allowing me to look over her perfect ass, fuck it would be perfect in my hands. “Edgar wouldn’t hurt you.”

Before I could scoff to her answer the little darlin’ came running into the room. “Tatt! You made it.” Sienna walked over to me holding her eyes covered while holding out a paper, “mommy said I can’t ask you your crime but can you scratch out the box if its free?”

I chuckled hearing Raven gasp, “okay little darlin’ let’s see if its open.” I took the paper out of her hand as she kept her eyes covered up, winking at Raven saying it was okay. Seeing the ‘assault’ box open I took a pen out of my cut and scratched it out handing it back to Sienna who scurried off with it.

“I’m sorry I told her not to ask.” Raven sighed, putting the last pizza ingredients on the kitchen island.

“She is too smart for her own good, technically she didn’t.” I glanced to my right seeing Sienna skip back into the room her hand no longer blocking her sight, “alright little darlin’ I have never done this before mind telling me what to do.”

Sienna nodded enthusiastically getting up onto a high chair and began to give me the lowdown on what to do. I smiled at the cute little girl as she rattled off ingredients and how they work together making me chuckle at how excited she was about this night. Sienna mentioned Monday was homemade pizza what else do they do? I Glanced to Raven, she really is quite the single mother spending quality time with her daughter.

“How do you say pizza in sign?” I asked Sienna who looked at her mom who nodded making Sienna smile with a quivering lip as she showed me ‘pizza.’ Doing it back she giggled coming to me and fixing her hands so I could do it better. “Thanks, little darlin’.”

I winked at her making her wink back before turning away to grab the plates for the table as the pizzas cooked, looking up I saw Raven looking at me with an unknown expression.

Twelve minutes later we all had out pizza and sat down at table, my phone buzz making me take it out.


Stop changing my appointment asshole.

Another OD. Church tonight.

Putting away to not affect my time here I look up to Raven and Sienna giggling over pizza sauce on Sienna’s nose. A warm feeling spreading from the sight of those two. There was something about seeing Raven and Sienna interact that made me wish that I didn’t have to go to church. Looking at Raven, yes one hundred percent did I want to be in that wonderful body of hers. To find that tattoo on her and lick it. But this feeling of dinner, with the little darlin’ had me fighting back ideas I am not prepared to even come to mind. I said she would be mine but… it’s not what she deserves.

Sienna sighed looking guilty, “have you decided if I am to be punished?”

Smirking at Sienna trying to look innocent I ask, “what you do trouble maker?”

The little darlin’ bit her lip to stop a smile, “I punched a bully in his nose. Now I am suspended from school for a week and mom hasn’t decided to ground me or not.” I curled my hand in a fist pressing it against my mouth hiding my smile, pure pride running through my veins. “See Tatt thinks I did the right thing.” My hands went up in surrender, she spoke the truth.

Shit. Raven wouldn’t say anything because what if this flashes back to that bastard husband who used violence against her. Raven could-

“If anyone askes, you got grounded. But good job standing up against the bully, just remember don’t use violence in the future, it isn’t the answer and makes things worse.” Raven said surprising me.

Sienna smiled as she danced in her chair, “I waited for the bully to make the first move but I will try not to use violence next time.” Raven raised a brow staring at Sienna who smiled innocently, “Not there that is a next time… No punching unless boxing.”

Raven sighed getting up to get water, kissing Sienna’s head as she muttered about having such a strong headed daughter.

Once Raven was out of earshot I leaned forward to Sienna so Raven wouldn’t hear me. “Did you keep your thumb out of your fist and put your weight behind it.” Sienna smiled giving me a nod, “good job little darlin’ ice cream on me one day.” I added a wink as Raven returned to the table looking between us sceptically before shaking her head muttering she didn’t want to know.

This dinner is relaxed, so effortless between the three of us. We moved into new conversations. Sienna telling me all about her plans for building a treehouse and the location needs for it. It was easy to ask her questions, promising to helping her build it.

Glancing over to Raven I could see in her eyes I was affecting her just as she has been affecting me. But life, marriage with me wouldn’t be a happy ending. Maybe it’ me running from something I don’t understand and am not ready to but at the same time look at these two girls. Raven is working hard to offer a nice life for herself and her daughter; I am here for assault.

I said she was mine but I am not ruining her future of what she deserves because of what I want. They’re under my protection.

That’s all I can be.

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