Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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Knock Out


Why am I bringing Raven and Sienna to Amara’s party?

Oh right a little girl was upset and words just poured out. How the hell am I going to explain why I am bringing Raven and Sienna to this party.

Glancing in the rear-view mirror I see Raven’s car following me as we left from the barn. No matter the hesitancy and coiled anxiety in my body, part of me was glad to be spending time with them. Raven had been busy with the horses all week but Sienna was around with me giving me a chance to learn more about the trouble maker.

A couple minutes later we pulled up to the bakery ‘Dropping Pies’, the place lined with Harleys as brothers were already here.

I parked hopping out of my truck as Raven pulled up next to me. “You sure about this?” Raven asked stepping out of the car as I opened the door for Sienna. I could feel Raven’s nervous energy, the only reason she agreed to come was to make Sienna happy, when was the last time she even had a night out?

I winked at her, “Come on darlin’ when was the last time you went to have fun?”

She ran a hand through her hair as she walked up behind Sienna, “it’s been a while…”

I tucked a strand behind her ear quickly removing it from her too soft skin, “Birdy will be here and she will love to see you.”

“Raven! Sienna!” Birdy yelled coming up behind me with Shadow and Hunter’s arm around her shoulder. “Tatt please take Hunter away so I can have girl time.”

Hunter turned putting his hand on her stomach, “babe-”

I grabbed his shoulder pushing him to where a bunch of brothers were standing around with boxing gloves, no doubt Hamlet’s party gift for some low-key adrenalin, “let’s go leave the women alone brother she will be fine without your sorry ass watching her breath.”

He growled making me roll my eyes as I winked at Raven still pushing Hunter away since I could tell Raven needed female company instead of being around so many men. Needing adjustment time. It may have been four years since her husband committed ‘suicide’ but she still looked uncomfortable around us. I’ll wait till she has relaxed with Birdy to check on her.

“Can I go with Tatt?” I looked back to see Sienna and her mom signing before walking back to them pulling one of Sienna’s braids.

Looking up I winked at Raven, “I got her, go have fun with Birdy and the other Lunas.”

Birdy wrapped her arms around Raven giving me a ‘don’t fuck up look’ that I didn’t want to overthink at the moment. Wrapping my own arm around Sienna we walked away towards the brothers. I knew it was allot that Raven was trusting me with her daughter. But it’s what I, no, the club does. We take people in.

My arm wrapped tightly around Sienna to keep her with me instead of getting lost in brothers as we came to where the brothers were. Hamlet and Pepper bouncing in a makeshift boxing ring. Nothing serious just something to keep the boxing contained. Or Hamlet’s adrenalin contained, he couldn’t even handle a simple bakery for a night.

“You get a kid brother?” Briac asked me looking up at Sienna and me as a Deadpan handed me a beer also looking at Sienna confused.

Sienna just smiled at Briac, “I’m his boss and he messed up so he needs to make up for it.”

Briac just nodded giving me a look, “your boss huh.”

“Shut it brother I’m making up being late yesterday.”

“Mhm.” He said as Hamlet punched Pepper knocking him down ending the round.

Sienna bounced next to me, coming in front of me to look with excited eyes, “can I go in please, please. I have been taking classes and I can fight. I am not weak I promise.” Her eyes sparkled with excitement as I imagined her in a ring with a brother.

Nope not happening she is fucking ten and tiny! We are large and experienced, I won’t be like her ex dad letting bad shit happen to her.

“Your mom would kill me.” I said bending down to Sienna as she pouted at me, fuck she is cute. I need to say no, say no, just say no. “okay fine just one round.”


She bounced up and down, “I have been training like Black Widow I got this, I got skills.”

I groaned standing up hearing Hunter snicker beside me as I ran my hand over my face. “Shut it brother this will be you soon enough. I am going to regret this. Deadpan get over here.” The new brother jogged over, he would take it easy on her, plus he is the smallest of us so it would be the best pair. “You are going to box with Sienna.”

He went to talk as I grabbed his jacket pulling him in front of me turning away for Sienna. “You go easy on her. Don’t touch a single hair on her head just let her try it out. Got it? No swings, not hits or I will fucking break your tattooing hand and burn your new tattoo off.” I growled with every protective instinct I had.

Deadpan nodded letting me release him, “I wouldn’t dare hit a kid brother, I’ll let her get hits then go down.”

“Whatcha doing?’ Hamlet sang behind me as I squatted placing giant boxing gloves on Sienna and ruffling her head as I stood up letting her bounce into the ring, “you adopt a kid since I last saw you? She doesn’t look like she is yours.”

I sighed clenching and unclenching my hand as Sienna put her gloves up as Deadpan stood in front of her, he wouldn’t hurt her but still there was a fear I haven’t felt before.

“She Raven’s daughter and she wanted to go in. She takes boxing classes and Deadpan knows to let her win.” I said back.

Hamlet just looked at me confused before Hunter spoke up, “Community service.”

The bastard only laughed, “so that’s who Smoke was talking about. I didn’t believe what he was saying but I guess you bringing her and her kidto a family party means she is a lot more than your boss.”

I felt myself spin around grabbing his cut and bringing him close, “don’t fucking say it. She’s not a club whore I am just making up disappointing the kid… “ A shit eating grin stretched on his face. “Shit sorry brother.” I let him go running a hand through my hair as he looks me up and down.

Hamlet smirked looking around the lot before finding what he was looking for, “Oi Spotter! Time to put up a new board!”

Even from here I could hear Spotter’s groan, “I’ll put it up. No one goes behind the bar!”

Glaring at Hamlet I brought my focus back to Sienna as she and Deadpan danced around the ring, Sienna looking him up and down. “No board.” I growled out only making them laugh.

“Yes. I’m making good money from you pussy whipped idiots, these boards will keep coming.” Briac chuckled as I rubbed my neck focusing on Sienna and not start a fight to shut them up.

All of sudden Sienna moved fast sending a kick the inside of Deadpan’s knees sending him down onto the mat where she did an uppercut then right hook hitting him hard sending him down onto the mat. She bounced around on her feet as the brothers went nuts at the little boxer, Deadpan holding his hands up in surrender.

Hunter threw his head back laughing as pride filled through me that she knocked him down, “Fuck my kid will be like that. Also, those old prospects have no safety around new females coming into the club.”

Deadpan dripped out of the ring grumbling to us, “I let her do that.”

Rolling my eyes I smacked his shoulder going into the ring as I walked forward, quickly dropping my arms out as Sienna jumped into them. “See I told you I got skills and am not weak.” She said with such excitement making me chuckle.

I smiled pulling one of her braids, “would never call you weak little darlin’, you are going to make one hell of boxer.” As she scrunched her nose I knew I called her the wrong term, “sorry, one hell of a Black Widow. Proud of you.”

She smiled looking over to the ring then back to me, “can I go again?”

Chuckling I shook my head ignoring the cute face that is trying to make me change my mind, “Why don’t you watch the brothers for a while, see if there are some moves you could pick up then maybe we could risk you going again without your mom finding out.”

Sienna hummed as she looked around probably for her mom, “smart idea. Learn new skills then risk it.”

I placed her back on the ground, walking her to the ring where Hamlet and Spotter went against each other. Bending down so I was on her level I began going through what their stances were and how they are able to read what their opponent is going to do telling them how to act.

Standing up to stretch my legs I turn to see Ryker beside me looking dam amused. “What?” I gruff out checking Sienna who wasn’t paying attention to me but was focused on the fight in front of us.

Ryker shook his head still amused, “nothing just thinking you may be a father before I am.”

Quirking an eyebrow I looked back to him, “Nothing between me and Raven. And before you are? Ah hell are we going to be having two pregnant Lunas at the same time?” As Ryker just glared I knew I got my answer, “fuck hormones are going to be crazy.”

Hear a small gasp Sienna turned slowly to me with a sly smile raising her hand making me groan doing the only thing I could, give her a dollar. With Sienna satisfied I turn back to Ryker who chuckled at the exchange. “Man, you are acting like a Dad. And not one word alright, Amara wants to wait till she’s further along so keep your mouth shut.”

I chuckled at his growled threat ignoring his first sentence, “not one word... how else am I going to make sure I win the bet.”

“First you can’t fix a bet and two my woman’s pregnancy is a fucking secret.” He hushed back making Sienna turn around.

Sienna took a step towards him with her hand up making me full out laugh at the cash she will make her, “You know if you want it to be a secret you shouldn’t whisper yell.” She rose her hand up higher making Ryker look to me before shaking his head taking out his wallet and already following the order of paying for your swears.

“Here you go kid. You’re about to make allot of money, but both of you not a word.” Ryker said making Sienna chuckle with a shrug.

“I don’t even know you.” With that she turned back to the fight bouncing up and down with excitement.

I smiled at her feeling Ryker nudge me making me scowl at him. Why couldn’t he act like Hunter all freaking out about his woman, he should keep his dam thoughts to himself. This night is for Sienna not me getting into Raven pants. Just making sure they are doing well.

Next brother who makes a comment about Sienna being my kid will get sucker punched.

Though I can’t say I don’t feel pride anytime I see the little darlin’.

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