Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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I brought my bike in front of Raven’s house, turning it off as Hunter and Birdy pulled up next to me; Birdy excited while Hunter looked uneasy. If I didn’t need him to babysit I would laugh.

Sienna skipped over holding Edgar. “Hello!”

Hunter slide off his bike, “Nice snake.”

I shifted, why couldn’t she have a pet bunny. Lifting my head, I greeted Sienna.

Raven stepped out beside her, my jeans immediately tightening at the sight. She was wearing red shirt, leather jacket with leather pants that showed me every little curve they had. Her hair was in those fishtails braids with smoky eyes and dark lipstick. Fuck she has always been beautiful but right now she is smoking.

Birdy let out a whistle, “get out of here you two crazy kids.” Birdy slapped Raven’s butt as Hunter and Sienna disappeared in the barn.

Raven watched them disappear before walking towards me, “fuck Raven you look amazing. Ready to go? No backing out once you are on the back on my bike.”

I held out a helmet watching as she placed it over her head. “Ha, hello to you too Tatt. Do we need to take my truck if you are so distracted?” I didn’t even have to look down to know she could see how attracted I am right now.

Hey I am doing this all out now, no need to back down anymore.

I winked, “and miss the chance to have you wrapped around me? Not a chance darlin’. Hop on and hold tight.”

Raven took one last look at the barn before slipping on behind me, her hands lightly on my sides leaving me to grab them, pushing her flat against me and placing her hands on my stomach. I had to fight every instinct I had not turn around, rip those clothing off and taste every last bit of skin. Forcing those thoughts for later I flicked my biked on, taking off revelling in Raven pushed against me, her hands firm on my torso not moving an inch as I rode away. Never had women on my bike but I will do anything I can to have her on my Harley again.

Thirty minutes later we pulled up to a food truck. Kicking the stand down, I helped Raven off the bike. “Bessie’s BBQ food truck. Best barbecue in the area, trust me to order for you?”

We walked over to the truck as Raven looked flushed from the ride, “I don’t know, did the background check tell you what my favourite food is?”

I winced knowing that I deserved that but the twinkle in her eyes gave me hope that it was a joke, not a shank. “No. But I’ve seen your kitchen.” She gave a small smirk letting me order two mac and cheese, pulled pork sandwiches.

With food in hand we took a seat on the bench making me feel nervous. I chuckled dryly. “Had a complete script for this talk and I can’t remember anything…”

She left out a small chuckle, “feel the same, haven’t been on a date in over ten years… plus, it’s different with you now… How did you find this place?”

I smiled, “you ride around, you hit up all the food joints.” An awkward silence surrounded us. I really fucked us up. “Should we talk now?”

Raven nodded. “Why were you charged with assault? Serenity said that tells me if I should truly trust you or not.”

Taking a bite, I nodded before putting it down, “So blunt, love it. Went bar hopping for Serenity’s bachelorette party. Doc is a workaholic, just works at the ER or in the club. Rarely does anything personal for herself. Nor has she really well figured out her type. Anyway, a guy started hitting on her at the bar and she told him she wasn’t interested. He couldn’t handle being rejected, started throwing homophobic slurs and I threw punches at him. An undercover cop was there checking the bar and arrested me after the seventh punch.”

“You guys really do protect your own.” Raven whispered taking a bite of food.

I sat straight, “no one belittles those who matter to me. I’m fucking sorry I did the background check. Part of me knew it was wrong to betray you like that since you shut off that topic. But I was there when we found Birdy after she was tortured, when Briac faked Amara’s death. I knew you had a bad past, I had to make sure you and Sienna were safe, that you wouldn’t be in that situation.

“My parents had me to fill a hole and it didn’t work. They cheated all the time. Then I moved in with Smoke and his dad, again I didn’t see any example of relationship there. Fuck Smoke fell for someone then shit went down and he went nomad so all I saw was how loving someone risks everything. Your different Raven. I know I am not good enough so I did a background check to make sure you were safe and I could just work for you. Then I couldn’t help needing to know more since I couldn’t get you and the little darlin’ out of my head. I couldn’t get you out of my head if I fucked someone who looked nothing like you and someone who has the same hai-”

Raven coughed out her food making me realize just how much I spewed, “wow I thought biker boys would be calm in a talk. That was a lot of truth spewing Tatt…”

I rubbed the back of my neck, “ya well whenever you look at me I guess I can’t help it.”

Raven smiled taking my breath away, her ink black hair against her skin and deep red lips forever tattooed in my memories. “Should I be flattered you tried to fuck me out of your head but couldn’t?”

I shook my head, “I’ll have you know you make me suffer blue balls constantly. I can’t have another woman touch me without feeling my insides rip apart that it’s not your touch. Maybe that was too much to say but as you said we both believe in transparency. I owe all the truth to make up the background check.”

It was quiet as Raven took small bites looking at me, the haunted look that was sometimes in her eyes hitting me in the gut, “I grew up on fairy tales. Prince charming being there and I thought that was Josh. Got pregnant, finished my GED online, had Sienna. That’s when things turned. He hated the fact that she had hearing problems, he was a perfectionist and I wasn’t able to give him that. I was controlled for years Tatt, the only thing I had control over was when to piss him off to make sure he took it out on me and not Sienna before his suicide.” My fists balled tightly hearing about her asshole of an ex, they fisted tighter when I saw her nose twitch telling me that she just lied.

Lied about what?

“When I left Boston, I wanted to leave all that behind me and give Sienna the life she deserves. Starting with getting her hearing aids and working at a farm where animals will love her. Having parolees proving second chances and that not everyone is Josh. Hearing that you did a background check made those memories come back and I want them to stay dead.” She whispered the last past with a crack.

Fuck I am an asshole and really went around this the wrong way.

“I should have trusted if and when you were comfortable telling me, you would.” I whispered back slowly reaching over and tracing a finger over her hand. “If I could take it back I would, and if you trust me you can tell me everything about what happened. It’s still tearing you apart Rave and if I could carry some weight for you I will.”

“You have to understand Tatt, it’s not just me. I come with a little girl who is everything to me and always who I put first.” Raven said making me get up, walking to the other side of the table to sit beside her.

My hand lifted her chin as I bent forward kissing her slowly, showing her my intention truthfully. I kissed her for a few minutes, her lips moving with mine perfectly before I leaned back leaning my forehead against hers.

“Not going to lie Raven. I may screw up, I already have. But if you take a chance on me I swear I will do the best I can for you andSienna. I would never raise my hand or voice. Never cheat and always be transparent. For Sienna, I would treat her as if she were my own blood.” I took her lips again, showing her the truth of my words.

She moved her lips away slightly releasing a shaky breath. “I don’t want to be a scared girl living in the past of my ex. But I don’t want to be a little girl giving my heart away for someone else to break it. I don’t know if I can survive another heartbreak.”

Looking into her eyes, I could see the fear. “But,” she started, “I wouldn’t be a good role model for my daughter if I didn’t stop living in the past. But if you swear to take care to not hurt me, I will take a chance.”

I smiled pressing my lips to hers as I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her onto my lap. Movement caught me and I looked up to see a couple club groupies; Lilith and Stacy staring at me looking shocked and pissed. Feeling my hands touched I opened my palm and took Raven’s hand in mine before looking back to her. Yes, Raven is 100% of my future, those women mean nothing but a forgotten past.

“I will spend every second trying to prove that this chance will be worth it. You deserve happiness, I will give it.”

She smiled, “you are pretty good at giving me happiness already biker boy. Just don’t look up my background again okay? Or I will go back on my first threat of shooting your bike with a shotgun.”

I laughed shaking my head, “anything you say darlin’ Raven.”

Still feeling the groupies gaze on me I pulled her up grabbing our trash and chucking in a can before taking her hand and pulling her to my bike. I wasn’t going to let those groupies impact our night.

“What do you say about a long ride? I like you holding on tight to me.” I gave her a wink before pulling her back to me to press my lips against mine letting my hands roamed her body. She tasted perfect. She felt perfect.

She moaned against my lips making me smirk and nip her before pulling back, “Darlin’ if you make that sound I will gladly be pulling off these sexy clothes off you. Was that your pay back?”

Raven winked grabbing sliding onto my bike. “I have no idea what you’re talking about Tatt. You said wear pants.”

Leaning down I pulling her hair back kissing her lips once more before sliding onto my bike. I headed out of the parking lot, a kiss landed on my neck before Raven rested her head on my shoulder as the wind whipped around us.

She was putting herself out there, as was I. I may not know what I am doing when it comes to love and having one woman. But I will do everything I can to do the right thing by her.

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