Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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I let out a breath as I forced myself off of Tatt’s bike once he parked the bike in front of my house, this night being one of the best in a long while. A smile came onto my face as Tatt looked back to me seeing how I enjoyed the ride more than what I thought I would. Already missing his touch I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed myself against him kissing him. I hated the thought of stopping.

He opened up to me, told me everything about him and I felt safe. Safe giving him my heart and trusting him. There was one story that I needed to tell him and I will but we talked about the heavy stuff enough tonight.

Tatt’s arm wrapped around my waist pulling me flush against him as his tongue swiped against my lower lip asking me to open up to him which I granted. His tongue explored into my mouth while I melt against him.

A cough sounded behind me making me jump to Birdy and Hunter, Birdy giving me a look before opening her mouth, “well I say that your night went well.”

My face heated in a blush as I felt Tatt get up from his bike to stand next to me wrapping his arm around my waist. Clearing my throat, I smiled softly, “how was Sienna? Was she okay.”

Birdy nodded before losing her smile, “she’s a sweet, we hung out and she went to bed an hour ago.”

Hunter chuckled, “don’t mind her. She wanted to watch a princess movie with her but Sienna took my choice of Rocky.”

I chuckled softly looking to Serenity, “Sorry she prefers fighters to princesses. Thanks for watching her.”

“Course.” Hunter nodded taking his keys out, “come on babe their night may not be over.”

Tatt thumbed his fist on Hunters back, “thanks brother, get home safe.”

They waved goodbye walking over to Hunter’s bike. The love between them was obvious and made me look at Tatt who was already looking at me with fondness. This night had changed something deep between us, and Serenity was right at the bakery. If I want the past to die I need to take a chance on my future.

And that’s Tatt.

“Stay the night.” I whispered to him.

He took a deep breath pulling my chest against his. “Darlin’ if I stay the night there’s only one way to go. I can’t control myself with you.” I sighed against his touch as his hand threaded down my spine.

I smiled standing up to kiss his lips before pulling away looking him in the eye with a raised brow, “I want you Tatt. But if you can’t be quiet-”

Tatt didn’t give me the chance to finish as he picked me up, my legs wrapping around his waist as his tongue returned in my mouth eating me hungrily. I wasn’t sure how long I had been kissing him until I felt myself thrown onto my bed bouncing on the mattress as Tatt walked backwards never taking his eyes off of me as he closed my bedroom door and locked it.

“Now Raven. Only one rule tonight. You can’t come unless I tell you to.” My legs pressed together from the heat and intense need for him, “now since we are so honest, did you think of me in here? Play with yourself thinking of me?”

I moaned rubbing my thighs as Tatt stalked towards me, dark intense hunger in his eyes turning me on with need so much it hurt, “yes.” I whispered as he reached my boots taking them off. His eyes darkening with a sly smile as I confessed.

Tatt’s hands moved up my legs going to my pants button slowly released the button and sliding them off. “Dirty girl. Tell me what you did.” My breathing was hard as I sat up throwing my jacket off, moving my hands to my shirt and slowly ripping it off making him growl to the black lace bra. Two can play at this game. “Answer me darlin’.”

I gasped feeling his hands press on my clit before he backed up sliding his cut off his body, “I thought about you. What you look like shirtless, the sweat going down your muscles.” My eyes followed as he kicked off his boots, his hands in his pocket tossing a condom on the bed before slowly undressing, a whimper coming out of me from desperate need.

“Keep going darling.” Tatt’s shirt went off showing me the chest I love so much as his hands went to his pants unbuttoning. “What did you use, how did you touch. Transparency remember.”

My legs went together from the throbbing, “I would remember how sexy your body is, your voice calling me darlin’ and I would get wet. I tried using my fingers but it wasn’t enough.”

He smirked, “not enough? Did you use anything darlin’? Did you use a toy to come?” His jeans fell to the floor leaving him in his tight boxer briefs, his large erection showing himself to me.

I nodded as I stared at it, whimpering. “Rabbit. I used my rabbit in my bedside drawer and came thinking about you.”

Tatt smirked stalking over to me, sliding my panties off and sniffing them, “god you are already dripping for me.” He continued over to my drawer never taking eye contact off as he opened my drawer, my eyes widen as he took out a bag. He smirked even more opening it and taking out the vibrating curved ribbed rabbit. “This what you used?”

Swallowing hard I nodded. I needed him. I craved him, my whole body was on fire just from his gaze. “Take your bra off.” He ordered making me comply without a single complaint, I’ll do anything for him to touch me right now. “God your sexy Raven. You’re going to use this for me. I want to see what you did so that you know no toy will be enough for you again after tonight.”

He gave me the rabbit, slowly bending down and taking my lips hungrily as his fingers went down my body leaving fire before he was gone from me standing by the bed. His boxers being pushed down freeing his large cock, pre-come already leaking out. “You sure?”

Tatt gave me a sly smile that I knew probably just caused a tsunami in my already wet pussy. “Oh, darlin’ I am sure. Get to it I don’t know how long I can stay away from you so ready for me. And remember, keep quiet.” He fisted his cock as he watched me turn on the rabbit, the room filled with the vibrator’s sounds as my fingers went to my pussy getting my fingers wet then using it to coat the rabbit.

I moved the toy down pressing it softly against my clit and moved my head back to take a break from Tatt’s intense gaze as the rabbit played with me along making me pulse.

“Eyes on me.” Tatt growled out. I snapped back to him seeing him breathing hard as he stroked his cock making me plunge the rabbit into me, his jaw clenching as I moaned from the intrusion.

I moved in and out of me slowly at first, Tatt’s eyes going down my body to watch it, my own eyes on him, our hands moving at the same pace. Feeling a sense of power, I moved it in harder and harder seeing Tatt following the speed. “Fuck darlin’, you did this thinking of me?”

“Yes, just like you thought of me when you pleasure yourself. Though you won’t ever touch another woman beside me again.” I moaned out hitting a fast speed on the device as Tatt snapped his eyes to me. My breathing was becoming harder and harder, my legs quivering looking at him, opening them wider to get a better handle of the device.

“No one but you. Only you Raven. No coming Raven until I tell you.”

I whimper, “Tatt, I’m getting close.”

Pushing harder and harder in, I felt the pressure rising but I wouldn’t release it. My head pushed back and began to arc making me whimper from the intense feeling with Tatt watching. All of a sudden, a hand grabbed the rabbit taking it out of my grasp, Tatt’s body on mine as he kissed me hard lifting my waist up and thrusting deep in. I gasped moaning into his mouth from his thicker girth and length hitting me there. His hot body pressed tight against mine as my skin disappeared with his.

The rabbit has nothing on him.

Tatt pushed himself up, grabbing my legs pushing them together and placing it on top of his right shoulder. He aligned himself up and thrusted back into me, “fuck you are so tight Raven. You’re going to be mine. Since the day I saw you mine. Fuck. No coming.”

I moaned feeling myself clench around him, feeling so intense as was biting down to make sure I didn’t cry out and wake Sienna. Gripping the mattress, I locked eyes on Tatt, “Tatt, I can’t hold on. Fuck. Where did you come from?”

My back arched higher taking me off the bed with my fingers curling, Tatts hands going to my clits and rub it fast. I was seeing things now, my eyes going off him to rolling back as he thrusted so deeply in. I was fighting so hard not to come I could barely breathe.

“I didn’t see you coming either. Fuck I am so close. Come. Now.” With permission I released all over him, a hand covering my mouth as Tatt stopped me from crying out. Tatt went a few more thrusts before he went off into the condom and fell forward catching himself from falling onto me. He took a breath releasing my legs, slowly bringing them back to the mattress as I sighed in an organism coma.

We both laid there, breathing heavily from the intensity of what just passed between us. I felt a movement on the bed from Tatt getting up, the sound of a condom being removed and the bathroom sink turned on. My body jumping in surprise as Tatt cleaned me up softly making me sigh, still too tired to move. I watched him clean me up, him getting up and tossing the cloth into my hamper, my eyes following his perfect ass as he bent to pick up the rabbit turning it off and walking it to the drawer.

Tatt moved the sheets up and I slid in snuggling against his body as he wrapped his arms around me, “Fuck your perfect Raven.”

I still couldn’t say anything, “mhm.”

He chuckled kissing the top of my head, “sleep darlin’. I’ll be here.”

With that I sighed into him closing my eyes as I felt him moved his hands up and down my spine. The feeling of peace and complete safety overwhelming me, a smile etching on my face.

He makes me believe that he won’t break me.

Instead he will heal me.

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