Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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I woke feeling rested, I don’t remember the last time I have woken up so peacefully. Rolling over I expect to find Tatt’s body but my hand finds nothing. Feeling the cold bed, my head goes up seeing an empty side. He left didn’t he. He learned the truth of the night and left.

Sighing I got up from my bed feeling my heart break as I pulled on some jeans and a working tank top. Walking towards the kitchen I could hear talking and giggling. The second I walked into the kitchen the sight knocked the wind from me and brought tears to my eyes.

Sienna was sitting on a tall stool in-front of Tatt with a spatula in one hand as she watched pancakes in a pan. Tatt was behind her playing around with strands of her hair.

“How the fuc-fudge did Briac do this so fast?” Tatt muttered as he tried to do something with them. “Play back the video would ya little darlin’?”

Sienna giggled picking up his phone and hitting the play button on a ‘How to French Braid’ hair tutorial. “Briac was the big one with a beard, right?”

Tatt chuckles as he tried to follow along with the video to braid her hair into two French braids. “You just described half the club. But yah you met him.”

“He doesn’t look like he would know how to braid?” Sienna said earning a tug of her hair by Tatt.

“Watch the pancakes or I’ll braid your hair into a rat’s nest, remember when there are multiple bubbles-”

“I flip it over.” Sienna finished flipping a pancake over as the smile on my face grew. “Why does Briac know how to braid, his hair isn’t long?”

I leaned against the door frame watching them interact with each other. They worked together so effortlessly, Tatt wasn’t forcing a relationship with my daughter and she wasn’t either. It was like they have known each other for years.

“He practically raised his younger sister, used to braid her hair when she was a youngster. He could do it fast, made it look easy WHICH IT IS NOT!” Tatt took a breath and finished one funky looking braid. Shaking his head, he moved onto the other side to do the other one. “Okay separate into three pieces…”

Sienna giggled as Tatt kept muttering what to do as she took the pancakes out the pan and poured more batter to start new ones.

I don’t remember the last time I had been as happy as I am just leaning against the door watching these two. I don’t even know how to describe it, it’s almost like everything that is important is together in perfect harmony. And for once, I am not worried about how long this will last because I know it will.

“Good morning you two.” I said softly once Sienna looked around smiling at me as Tatt was now done with another funky braid.

“Morning Mommy, we are making blueberry pancakes.” Sienna beamed hopping off the stool skipping to the fridge taking out the maple syrup.

I walk to Tatt, wrapping my arms around his waist as he shut off the stove putting the final pancakes on the plate with the rest. “You cook huh.”

He winked passing Sienna the plate full of pancakes wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me to him, “I can do a few things. You thought I left didn’t you.”

My mouth opened to defend myself but he was right, “sorry didn’t mean to think-”

“Hey,” he whispered, “I know. You were guarding your heart. But I stand by what I said, I got you and Sienna. I’m not going anywhere.”

I gave him a sceptical look, “I don’t know, based on your braiding skills we may not want you around…”

He let out a growl as he playful slapped my but making me jump further into his hold, “I’ll have you know that is pretty good for my first one and I’ll get better. You will pay for that later.” He gave me a kiss making me forget about whatever payment he will take.

“Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.” Sienna brought us out of our moment laughing as she already sat on the table plated with a tower of pancakes.

Pulling away from Tatt we both headed over to the table for breakfast. “Well sweetie you are now on winter break. What do you want to do?” I asked Sienna kissing the top of her head as she tapped her chin while I took a seat beside her at the table.

Tatt came over kissing my cheek before putting a cup of coffee on the table for me, “Can I go to tattoo parlour with Tatt?”

I went to speak but Tatt cut me off, “Sure little darlin’.”

My hand reached up, moving up and down his arm, “you sure?”

He just smiled winking at Sienna, “course. Would love to spend some time with her. It would be nice to show her what I do, see the brothers.”

Sienna was now bouncing in her chair with excitement as Tatt walked to the other side of the table and sat down to plate up his breakfast. “You do as Tatt says okay Sweetie?”

She nodded digging into her pancakes as I looked to Tatt who was smiling softly at Sienna not hiding his affection to her. “I got her babe. You know the girls get together on Wednesdays at Amara’s bakery. You should stop by, they want to get to know you and you could use a night out. My last appointment is Hamlet who should be done around seven. Little darlin’ and I can order Chinese for dinner at the shop.”

Sienna gasped, “Please mom?”

I chuckled nodding. “Okay Hun, I’ll text Birdy.”

Tatt grabbed my hand kissing it, “my family is your family darlin’. You aren’t getting rid of me.”

“Good.” Sienna said with a mouthful of pancake making us laugh. “What? He may need braid practice but he makes good pancakes.”

Tatt slowly put his cup down. “I need work on my braiding skills?”

Sienna nodded eating another pancake. “Maybe ask Briac for some tips and practice on each other.”

Tatt gave a smirk lifting his hands and signed. “Run.” With that she grabbed pancakes off her plate and dashed out of the room.

Tatt gave a wink and was after my daughter leaving me in a fit of laughter. I loved how safe she felt with him, that she could be her troublemaking self without fear.

A couple minutes later in walked Tatt with pancake on his face, a giggling Sienna dangling over his shoulder. Tatt cleared his throat making Sienna giggle louder before speaking, “Tatt is the best biker boy in the world and his braid skills are unmatched by other biker boys.”

Tatt nodded, “thank you.” He bent down dropping Sienna back into her chair.

I glanced over to Sienna, “Did you put pancake on his face?”

She gave a guilty shrug while Tatt wiped his face at the sink then took his place at the table eating his pancakes with a smile.

The rest of breakfast went quickly, Sienna talking with Tatt about his shop and tattooing. Too soon were plates cleared and stomachs full.

“You want to get changed and go?”Tatts signed clumsily.

I sucked in a breath trying to stop all the emotions going through me and looked seeing Sienna struggling with the same. “Be right back.” She signed getting up from her chair, running to get dressed.

Tatt got up clearing the table as if breakfast and signing to Sienna was an everyday occurrence. Sniffling I slip out from the table heading over to where Tatt was doing the dishes. My arms coming around his waist while I stood up on my toes kissing his cheek.

“I don’t think you understand how much that meant to her.” I whispered as Tatt turned and wrapped me up in him.

He shrugged with a smile, “after she came into the clubhouse the other day I had Spotter teach me some things. She deserves the world.”

“You really are something Tatt, you and her get along better than I could have ever imagined.” Tatt bent down giving me a tender kiss before pulling away.

He brought one of his hands up, cradling my right cheek in his hand. “Told you, you are mine and that makes Sienna mine as well. Us isn’t something I take lightly, I am in, all in. Plus, she has me wrapped around her finger.”

“Mhm she tends do that to people.”

“Just like her mom.” Tatt said before claiming my lips once more, his lips having the sweet taste of maple syrup.

I wasn’t sure how long we kissed but soon the sounds of little feet coming down the stairs forced us to separate.

“I’m ready!” Sienna said with a beaming smile and her riding helmet.

Looking at the riding helmet, to Tatt then back to Sienna it clicked. “No.”

“What you mean ‘no’.” Sienna and Tatt said at the same time, any other time I would have laughed but not when my baby was going on one of those things.

“I said no, you can take my car.” I said shaking my head as Sienna groaned.

Tatt pulled me closer to him, as if it were possible, “you need your car babe, I’ll take good care of her, I mean she rides horses and you don’t know what those are thinking.”

“Yeah mom, what’s the difference?” Sienna moaned.

Smirking I knew how I could get her out of this, “well you don’t have the right gear to be on a motorcycle, right helmet, right jacket to protect you … sorry.”

Tatt cleared his throat shuffling on his feet, “well… I bought Sienna a jacket and helmet the other day and are in my saddle bag…” Sienna cheered as my eyes widened making Tatt rub his hand over my back. “Only with your permission and I would be extremely careful. Won’t force you to say yes.”

Sienna was happy dancing while Tatt was trying to figure out if I am mad about him buying her motorcycle gear.

But really, I’m shocked.

He made breakfast with her.

He watched a hair tutorial and braided her hair.

He’s taking her to work.

He bought motorcycle gear for her which is a big deal in MC world. It’s not just a jacket or helmet, its him taking her as his own.

“Okay.” I whispered making Sienna hug me before she was out the door to Tatt’s bike.

Tatt pulled me back into him, his hands cupping my face. “Hey, I don’t have to take her on my bike if you do-.”

“I trust you.” I said breaking him off. “I know you will take care of her.”

He gave me a smile whispering on my lips. “Always.”

I let him kiss me until Sienna ran back in and pulled him away. Literally.

Leaning against the doorframe to the house I watched as Tatt went over everything about riding a bike, his playfulness gone, a seriousness in its place. It was reassuring how he took her safety as a priority.

My heart is so full watching them and I know that it was the right move to let him in with us. Still watching I text the women of the club to meet up. He’s taken in my family, I need take in his.

As they rode away I let a small tear escape and just enjoy the happiness.

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