Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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“Are you going to hurt my mom?” I looked up from the computer to Sienna as she sat on-top of the counter beside me. Her face cast downward refusing to look at me. “Because she doesn’t deserve that. It doesn’t seem the right way to treat someone you love.”

I reached up lightly tugging a braid with a small smile as she looked at me. “I will never hurt her little darlin’. Never ever hurt her either physically or her heart. She’s trusting me with it and I’ll protect it. Just as I will never hurt you and protect your heart as well. Your right, hurting someone is never the right way to treat someone you love.”

She smiled with a nod and reached down picking up some paper and pencils, “just making sure.” I chuckled as she hopped off the counter to go draw.

I watched her for a moment before going back to the computer. When we first arrived at the parlour she went to every tool asking what it does and how it works. We spent a long time just going over the tools and how to run a parlour. When people came in for their tattoos she watched the entire time, I don’t even think she blinked she was so into it. Looking to my right I looked at the sketches she brought and fuck me if they aren’t great with their detail, shading, realness. She’s got talent that little one.

Basically, I found my next apprentice.

Hearing the bell above the door I look up to see Hamlet walk in with dark circles under his eyes and stitches above his brow.

“Jez brother you look like you have been run over by a bike a couple times.” I said standing up to bump fists with him.

Hamlet sighed stretching his back, “another club girl OD’d last night. Was talking with police all night about how our club doesn’t do drugs. Need to make sure they don’t come search the club or blame us for this somehow.”

I blew air out looking over at Sienna who was sticking her tongue out a little but as she drew in concentration, I didn’t want her hearing any of this. I looked back over to hamlet, “Ryker getting rid of the armoury?”

Hamlet nodded slowly taking his shirt off for his new tattoo as we walked over to the chair, “yeah only registered staying. Fuck this make four girls OD’ing and Princess dug up so intel finding a possible two others from earlier this year.”

I blew out a whistle as I took out the stencil I premade while sitting in my chair, “Fuck so six? We haven’t found any drugs coming in. Wait isn’t princess supposed to be staying off online?”

He just groaned hitting his head on the chair as he sat down shaking that pretty boy hairdo as I gathered the tools I need for his tattoo, “god you should have heard Smoke when she walked into the office where Briac, he and I were sitting talking about it. She said something about using a different IP? Character? Honestly no fucking idea but she is trying to figure it out.”

Putting gloves on I shook my head then gathered the sanitation to wipe his rib area, “those two need to fuck.”

Hamlet snorted looking at me, “you going to say that to the two of them around Briac?”

I shook my head again laying the stencil on and gathering the gun, “Fuck no. I like my balls in tack.”

“Speaking of balls see things must be going well with Raven since you have her kid at the parlour? Thank fuck for that you were getting to be a grouchy asshole. She know-” Hamlet started before I cut him off.

“She knows that I fucked a couple whores to fight being with her? Yeah when we had our first date to make up for me doing a background chat I basically word vomited every flaw about me. She knows that since she is now my woman I would never look at one again.” I shook my head, fuck I used to be so smooth but when she walks in all she needs to do is lift that eyebrow and it knocks me off my balance.

The dam bastard started laughing making me hit him so he could stop moving and I could tattoo his design of a dead tree being struck by lightning.

Finally, after a second, he stopped moving, “Jesus brother just told her everything huh? I would give you shit but I was there when you told her that you did a background, fuck she’s got a scary calm face. I would spill my guts to her too.”

I chuckled knowing he was right, Raven can look dead serious. Leaning forward I began to start tattooing on Hamlet with a smile. “She will fit in with the club well. Same with Sienna who took down Deadpan, during her summer vacation she may be spending time with me at the parlour, got skill with art too.”

“You claiming them brother?” He asked making my smile growing thinking about it.

“Raven had a bad past with her ex-husband. But the second she feels 100% safe she will be getting my Luna cut and my last name. Same with Sienna, she will be mine as much as if she were my own blood.” I said with certainty.

I wiped Hamlet’s excess ink before going back on, “She seems like a tough woman and that kid is cute as fuck.”

I chuckled, “yeah I fucked up in the beginning but I won’t waste time anymore. She’s not getting rid of me. Hey, Sienna’s birthday is coming up so I think Raven and I will have a party at the barn and invite the club. She wants to get to know you guys.”

“Never ridden a horse before...” I looked up at him shaking my head, the last thing I need is the adrenaline junky thinking he can ride a horse then get knock- no never mind I want to see that.

“Your fucking adrenaline shit. Not sure if you agree but I would say someone is snooping around the club with these overdoes.” I murmured.

Hamlet cleared his throat making me look up to him, “Speaking of sneaking and since you will be claiming them fuck I shouldn’t be saying this when you have a needle to me but…”

“Fucking say it Hamlet.” I muttered turning the gun off as he looked serious. The brother glanced over to Sienna making me do the same seeing her standing up comparing her sketch to one on the wall that was the same design. Smiling at their closeness I look back to Hamlet whose face made me loose the smile fast. “Say it.”

“When I was at the station earlier today there was a man looking into a Raven and Sienna Monroe. Asking for their location and anything else the police could give them. Said he was Raven’s brother in law and is trying to reconnect.” He said glancing up to Sienna ensuring she is over there before back to me.

My fist clenched, Raven never talked about Josh’s family but it didn’t matter, where the fuck were they when Raven and Sienna went through hell.

“What the cops say?” I asked through my teeth as I tried everything to keep calm, Sienna was not someone I wanted to see me angry.

“Nothing, told them to keep their mouth shuts. Didn’t know if he would be someone to be worried about so made a call to protect first rather than trust intentions of someone looking for your woman.”

I nodded reaching over and dipping the gun into some ink and pressing it on. I Need to tattoo to clear my head. If he is looking for them, he will find them or see them. Don’t know this man but I don’t need to at all, he’s not seeing them.

The moment the gun hit Hamlet I could feel my control coming back. “You focus on the overdoses, leave the brother in law to me.”

“Hello Sienna.” Hamlet said as I felt someone behind me.

“Can I watch?” I glance to my right pulling my gun back from Hamlet smiling at Sienna who looked with fascination at the fresh ink.

Wiping some loose ink, I winked at her, “course little darlin’, wheel that extra stool over and I’ll show you how I tattoo. Sienna you remember Hamlet from the other night?”

She smiled bouncing up and down grabbing the stool and sitting on it right beside me giving her the perfect view, “Yeah you called the round!”

Hamlet smiled at her, “you got the punch girly, keep an eye on Tatt for me would ya? Make sure he does a good job.”

Sienna’s face turned serious as she nodded sitting forward focused on Hamlet’s tattoo and my gun.

A couple hours later I leaned back winking at Sienna, “Want to do the final touches?”

“Can I?” Sienna asked with a spark of excitement as Hamlet looked to me with doubt, “can she?”

I leaned back grabbing her chair and rolling it over right beside me closer to Hamlet, “it’ll be fine, she’ll do great.”

Putting her in front of Hamlet I explained the gun, showing her the small spot to hold the gun and tattoo. It was small, and in the middle of the tree so no matter what she wouldn’t hurt the piece. Just something that would put a smile on her face.

I passed the gun to Sienna to fill in a hole in the tree. She only held the gun for a minute before I took it back but the smile I got after she handed to me was worth everything.

“Not bad kid, when you start designing I’ll be your first body.” Hamlet said winking at Sienna.

She got up skipping away as I grabbed the cleaning material and wrapped up Hamlet.

I watched her jump onto the counter and pick up her sketch pad, “you ever feel like a storm is coming?”

Hamlet grabbed his shirt putting it on, “live in the moment brother, there’s one coming.”

Feet came back with Sienna holding up a page from her sketch pad, a detailed wolf’s realistic face split in half with the other side being a skull.

“Fucking hell that’s sick! Let’s fucking do it!” Hamlet said flipping over his arm and slapping some space on his forearm.

Sienna sprinted to the stencil station with a giant grin as Hamlet nodded showing he was serious about getting another tattoo.

Taking out my phone I sent a text as I stood walking to Sienna:


Find Raven’s brother in law?






Consider done.

I tucked my phone back into pocket hearing the ticking of a clock in my head so I could get a head of whatever may come for my girls.

Standing next to Sienna I picked up the design and placed it by the stencil paper. “Alright little darlin’ ready to start to become a tattoo artist?” I said rubbing my hands together looking at the wicked design.

Oh yeah, she’s my new apprentice.

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