Inked Soul (Riders of Silence MC 3)

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I laughed throwing my head back at something Amara said about her man Ryker, I had only been with the women for two hours and I have laughed more than in the past three years, outside Sienna. I was glad I took Tatt’s suggestion to hang out with them today.

“I’m serious! I swear he and Hunter have been talking baby books!” Amara said with a smile as she braided some dough on the counter of the closed bakery, “Any time I walk in they hide books and go into some overly manly topic as if I am going to say they are less badass bikers because they argue over if they should let a baby cry all night or coddle it.”

Clary just chuckled, “How many times do you guys have to see how alpha the boys are. The idea of you carrying their child sends them over the edge. Plus you know those boys, always ensuring they are badass.” She added an eyeroll.

Doc slammed her drink down, “is this where you confirm your pregnant?” Birdy whacked Doc’s arm, “what? I need money for my next tattoo.”

Amara dropped the bread on a sheet shaking her head, “how long?”

“Betting board went up the night of the opening party.”

I smirked thinking about how I almost killed Tatt that night, wish it would have been different so I would know more about the men they talk about. Amara chuckled taking out some more dough to braid, “how many of you placed bets?” All the girls raised their hands making Amara groan, “I should a get a cut.”

“I wish that’s how it works, they are already bidding on the gender and Hunter says I won’t get a cut of any of it. I’m the one carrying the child.” Birdy huffed.

“And be the one to give birth.” Amara mumbled putting another bread away.

Clary just laughed, “you guys know how the betting works, could have ran when you got the chance.”

Birdy looks to me, “I blame Tatt for it.”

I put my hands up in surrender. “On that note I should get going to pick up Sienna from Tatt’s parlour. Who knows the trouble my little one has created and with Tatt with her I can only see him encouraging it.” I said standing up and grabbing my bag. It was nice to have some women time but I was missing my girl.

When I looked up I saw a bunch of mischievous smiles, “I like you, I like Sienna, I already bet 500$ in the next week.” Doc said.

“Bet on me?” I asked confused, I barely followed them talking about betting on Amara and Birdy but me? I slightly remembering Hamlet putting up a sign behind the bar, “that what Hamlet put up and is actually a thing?”

“Mhm.” Birdy started, “they began when I first came in. Tatt and Ryker did it since Hunter always swore not to have a Luna and then I showed up knocking him off his ass. Just like you did to Tatt. Man he is fun to watch at the bar. Sometimes he has a ghost of a smile then he shakes his head with a scowl then smile then scowl. You have him spinning.”

I sighed deeply, “yeah he isn’t the only one. When he walked into the barn I said to myself, keep far away from him... Don’t need that in my life or Sienna’s. Then he nailed my mouth one day like fuck he really just fucked my mouth and now he knows everything about me and I trust my daughter with him. How did that happen.”

Birdy chuckled, “I asked myself the same thing but I couldn’t be happier with my alpha wolf.”

Doc stood up, “I’ll follow you to the tattoo parlour. Think Hamlet is there and I need to make sure he is alive since I haven’t heard any of his adrenaline shit lately.”

Chuckling I waved goodbye to the other women heading to my car where I would wait for Doc to follow me there. I could see why Tatt was part of this club, it truly was a family and from one hangout you wanted to be with them.

“500 hundred dollars on Tatt and I?” I teased to Doc.

She shrugged swinging her keys on her fingers, “I want a sleeve.”

Turning to her I could see that she is one of the those who rock the sleeves. “Ugh don’t give me the tattoo itch.”

Doc’s eyebrows wiggled, “how many you got?”


She gave a chuckle, “oh I am definitely giving you the tattoo itch and in front of Tatt who will be all over you to ensure he is your tattoo artists.”

Suddenly a woman came up to me abruptly, her friend hanging back but wearing an equal upset face, “how the fuck do you know Tatt and what the fuck are you doing with my man.”

Ahh… I think I have been told of these women. Taking a deep sigh feeling grateful that Tatt told me everything so I wasn’t blinded sighted by a random woman giving me shit about me and Tatt. “I take it you two are some of the groupies he has fucked in the past? Listen, I am not interested in drama, in girl against girl over a man. Tatt and I have started seeing each other. So if you have a problem with me because he used to screw you in the past, go talk to Tatt who will probably say the same thing I am about to. Fuck off.”

“How dare you! We have a connection-”

“Listen I want this done for in case I meet you again and Sienna is with me. Tatt told me all about how he used to fuck the groupies, and that he fucked them after he met me because he wasn’t ready for me. But we are together now and he won’t touch you. Be best if you just accept that now. As I said I don’t do drama but I don’t let people try to belittle or make me cower.” I growled that last bit a little more then I liked.

The friend hiding behind the first let out a growl before stepping forward and whispering something in the first woman’s ear making her clench her fists, “Ya I need to take care of you. The club values strength, if Tatt sees me fight for him he will want me more. After all… What do you have that I don’t?”

I arched an eyebrow really over the drama, “class and an understanding with him beyond physical. Hun you two fucked in the past leave it there. No if you’ll excuse me I need to pick up my daughter from Tatt’s shop since he is with her.”

“Daughter...” the one behind the first mustered over in curiosity.

The first one just shook her head, “He is mine you fucking c-”

“Lilith. Finish that sentence and I’ll have you on the ground and out of the club. Your friend too. I have a lot of pent up anger I could use by breaking every bone in your body.” Clary said from behind me with venom I wasn’t aware she had. “Time ticking.”

Feeling movement I turned to see Doc glaring at the women. “You two know the rules. No stirring up drama with a brother’s woman, hell no drama ever if you want a place in the club. Now beat it or I’ll help beat you. Doc remember, I know which bones cause the most pain to break.”

They ran away quickly making me puff out a breath.

“And those are the club groupies…” Clary said walking over to her bike and hoping on. “Good luck with those, see you ladies.”

With that she was riding away and ten minutes later I was arriving at Tatt parlour with my mind spinning.

“Hey sweetie, you learning how to tattoo?” I asked walking into the parlour heading to Sienna as she nodded beside Hamlet and Tatt. “Hey Tatt, Hamlet good to see you.”

Hamlet smiled, “Raven, hear you’re stealing my brother’s heart.” He added a wink making me laugh but I could still feel the tension from the altercation easier. I don’t believe Tatt would cheat on me but I did not like the look in either of their eyes.

“Everything okay Darlin’?” Tatt asked as wrapped Hamlet’s tattoo.

Doc snorted leaning against the wall looking at Hamlet, “VP, you need a talk with those groupies. Remind them where they stand.”

Tatt stood straight in the chair with a shadow on his face, a need to make him relax came over me as I bent down pressing my lips to his before standing back up and running a hand over his hair. Tatt looked to Sienna who was looking between us, “Hey little darlin’, can you do me a favour? Run to my office to grab me some tracing paper. It’s on my desk.”

Sienna nodded hopping of the stool before running out of the room making him bring me to his lap as Hamlet stood up. “what happened? They should know there are strict rules to their behaviour. I had a talk with them two weeks ago when we learned about some OD’ing. Plus I have been talking with those friends of the ones OD’ing all week long.”

Doc shifted her gaze on Tatt, “Raven met Lilith and Stacy, they were less than thrilled to meet your woman.”

“What did she say?” Tatt growled looking at me. The response told me that he meant it was all in the past, “she is dead if she said something against you, they are in the past darlin’ I swear.”

I smiled softly before kissing his lips quickly, “I know biker boy. They just told me about how you guys were together and I simply reminded her that you were just fucking. By the way our hair is not similar, I feel offended how her dry, straight, broken hair reminded you of me.”

Sienna skipped back into the room making Doc smirk, “hey sweetie want to hang out with me tonight? We can go back to your place and you can show me the horses. Your mom has some territory she needs to claim at.”

“Fuck yeah I do.” I muttered earning a spank from Tatt.

What? I don’t like drama but sometimes a woman has to do what she has to do.

“Ohhhh! Can she come over mom? Pleaseeeee mom.” Sienna said moving to Doc, high fiving her.

“I don’t know.” I started not sure if one, Doc would want to really babysit Sienna and two, if the brothers would even want to hang out with me.

Hamlet laughed, “Come on Raven you know you wanna.”

Doc gave me a look, “I have been to too many of them in my life, let me hang out with the youngling. You two go have fun and show them groupies to back off.”

I felt Tatt kiss the top of my head, “You got nothing to worry about with those women darlin’, but I am definitely bringing you to the riders party tonight.”

“You are, are you?” I teased at him making him chuckle.

He moved his lips an inch to mine, “got to show off my woman.” With that he kissed me making me focus on nothing else.

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